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08:23 EST 09-02-99

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: Excite@HOME (NASDAQ:ATHM)

(NASDAQ:ATHM) has been dropping now for the last 7 trading days. Shares of (NASDAQ:ATHM) closed August 24, 1999, at $43.25 dollars a share. Since that time (NASDAQ:ATHM) has dropped to reach its low over the last 7 trading days of $38.25 dollars a share. It has had all kinds of problems of late selling off into any kind of strength it creates. It has traded in a range over the last 7 trading days of $43.25 dollars a share to where it closed yesterday at its low of $38.25 dollars a share.

Investors in shares of (NASDAQ:ATHM) don't seem as if they are ready to pay over $40.00 dollars a share any time soon. It seem to me as if (NASDAQ:ATHM) is now ready especially with the NASDAQ environment that (NASDAQ:ATHM) trades in being quite negative to follow suite in that overall trend and go even lower from here, and test its low on August 11, 1999, of $36.00 dollars a share.

I am looking for (NASDAQ:ATHM) to drop right off the open today and pull back to $36.00 or so a share. Then from there it should trade in a range of $36.00 to $42.1250 a share. I see this as a good opportunity to wait for shares of (NASDAQ:ATHM) to fall today to about $36.00 dollars a share and then play the range back up to $42.1250 over the nest 5 trading days.

Buy Area: $36.00
Sell Stop: $35.3750
TARGET: $41.43750- $42.1250

BONUS PLAY: Intermedia Interactive Communications (NASDAQ:ICIX)
(NYSE:MER) has reported of late that (NASDAQ:ICIX) would be a perfect take over target for likes of bigger fish in the Telecommunications Industry. I also like the range of (NASDAQ:ICIX) of late. It traded up yesterday to close at $26.68750 a share. It looks to me as if it will drop to just under $26.00 dollars a share where it has created a nice area of support. After it bounce off of $25.93750 to $25.75 dollars a share it should then find it way back up over $26.50 and look to reach $30.00 plus over the next 5 - 7 trading days. It also could be the talk of takeover rumors along the way will only add to its ability to trade right back up its trading range after it tests support.

Buy Area: $25.75- $25.93750
Sell Stop: $25.25
TARGET: $30.00

About 2 mins. after yesterday's close (NASDAQ:BYND) came out with new that they had received a NAVY contract that could be worth as much as 30 million to (NASDAQ:BYND) in the future.

(NASDAQ:BYND) shares are indicated to open higher at $17.68750 up $0.81250 form yesterdays close of $16.81250. Look for (NASDAQ:BYND) to fall right after the open and trade more with in the overall environment of the NASDAQ today. I am looking for a price of about $16.93750 to $17.18750 a share. The news certainly is very positive for (NASDAQ:BYND) with that in mind I am looking for (NASDAQ:BYND) to go higher after it bounces in the area the buy area I indicated above.

I am going to keep this one on my screen today as it has traded just as most of the Internet related issues have of late. It looks as if it may have support very close to where it closed yesterday. It also has been a big topic of discussion of late in the Internet chat rooms of late. It seems as if rumors continue to fly that (NYSE:AOL) may have interest in buying (NASDAQ:KOOP) I am no where near convinced of (NYSE:AOL) even being close to buying (NASDAQ:KOOP) but at the current levels of this stock it certainly does not hurt me to keep this one on my screen just in case.

Have a great day!

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