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August 9, 2000

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A. Nasdaq Recap: SJ reviews yesterday's index.
B. Nasdaq Outlook: SJ profiles, and predicts the upcoming Nasdaq trading day.
C. Nasdaq Ranges: SJ lays out support and resistance on index.
D. SJ "Play of The Day!" - SJ's top pick today.
E. SJ Bonus Play's- SJ adds a bonus pick
F. Sago's "Play of The Day!" - Pro Trader Sago's top pick today
G. Sago's Bonus Play- Pro Trader Sago adds a bonus pick
H. Mateo's Option Play: Pro Option Trader Mateo Top Option Play
I. Stock on My Screen Today: SJ lists the symbols on his
streaming quotes screen today. He also adds a short outlook on each.

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********************************************************************'s -POD's Edition: 286
August 9, 2000
08:39 AM EST

Good Morning Stock Fans!

"Let's HUDDLE UP!"

A. NASDAQ RECAP: August 8, 2000: By SJ.
Last: 3848.55 (-14.44) (-0.37%)
High: 3893.05
Low: 3839.85


"3904.00 + HERE WE COME!"

Stock Fans, CSCO does it yet again. What's amazing is not that they
reported blow out numbers and mind boggling revs of 5.72 bill compared to
3.52 bill a year ago. Not even that they hit the top of the scale on the
ridiculous whisper number. Instead its that traders, and investors alike
actually thought that there was a chance they wouldn't. CSCO could be
seen perhaps as the NEW DELL on the NASDAQ. For years Dell never missed,
then 1.5 years ago Ozkar Omera called DELL to miss in his famous
assessment and it did!

CSCO, however is not a box maker it networks the entire world as its
backbone on the Internet. Fitting enough CSCO also perhaps has taken over
the NASDAQ as it has high evaluations but like DELL it makes money. The
DELL comparisons stop there. For CSCO could very well now making a move
over 70.00 for the first time since it lost it in April could be seen as
get on board the NASDAQ has no more rate hikes, and is ready to roll! At
least that what it means till Thursday when Low and Behold DELL reports,
and then Friday's PPI!

However this market is one to play today NOW! I look for 3904.00 to be
gapped perhaps right on the open today as the NASDAQ then will need to
make 3904.00 support it can't retrace today and bust the range. It has to
hold and run. I like 3982.00 to be seem perhaps today and then DELL may
begin to be on investors and traders minds as they find an excuse to miss
4000.00 today.

(**The Stock Jock's NASDAQ Outlooks are presented daily, and are his own
believes based off of concrete information that he gathers. They are only
an oppoin and are not met to direct the entire market. SJ and his staff
of pro traders only uses the index as an indicator. They play each stock
separately off news and other indicators. In other words they the
momentum of the market lead their trades not vice versa.)


D SJ's "Play of The Day!" is: Cisco Systems: (NASDAQ:CSCO)

About CSCO:

Cisco Systems, Inc. and its subsidiaries are engaged in networking for the
Internet. Cisco creates hardware and software solutions that link computer
networks so that people have easy access to information without regard to
differences in time, place or type of computer system. The Company's
product portfolio offers end-to-end networking products and services. The
Company's breadth of product offerings enables it to configure hardware
and software features to meet customer requirements. The Company is now
also delivering video and voice capabilities in its products, allowing
customers to transition their data networks to a single multiservice data,
voice and video network.

SJ's Outlook: CSCO

CSCO, should hold 67.50 today as it looks to open perhaps north of 70.00
today. If the stock breaks 70.00 it can run according to its 200 day
graph all the way back to near 80.00! The fact that CSCO didn't trade
any higher on July 17, 2000 then 69.00 when the NASDAQ was at 4289.00 and
may open today at 70.00 ( over 69.00 looks safe?) and NASDAQ is under
3900.00 may boad well for CSCO and the rest of the NASDAQ today on its
surge back over 3904.00, the NASDAQ 200 day MA.

I looked back at CSCO trading range the last 3 times it traded over 100
million shares as it looks to today. It's range was about 2.50 for each
50 million traded. If that is indeed the case. I will look for 67.50 as
low and then 72.50 as high as CSCO should miss 73.00 today if it breaks
73.00 I won't complain! I will sell half my CSCO shares if it breaks
72.00. CSCO's numbers were phenomenal and the stock could trade at 100.00
easy on those evaluations. CSCO looks great to move today! It about time
CSCO gets back on track!

Buy Area: 67.50-67.8750
Sell Stop: 65.75
1-3 DAY TARGET: 72.50
3-7 DAY TARGET: 76.00 maybe!
Type of Trade: daytrade/swing trade

CSCO August 75.00 calls look good as CSCO pull back at a predicted 9:50
AM est today under 68.00 as it gathers to make its predicted 72.00 move.
I will buy CSCO August 75's right there and look to hold them for just 2

E. SJ's BONUS PLAY #1 California Amplifier (NASDAQ:CAMP)

About: CAMP

California Amplifier, Inc. is engaged in the design, manufacture and
marketing of microwave components used in both defense and commercial
markets, primarily microwave equipment used in the reception of video
transmitted from satellites and wireless terrestrial transmission sites,
and two-way wireless transceivers used in the emerging fixed point
wireless voice (telephony) and data (Internet) applications. In addition,
the Company has a 50.5% ownership interest in Micro Pulse, Inc., a company
that designs, manufactures and markets antennas for various wireless
applications, primarily for Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)

SJ's Outlook:

CAMP, for only the purposes of a bad pun lets just say it packed up camp
and looked more like a mash unit then a stock as it was crushed! off great
earnings as investors and inside traders unloaded shares of CAMP
unwillingly on unknown rumors to the company last month. If you
understand that then you are better then I simply the stock was over 50.00
easily and then found its way to lose 30.00 and drop under 28.00 until it
finally found firm ground. Its a solid play and still way oversold. I
like how it came back and found 32.00 yesterday as it may make a
38.00-39.00 run on what has to be big short covering coming if it runs up
higher. After all it dropped like a rock in late July 2000. It could run
up just as fast as I am still trying to figure out why it was hit so hard.
Anyway I look for it to hold 30.00 today and then make a move higher
perhaps even 36.00 today!

Buy Area: 30.00-30.25
Sell Stop: 28.50
1-3 DAY TARGET: 33.00-34.50 -36.00? Maybe!
Time Frame: daytrade 50% of the shares on this one hold rest with 33.00
sell stop if it gets there.

BONUS PLAY #2 (OFF CSCO) Storage Networks: (NASDAQ:STOR)

About: STOR:

StorageNetworks, Inc. has created a global data storage network, allowing
its customers to connect their computer systems to the Company's network
to store and access their data in much the same way they obtain and use
electricity or telephone service. The Company provides both managed data
storage services and professional services. Managed data storage services
include storage and management of customers' primary data, tape back-up of
customers' data for archival and restoration purposes, and real time
copies of customer data at remote sites. Through professional services,
the Company assesses, designs and implements data storage environments,
addressing customers' primary data needs as well as disaster recovery and
business continuity plans.

SJ's Outlook: STOR

STOR, should be really hot today and could go to 150.00. I will play this
one right off the open with 100 shares as it sure looks like it is ready
to run and find 150.00 in next 1-3 days. Not much more to say or do with
this one chart looks good. Although somewhat overbought its in no danger
yet of stopping according to techincal indicators that I use. "All the
board!" is probably the key phrase here!

Buy Area: 130-131.50
Sell Stop: 127.00
1-3 DAY TARGET: 138.00
3-7 DAY TARGET: 150.00
Type of Trade: daytrade/swing trade

Other Stock off CSCO are:


SAGO's "Play of The Day!" Flextronics International Limited (NasdaqNM:

Flextronics International Limited provides complete global manufacturing
solutions by offering innovative engineering, advanced electronics
manufacturing and logistical services. The Company's services are offered
to original equipment manufacturers in the telecommunications, networking,
computer, consumer electronics, and medical device industries.
Flextronics' products and services are utilized in the manufacturing of
modems, business telecommunication products, computer peripheral devices
and pilot electronic organizers. Flextronics' services include product
design, printed circuit board fabrication and assembly, materials
procurement, inventory management, final assembly and test, packaging and
distribution. The components, subassemblies and finished products
manufactured incorporate advanced interconnect, miniaturization and
packaging technologies such as surface mount, multi-chip modules,
chip-on-board, ball grid array, and miniaturized gold plated PCB

Stock Fans, Flextronics released great earnings news and I have been
waiting for the euphoria to wear off. Flextronics has a 94% growth rate, a
PE of 59, cash flow per share of $1.09, earnings and sales that growing at
a fast clip. The daily chart is moving up and I am looking to get back in
on the Flex train.

Key Indicators: FLEX

Buy Area:$77.50 to $78.00
TARGET:$84.00 to $87.00
Time Frame: 3 to 7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.50 - $ .75 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $4.00

G.SAGO's BONUS PLAY: Sunrise Technologies International, Inc

Sunrise Technologies International, Inc. develops, manufactures and
markets laser systems and other products for applications in
ophthalmology. For the three months ended 3/31/00, revenues rose 38% to
$18 thousand. Net loss increased 89% to $16 million. Revenues reflect an
increase in laser systems sales. Higher loss reflects unabsorbed
manufacturing overhead and increased marketing efforts in preparation of
the Hyperion LTK System market launch.

Stock Fans, this is one of those stocks that has a huge following on the
message boards. The Company has focused a significant portion of its
efforts on engineering and development of its holmium laser corneal
shaping product or process, known as Laser Thermal Keratoplasty (the LTK
System), for the treatment of refractive error of the eye, such as
hyperopia (farsightedness) and presbyopia (age-related loss of near
focusing ability). As the baby boomers get older, the need to correct near
focusing ability, will explode. The weekly chart on this has turned up
and both the daily and hourly have taken off. Volume has been way above
average. The short interest on this is huge and I am expecting a major
covering as more news is released.

Key Indicators: SNRS

Buy Area:$8.25 to $8.50
Time Frame: 1 to 4 days
Type of Trade: Day/ Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.15 - $.25 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $.47



Network Appliance, Inc. (NasdaqNM:NTAP)

Network Appliance, Inc. and its subsidiaries are engaged in the design,
manufacturing, marketing and support of high performance network-attached
data storage and access devices, which provide fast, simple, reliable and
cost-effective file service for data-intensive network environments. The
Company pioneered the concept of the network appliance, an extension of
the industry trend toward specialized devices that perform a specific
function in the network, similar to the development of the router for
network communications. Network Appliance filers and NetCache appliances
are based on the Company's patented data access solutions, including Data
ONTAP software and standards-compliant hardware.

NTAP should begin it's run into earnings annoucement on August 14th. NTAP
has never dissappointed. Earnings sentiment is now positive since CSCO
came with strong numbers yesterday after the bell. Now if AMAT comes
strong and DELL doesn't throw a wet blanket on this sentiment, NTAP could
well run into next week. NTAP is climbing above all of it's major moving
averages at this point and could retest it's 30 day high of 113 before
earnings. Look for an entry at 92.

August 95 Call ULM HS - last ask 5

1. CLRN - Winner! indeed held 30 and looks for 35.00. It could run to 40.00 soon.
2. PHTN- Watching and waiting
3. PLUG- I like 50's
4. TIBX- It looks like it could rn now.
5. JBL- Sago call looks good
6. QCOM- Stagnate perhaps it moves today.


7. JDSU- 125.00 could be fast then 132.00 is next in the road back to 140.50
8. PRSF- dropped back nicley for us. As Email said great off 57.00 now 60's already again.
9. CPTH- could run and see 70.00 as it has broken out.
10. HSAC- up one not bad for 7.00 stock watch close.
11. EMKR- looked more like an IPO yesterday. it been here before it could see 100.00
12. CORV- I look for 95.00 to be tested and 108.00 today.
13. SPWX- It could make 100.00 again.
14. TSYS- yesterday's IPO. I did well 30.00 today
15. ACPW- IPO PLUG wanna be if that's case come on 60.00 plus, after a 50.8750 test
16.CKFR- It should bounce back soon. today
17.BVSN- It may make 40.00 soon again. Volume is the key
18. JNPR- Can we say 200.00 in 2 days. Its on fire!
19. EDSN- break out mode can it hold?
20. FDRY- break out and back over 100.00.
21. NTRX- it held 6.31 all it had to do in the rane. let's see how it comes back now.
22. EXFO- I look for 60''s again
23. STLW- Wathc close it could run.
24. CMTN- Test 76.00 then it could run to 90.00 2 days.
25. MACR- 92.50 plus could get it to 100.00 on a break out of short covering.
26. VVTV- looks good.
27. IATV- same deal.
28. EMLX- 76.00 may be today!
29. MRVC- 66.00 seems near.
30. LDP- A fibre stock incubator to hold for life as it could see 20.00 soon!
That's Our Plan For Today!
Stock Fans!

Have A Great Trading Day!


See You On The Trading Field!

More to come.........

Stock Jock!

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