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August 8, 2000
08:01 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!


Stock Fans, all eyes will be on CSCO Systems today. If it can report better then expected earnings after trading today then the NASDAQ should be able to break through 3900.00 on Wednesday of this week.

As far as today goes. I expect some profit taking to take place. This action may drop the NASDAQ back under 3800.00 to the 3790.00 area. It then should hold current support by 20 points or so and on the strength of momentum traders end today about where it did yesterday at 3855.00 or so. The index looks to this trader to be in need of more positive information, or for that matter heavens forbid for longs negative information to go higher or lower. The supplier of that information should indeed by CSCO.

Support = 3767.00
Resistance = 3870.00 (range = 103.00)


(Attention Stock Fans! My Play of The Day!, and My Bonus Play #1 today are both Short term and Long Term Play's that are extremely oversold, and are seen as possible tremendous values based on their 200 day lows and current prices. CLRN, and PHTN both traded more then 40% higher less then 15 trading days ago!

Today's Play of The Day is: Clarent Corp (NASDAQ:CLRN)

About Clarent Corp. (NASDAQ:CLRN)

Clarent Corporation provides Internet protocol or IP telephony systems. IP telephony systems permit the simultaneous transmission of voice, fax and data over the Internet and similar communications networks. The Clarent system consists of the Clarent Gateway, the Clarent Command Center and a relational database. The Clarent Gateway is an integrated hardware and software product that converts voice, fax and data into packets that can be sent over Internet protocol networks, then transmits these packets over the network. The Clarent Command Center is a centralized client/server software package that processes network management and back-office functions, including the routing and pricing of calls, user management, gateway monitoring and billing. The Clarent system also requires the installation of a third party relational database that stores operational support system data for a network of Clarent gateways.

SJ's Outlook: CLRN

Stock Fan's, I have to call CLRN today as I know I called it last week under 40.00 but now based on action since then, especially yesterday's it is just to good not to make my "Play of The Day Today!" (POD.) It has a 200 day low of 29.50 and as of yesterday's trading went as low as 30.50. It is a steal at current levels as long as a sell stop is used at 28.00 even. This stock was as high as 92.00 less then 20 trading days ago, and dropped yesterday on heavy volume. The fact that it dropped yesterday in a down market on no news, and on big volume of over 2 million could very well mean this stock has had almost all of its sellers exit and should bounce back very nicely.

Buy Area: 30.25-29.6250
Sell Stop: 27.8750
1-3 DAY TARGET: 34.25-36.00
3-7 DAY TARGET: 38.00-40.00
30 DAY TARGET: 55.00-58.50

BONUS PLAY #1 Photon Dynamics (NASDAQ:PHTN)

About: Photon Dynamics

Photon Dynamics, Inc. is a supplier of array test, inspection and repair systems for the flat panel display (FPD) industry. The Company's systems are used to control, monitor and refine the manufacturing process to increase the yield of FPDs, to reduce materials loss, to transition new FPD designs from research and development to commercial production and to assist in the rapid start-up of new FPD manufacturing facilities. The Company offers a variety of products to inspect almost all commercially produced FPDs. These include Array Test Systems, Flat Panel Inspection Systems, and Array Repair Systems.

SJ's Outlook: PHTN

PHTN, has been hit hard of late, and like CLRN was trading over 90.00 less then 20 trading days ago. It bottomed out 2 days ago at 44.00 where it found excellent support as it held it 200 day low of 44.00. It added on nicely yesterday, and looks to come back even more after it may test 46.50 today. It has very low risk and offer the opportunity for big gains both short and long term.

Buy Area: 47.25-47.8750
Sell Stop: 43.50
1-3 DAY TARGET: 52.50-53.00
2-5 DAY TARGET: 55.00-57.00
30 DAY TARGET: 62.00-64.00
6 MONTH TARGET: 105.00


About Plug Power:

Plug Power, Inc. designs and develops on-site electricity generation systems utilizing proton exchange membrane fuel cells for residential applications. The Company's residential fuel cell system will be an appliance that will produce electricity through a clean, efficient process without combustion. The system will receive fuel from a home's existing natural gas line or propane tank, convert the fuel into a hydrogen-rich stream, and then combine it with oxygen from the air in a chemical reaction that produces electric power. Plug Power's initial residential systems will be designed to supply 7 kW of baseload power, 10 kW of peak power, and 15 kW of surge load capacity, which will provide the full electricity needs of a home. The Company plans to bring its first residential fuel cell systems to market in 2001, and, by 2003 expects to offer different model sizes designed to meet the specific power needs of various market segments

SJ's Outlook: PLUG

PLUG, has been hit hard,,, really hard! as it has been killed off 150 plus earlier this year. It went as low as under 30.00 and then made a nice re trace back up over the last 3 days. It has a low supply of public shares (float). So it can move up and down quite quickly in its daily ranges. PLUG looks like it is ready to break out as it closed over 40.00 yesterday. This reading is very important in its trading graph as this stock could make a nice 5 day move back to 55.00-57.00.

Buy Area: 40.8750-41.00
Sell Stop: 39.50
1-5 DAY TARGET: 43.8750
30 DAY TARGET: 55.00
6 MONTH TARGET: 99.00-105.00

Stock Jock: KEY SHORT: Tibico Software (NASDAQ:TIBX)

About: Tibico Software:

Tibco Software, Inc. is a provider of eBusiness infrastructure software products that enable business-to-business, business-to-consumer and business-to-employee solutions. Tibco's software products enable businesses to link internal operations, business partners and customer channels in real-time. The Company's software products allow multiple distinct applications, Web sites, databases and other content sources to be integrated and managed within a common framework. The Company's products also enable enterprises to extend their information technology infrastructures and business processes across the Internet to conduct all forms of electronic business using the Internet.

SJ's Outlook: TIBX

TIBX, is a great stock no doubt about it. I only look to short it today as it appears that its range sets up to allow for some healthy profit taking. The trade on TIBX is only a daytrade and makes this one if it finds the TARGET a great buy as a LONG position off the predicted TARGET.

Sell Short: 116.75-117.50
Buy Stop: 120.00
1 DAY TARGET: 108.50-106.25
Type of Trade: range play retrace: daytrade

LONG TIBX under 106.00 sell stop 103.75 1-3 DAY TARGET = 117.00



SAGO PLAY # 1 Jabil Circuit, Inc (NYSE: JBL)

Jabil Circuit, Inc. is a worldwide independent provider of electronic manufacturing services (EMS). The Company designs and manufactures electronic circuit board assemblies and systems for major original equipment manufacturers in the communications, computer peripherals, personal computer, automotive and consumer products industries. The Company offers complete turnkey EMS solutions that are responsive to customers' outsourcing needs. Its work cell business units are capable of providing integrated design and engineering services, component selection, sourcing and procurement, automated assembly, design and implementation of product testing, parallel global production, systems assembly and direct order fulfillment services and repair and warranty services.

Stock Fans, this is another one to have in your portfolio. This Company has growth strong revenues and sales and great institutional support. They have recently doubled manufacturing space. The daily chart is turning up and if it breaks $59.88 we will have blue skies to new territory. The numbers below are for the swing scalp.

Key Indicators: JBL
Buy Area:$51.75 to $52.50
Time Frame: 3 to 10 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.50 - $.75 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $3.10


QUALCOMM, Inc. is a provider of digital wireless communications products, technologies and services based on its Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology. The Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets CDMA subscriber products and designs, develops and markets CDMA chipsets and system software. The Company also licenses and receives royalty payments on its CDMA technology from major domestic and international telecommunications equipment suppliers. In addition, QUALCOMM designs, manufactures and distributes products and provides services for its OmniTRACS system. The Company also has contracts with Globalstar L.P., a low-Earth-orbit satellite system utilizing CDMA technology, to design, develop and manufacture subscriber products and ground communications systems and to provide contract development services. In December 1999, the Company announced plans to sell its phone business to Japan's Kyocera Corporation.

Stock Fans, This is a chart play. Qualcomm has all the patents on CDMA and is one news release away from exploding up to the upper 70's. They have a PE of 63, cash flow per share of $.48, no debt and a 97% growth rate. So I am looking to play the ranges and get a little slice of the Qualcomm pie.

Key Indicators: QCOM
Buy Area:$62.50 to $63.00
Time Frame: 3 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.75 - $ 1.00 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $4.07

STOCK TO WATCH: RCNC up on 2 x 30 day volume +4.00

RCNC could make a 30 run if it can break out! Watching this one close, and will try and Update PLUS Members on how I play this one today!



1. NTRX- looks great 11.00 could be close.
2. EFCX- came on big a dip under 9.50 today then it could add on more and see 11.00 in 2 days or so.
3. SPWX- it looks like 89.00 may come today.
4. JDSU- It played great yesterday. I look for a drop to 118.75 and then a move to 122.50 today.
5. EMLX- It could see 76.00 but it should test 66.00 first.
6. CSCO- All eyes on it 70.00 sends it flying if it loses 64.00 the NASDAQ could sell off. Danger is under 62.00 then real truoble. If it can get 70.00 on close that may say CSCO is looking good!
7. DITC- It may just find 57.00 today
8. EFNT- Been hit hard. I will go in at 51.8750 and look for 55.00 again
9. VRTL- Volume is still accolumlating.
10. PRSF - It looks like it re tests 57.00 area
11. QLGC- It looks like 82.00 was top short it to 77.50 -76.00
12. MACR- 85.00 is resis. If it can bust it then 88.00 its a buy under 78.50
13. CORV- 94.75 is support. It could test that area today
14. IWOV- came on big yesterday but on lower volume. It should drop back fast
15. CMTN- held 70.00 if it can do it today 76.00 is big resis.
16. LPTH- it looks great drop to 35.00 then make that 40 move in 3 -5 days
17. CAMP- been hammered. Looking for 30.00's soon
18. KEYN- Same deal crushed 40.00 has got to be 10 days away.
19. MRKY- A play off PLUG
20. CRDS- It should hold 10.25 today and could run up more 13.50 looks to be resis. One to watch close
21. BKHM- great numbers
22. CHKP- short at 127.00 buy stop 133.00. TARGET= 107.00 BUY it long and strong under 107.00
23. ZIGO- came on yesterday on increased volume.
24. EBAY- it looks good here for long term hold
25. CPQ- it saw 30.00 yesterday for first time in what seems years!


Have a great day!

More to come.........

Stock Jock!

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