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08-04-99 08:09 EST

Good Morning Stock Fans!

The Futures look flat today. It looks as if we will have a quiet opening today. No real news today. So what to we look to do here? Quite a few of those Net stocks found there way down to level the have not seen in a while.

We did however track a bit higher into the close. No gap up today. We have see to straight down days and have come back into the close on both. Pretty hard to tell what is in store for today?

Well, Stock Fans! that brings us to

Today's Play of The Day is: MAIL (NASDAQ:MAIL)

Stock Fans! I have been impressed with (NASDAQ: MAIL) of late. I really liked the volume that mail had yesterday. It also sticks out here because it had a very solid trading range yesterday. It also on a down day it managed to break up and through 19.00 dollars a share. I am not taking anything else in to account here then the VOLUME Vs the RANGE. (NASDAQ:MAIL) has hit $15.00 two times now and managed to hold it over the last 30 days doing it both times on less volume, then the day before.

(NASDAQ:MAIL) On July 9th sold down to 15.00 a share then did it again to close out the month of July 1999. It is a good play here because it show very solid support at 15.00 even leaving us in a good place to have little down side risk. It looks to me to get in on this one right under $16.00 today. I will look to just play the range on this one. I am looking for just over 20.00 dollars a share over the next 3 to 5 days.


Buy Area: $15.93750
Sell Stop: $ 14.93750
TARGET: $19.93750 to $20.00

I will be watching VOLUME closely


Stock Fans! I am impressed with this one having a 30 day triple bottom at $27.43750. When you find that kind of support and find it each time on less it looks good to me. I will be looking to get in on this one into nay kind of strength today!

Stocks to be on the look out for if they find this price:

EBAY: It looks to me that this one looks solid to buy at $77.3750 a share that would be as low as this one has been in over 9 months

RNWK: I see this one having a bottom for now at just under 62.00 dollars a share.

OK Stock Fans!

We go into yet another day!

More to come....

Stock Jock!

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