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August 29 2000
08:59 AM EST.


Stock Fans, The index just missed 4100.00 yesterday. The index has added on about 100.00 points since the FED decided to leave rates alone last week. The index missed 4100.00 an area that once it cleared 4177.00 it should have found. The fact that the index held 4048.00 now sets that reading up as support. The index could make a move up to 4100.00 and if it does cod break out and trade over 4125.80 where its next area of resistance is.

The index now finally trading in the black for 2000.00 may have investors with a large surplus of cash come into the market. The index also could have FM's eager to put clients cash to work as the end of the month comes. Today I don't see the index going much higher then 4100.00 and it could set up a trading range of 4055.00 -4111.00 today.

Sell Off: Short if Index loses 4025.00 (add if it loses 4002)
Support: 4048.41 (Yesterday's Low)
Resistance:4125.80 ( 7/22/00 high)
Break Out: GO LONG over 4130.00 +
Today's "Play of The Day!" is: Copper Mountain (NASDAQ:CMTN)

CMTN, has been hit hard of late as it continued to slide yesterday into the close as it appeared this one may have been shorted. It has been as low as 51.50 in the last 200 days as CMTN is nearing a year low. It should be good for a 15% bounce off its predicted bottom. The stock doesn't appear based on technical and narrower trading ranges to have bottomed yet. It looks as if CMTN is nearing what could be called the reverse of a blow off top. In other words it need to have a big move down fast as the final sellers get out of the stock, and allow the shorts to cover. It looks as if CMTN bottoms right off the open today. 60.00 should not happen before shares of CMTN retrace their range from yesterday ad falls under 55.00 and finds 53.8750 as a buy area. CMTN should as I said earlier hold 51.50 today, but lose 55.00 then bounce back to 60.00-62.00 as buyers come back in. If it clears 62.00 its a stock to be long on as it could find 66.00 in a hurry off 62.00.

Buy Area: 53.8750-54.25
Sell Stop: 51.00 ( if it loses 51.00 its in trouble)
1 DAY TARGET: 59.8750-61.00
Time Frame: today
Type of Trade: daytrade.
VOLUME is KEY: 5 million would be perfect to bottom it.


FFIV, has 2 good things going for it. First, it had earnings last quarter that were better than expected. Second, it could be on the buy out block as it has been rumored now for a few days that FFIV, could be acquired. One of its suitors could be EXTR as it has been mentioned in the space. Regardless FFIV broke out yesterday on added volume as it added on nicely over 3.00 points. The stock has a recent high of just over 55.00. based on yesterdays close that would be a move up more then 2.8750 from yesterday's high. The stock looks good to bust out and could go as high as 59.00 today as it could run right off the open. It traded 33% more volume then normal yesterday. This has been a perfect formula in the past for a stock such as this to break out and trade just under 60.00 as soon as maybe today!

Buy Area: 51.8750-52.25
Sell Stop: 48.00 (solid support)
1 DAY TARGET: 54.00- 55.00
1-3 DAY TARGET: 57.00-59.25 + (It could break out nicely over 60.00!)
Time Frame:
Type of Trade:



BONUS PLAY #1 Silicon Storage Technology, Inc (NasdaqNM: SSTI)

Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. is a supplier of flash memory semiconductor devices for the digital consumer, networking, wireless communication and Internet computing markets. Flash memory is nonvolatile memory that does not lose data when the power source is removed and is capable of electrically erasing selected blocks of data. The Company offers over 40 products based on its SuperFlash design and manufacturing process technology. The Company also offers mass storage products that are used for storing images, music and other data in devices such as digital cameras and MP3 players. The Company licenses its SuperFlash technology to leading semiconductor companies including Analog Devices, ATMI, IBM, ISD, Motorola, Samsung, Sanyo, Seiko-Epson and TSMC to embed in semiconductor devices that integrate flash memory with other functions on a single chip.

Stock Fans Silicon Storage is in breakout mode! They grew earnings by better than 1000% over the prior year last (quarter ending 6/30/00). Silicon Storage has a PE of 78 which is lower by half than most of its top competitors in this space. The daily, weekly and monthly charts look good to roll!

Key Indicators: SSTI

Buy Area:$44.20 to $45.25
TARGET:$48.25 to $50.375
Time Frame: 3 to 10 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.25 - $ .75 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $1.90

BONUS PLAY # 2 TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc (NasdaqNM: TQNT)

TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of high performance analog and mixed signal integrated circuits for communications markets. The Company's integrated circuits are incorporated into a variety of communications products, including cellular phones and pagers, fiber optic telecommunications equipment, satellite communications systems, high performance data networking products and aerospace applications. The Company uses its proprietary gallium arsenide technology to enable products to overcome the performance barriers of silicon devices in a variety of applications

Stock Fans lots of good happenings over at TriQuint . High growth with increasing sales and revenues. This is the criteria for a runner. With the fall season looking to explode it is time to seriously consider which of the strong stocks to play. I believe this is one. The charts look good for the swing!

Key Indicators: TQNT

Buy Area:$46.25 to $47.00
TARGET:$49.35 to $50.76
Time Frame: 3 to 6 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.50 - $1.00 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $3.36



Inktomi Corporation (NasdaqNM:INKT)

Inktomi Corporation provides scalable software applications designed to significantly enhance the performance and intelligence of large-scale networks, particularly the Internet. Its applications fall into two broad categories, network products and portal services. Network products applications consist of the Traffic Server network cache platform, Content Delivery Suite and associated Traffic Server extensions. These products are intended to provide a complete infrastructure solution for the distribution, delivery and management of content and applications. The Company's current portal service applications include search, shopping and directory services, and are offered to Internet portal and Website customers.

Technicals ONLY. 116.87 critical support for INKT today. If it loses that 111 is next and after that I wouldn't want to be long...let's put it that way. Nasdaq looks as if it's headed for a climatic short term top this week at or around 4200. INKT could trade range bound between 111 and 120 until that time, but after that, I am looking for INKT to get hit harder with sellers.

KYQ UB - Sept INKT 110 PUTS - look for entry at 4


1. SPWX- Ysterday's POD should hold 57.00 today and get back to 62.00 its high yesterday.
2. YHOO- It should bounce back to 125.00-126.00 today. It could re test 120.6250 after that.
3. ESFT- big volume into the close. Heavily shorted may see 9.00 today.
4. OPTC- went to 13.25 in after hours, then pulled back. 10.50 is support in its current range. It could get back to 13.00 today.
5. FMKT- Looks great and 70.00 should come today to 74.50.
6. LPTH- Massive volume this stocxk continues to impress.
7. VRTA- Came on yesterday and got back to 65.00 plus. It could make a move to 77.50 in a major break out. Half that much looks good.
8. JDSU- support at 120.00
9. CMRC- Cup and Handle formed. It should hold 50.00
10. DCLK- 38.00 support should hold.
11. EVLV- Back to 19.00 plus. Lower volume worth watching for a run.
12. ASYS- 27.50 may happen today.
13. LTXX- Its oversold looks to bounce.
14. KEYN- Its at a new 52 week low. Bottom Fishers "Wanted!"
15. VRTL- Its done well for us as it has now found 14.00 support 12.8750 resistance now sits at 16.50.
16. SIMG- big volume yesterday. It is 50% off its 52 week high.
17. MRVC- could bust out clearing 76.00 is vital for this ones need to get back to 80.00. It has an IPO going public (shceduled Sept 2000)
18. EFNT- 43.8750 sell stop, a try off open may work as it git hit hard.
19. PRSF- Due for a bounce.
20. WCG- Closed at day high looks good
21. SCMR- Should bounce back today.
22. STOR- It looks like it could see 115.00 today shortly after open.


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