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August 16, 2000
08:35 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

NASDAQ RECAP: August 15, 2000
Last: 3851.66 +1.97
High: 3888.92 + 39.23
Low: 3831.96 (- 2.86)
Open: 3846.83 (-2.86)


Consumer Price Index (CPI) July 2000
Released 8/16/00 at 8:30 AM EST.

CPI CORE (CPI) Excludes Food Energy)
Expected: +.01% + .02%
Actual :


Stock Fans! Well CPI OK and look like 3936.00 here we come. 3830.00 is my new support based on yesterday and my hidden number of 3830.00 ahead of 3936 last Wednesday when the PPI drove the NASDAQ to 3936.00 today I see 3936.00 as the NASDAQ sets sale for a move back to where it should be. 3900 plus! 3982.00 is big resistance if the NASDAQ gets on its true MOJO LONG and STRONG unless the index loses 3830.00 today then short it but not thinking short today! PGA Championship Begins in the AM--- I am thinking like TIGER WOODS today LONG and STRONG!


Support: 3830.00
Resistance 1st level: 3904.00
Resistance 2nd level: 3936.00 ( 10 day high)
Resistance 3rd level 4001.00 ( 15 day high)

Short: Under 3830.00 - 3710.00
Long: Over 3850.00


Today's Play of The Day is: Efficient Networks (NASDAQ:EFNT)

Stock Fans, All I can say is CMTN, CLRN, AFCI! Why well I set tight sell stops on all 3 of those postions and all 3 were called more then once before they were seen as sweet cals for some nice profits. May favorite new saying that many of the vets in the trading room will hear me say often is: "*BUY ON FEAR (*massive selling as follow the leader leads to bail at any price) and **HOLD THROUGH IT!" (**Buy in the midst of other selling as the bottom is ussully near when fear sets in people don't think they just sell in haste. haste can kill ones $$'s!)

Stock Fans, its that simple EFNT was over 100.00 less then 30 trading days ago! Now its under 50.00 and 45.00 as of yesterday hitting 44.00 on huge volume of 2 x normal. OK well the 200 day low came on NASDAQ 3042.00 on 5/24/00 of 38.50 EFNT sits only 5.50 off that level. So today, I will go into EFTN with a sell stop firmly planted at half that remaining drop so 2.75 under 44.00. If it holds this EFNT is going be more then effient supplying some more than suffiient gains!

If it doesn't BUYAREA #2 better HOLD!!!

Buy Area#1: 44.50
Sell Stop#1: 41.25
1- 3 DAY TARGET: 50.00
BUY AREA #2: 39.25
Sell Stop: #2: 37.50
1-3 DAY TARGET: 44.00

Sell EFNT Sept 40 Put Options as 40.00 has to be near bottom!
Buy EFNT Sept 50 Call Options as 50.00 looks like min bounce.

BONUS PLAY #1 Portal Software (NASDAQ:PRSF)

PRSF, had increased volume yesterday as it traded more then 1.5 million shares way over its average of under 800k daily. The reason I select it as a bunus play today is it broke out late in the day and went to over 53.00 at its high 53.6250 before on big volume as I stated earlier it fell back to close at 51.31250. The range on the day was very tight as it traded from 51.3750 - 53.6250 on all that volume. It is near the bottom of its 10 day trading range of 45.13 - 63.12 = 17.99. It therefore has solid support at 45.12 for 10 days. However based on yesterday I see 50.00 as holding now nicely until it can find 63.12 again its 10 day high an area it also reached when the NASDAQ was actually lower then yesterday's high of 3888.00.

PRSF and IBM team up for an e-Commerce billin inatiative.

Buy Area: off the open today
Sell Stop: 49.00 even
1-2 DAY TARGET: 53.50-55.00
1-5 DAY TARGET: 59.50-60.00
Type of Trade: Daytrade Swing Trade



BONUS PLAY #1 CSG Systems International, Inc (NasdaqNM: CSGS)

CSG Systems International, Inc. provides customer care and billing solutions worldwide for the converging communications markets, including cable television, direct broadcast satellite (DBS), telephony, on-line services and others. The Company's products and services enable its clients to focus on their core businesses, improve customer service, and enter new markets and operate more efficiently. The Company offers its clients a full suite of processing and related services, and software and professional services that automate customer care and billing functions. These functions include set-up and activation of customer accounts, sales support, order processing, invoice calculation, production and mailing, management reporting, and customer analysis for target marketing. The Company's products and services combine the reliability and high volume transaction processing capabilities of a mainframe platform with the flexibility of client/server architecture.
LoftNet, Inc. Signs Five-Year Exclusive Contract With CSG Systems for IP Customer Care and Billing Solution,

Stock Fans CSG Systems came up on my fastest growing report. It has a growth rate of 117% and a PE of 33. They have cash flow per share of $1.63. This stock sold off on the news of the CFO resigning. They have replaced him and have inked a new 5 year deal. Large buyers jumped in yesterday, buying shares while others panicked.

Key Indicators: CSGS
Buy Area:$44.50 to $45.25
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.50 - $ .75 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $3.86

BONUS PLAY # 2 Celgene Corporation (NasdaqNM: CELG)

Celgene Corporation is an independent biopharmaceutical company engaged primarily in the discovery, development and commercialization of orally administered, small molecule drugs for the treatment of cancer and immunological diseases. The key mechanisms of action for the Company's drugs are modulation of the overproduction of TNF-- and inhibition of angiogenesis. Additionally, the Company's chiral chemistry program develops chirally pure versions of existing compounds for both pharmaceutical and agrochemical markets.

Stock Fans, Celgene is in the news. They are on the edge of cancer discovery. They have a strong relative strength rating of 99. Both accumulation and timing ratings are an "A". The weekly chart and the 60 minute chart have both turned up and look to move. This is a relatively low volume play and chart watchers may not get excited with this one.

Key Indicators: CELG
Buy Area:$58.00 to $58.75
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.50 - $1.00 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $4.08


2 STOCKS 2 WATCH TODAY: Up Yesterday on Big Volume: "No News"

1. NAVI- Big Volume yesterday it has a 200 day high of 300 plus! If it can break 58.00 its 60 day high it could run wild!

2. REGN- Massive volume of over 1 million on this BIO TECH play that ussually averages less then 150k shares a day. It would seem reseach has shown that REGN had a huge postion bought yesterday after the close by an FM most likely. They bought in big for a reason I would think watching close for a follow thruogh of 3.00 plus yesterday!


NVIDIA Corporation (NasdaqNM:NVDA)

NVIDIA Corporation designs, develops and markets 3D graphics processors, graphics processing units and related software that set the standard for performance, quality and features for every type of desktop personal computer user, from professional workstations to low-cost PCs. The Company's 3D graphics processors are used in a wide variety of applications including games, the Internet and industrial design. Its graphics processors were the first to incorporate a 128-bit multi-texturing graphics architecture designed to deliver to users of its products a highly immersive, interactive 3D experience with compelling visual quality, realistic imagery and motion, stunning effects, and complex object and scene interaction at real-time frame rates. The Company sells its products to major PC OEMs such as Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, IBM,, NEC, Packard Bell and Sony and add-in board manufacturers such as ASUStek, Creative Labs, Elsa, Guillemot and Leadtek.

NVDA has earnings coming on August 21st. Look for an entry at the 50 day MA or just above it as that should be solid support for an earnings run. It was up big yesterday on 135% of normal volume (a good sign). Let's hope for a slight pullback so we can enter this play. Let's use September calls so we don't have to worry about the exaggerated time value degradation this week of expirations.

Sept NVDA 75 Calls RVU IO - look for entry at NVDA 67.5 - 68.5


1. STLW- work well as POD 43.00 here we come!
2. AMZN- wow what a move 42.00 looks soon on shorts and buyers
3. PWAV- 36.00 held 44.00 could be next.
4. AMAT- to much to soon on less volume then sold it down. 80 tops for it short back to 75.00
5. LPTH- 35.00 should hold big volume looks solid for 41.00-42.00 re run
6. TFSM- big volume closed it at day high can u say short covering!
7. TIBX- under 100.00 then over under 94.00 its mine
8. ARIA- look for 15.00 as bust out on it
9. CORV- solid 100 would be great needs to hold 95.00
10. COBT- broke out can it break 50 if it does 60 is soon
11. NITE- came on finally is it back we'll see
12. EVLV- came on late this IPO stays on my screen
13. DYAX- HOT really hot if it can hold 25.00 32.00 could be soon
14. DISH- Came on late and closed at day high
15. SSTI- Solid volume more like massive looks great to hold 23.00 then who knows
16. RHAT- 25.00 resis
17. NEWP- Hit an all time high yesterday. 126.00 support. 132.50 resistance
18. NAVI- WOW 300 plus its back in the game Now can it hit the ball!
19. AFCI- 44.00 looks soon
20. EMLX- 66.00 better hold or short city to 62.00-thern 58
21. SNDK- watch close
22. KLAC- came on really big
23. RNWK- its time to run
24. QQQ- NASDAQ 3936.00 95.00 96.00
30. USIT-Crushed on 5 x normal volume. May be worth a bottom fish at its all time low levels.
31. JDSU- Down on less than average 30 day volume. 117.25 support 120.00 remains 5 day strong resistance
32. ZIGO- Hammered down 9.00 on 2 x average 30 day volume
********** **********************

Have a great day!

More to come.........

Stock Jock!

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