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August 14, 2000
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F. Sago's "Play of The Day!" - Pro Trader Sago's top pick today
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********************************************************************'s -POD's Edition: 292
August 14, 2000
08:39 AM EST

Good Morning Stock Fans!

"Let's HUDDLE UP!"
A. NASDAQ RECAP: Friday August 11, 2000
Last: 3789.47 +29.48 (+0.78%)
High: 3789.98
Low: 3686.86
Open: 3741.00


B. NASDAQ OUTLOOK TODAY: August 14, 2000:

Stock Fans, The NASDAQ has created a quite bullish pattern in its range over the past 5 trading days. Its 200 day MA , and 50 day MA lines are now on the same plane at just over 3904.00. This particular formation on an index like a stock is indeed one of the most bullish formations that can occur. The NASDAQ should make 3750.00 its low, and its high could be in excess of 4000.00 if it can re enter the 3904.00 area. Once through that level the NASDAQ may just make 3904.00 its support.

Today, I look for the NASDAQ to add on about 50.00 after the open and go as high as 3839.00 about 100.00 off its current 3 and 5 day high. I then see the index having some profit taking as it could fall back to re test the mid afternoon low on Friday of 3788.00 area. I see the index staying about 40.00 points off support. It then ahead of NTAP should make a nice move back up over 3800.00, and 3850.00 to close about 40 points under 3854.00 up just under 100.00 points or so today as the index sets it self up to find 3904.00 in the next day or two. The (Consumer Price Index) CPI for July 2000, will be released on Wednesday of this week. If it can come in as expected to the week side the NASDAQ should have the data it needs to further say no rate hike on August 22, 2000 setting the NASDAQ up for a rally that could last right into Labor Day and beyond as the index retraces back to 4200.00 plus!

3 Day High: 3936.00
3 Day Low: 3686.00 (range=250.00)

5 Day High: 3936.00
5 Day Low: 3795.00 (range = 141.00)

10 Day High: 3936.00
10 Day Low: 3521.00 (range = 415.00)

30 Day High: 4289.00
30 Day Low: 3521.00 (range = 768.00)

NASDAQ Support (More Buyers Than Sellers) = 4001.00
NASDAQ Resistance (More Sellers Than Buyers) = 3750.00


D SJ's "Play of The Day!" is: Network Appliances (NASDAQ:NTAP)

About NTAP:

Network Appliance, Inc. and its subsidiaries are engaged in the design, manufacturing, marketing and support of high performance network-attached data storage and access devices, which provide fast, simple, reliable and cost-effective file service for data-intensive network environments. The Company pioneered the concept of the network appliance, an extension of the industry trend toward specialized devices that perform a specific function in the network, similar to the development of the router for network communications.

SJ's Outlook: NTAP:

NTAP< is expected to report 8 cents a share following the bell today. However the big number that it will be measured upon is revenues for the quarter. Also the conference call as to what the CEO of the company see ahead will be of importance. NTAP should have no problem coming in 2 to 4 cents over the number, and hit the higher end of the revenue number, or even come in over it!

NTAP , ahead of that report later today looks to trade higher right off the get go today. The 10 day trading day high on NTAP is 97.39 achieved on 7/21/00. The 10 day low came on 69.88, but the stock managed to close that day the NASDAQ hit 3521.00 over 80.00 making 80.00 the key number to measure NTAP off of for me. Looking at this past Friday 80.00 held, as NTAP fell as low as 82.06. It then went as high as 88.25 before it fell back about 90 min ahead of the close to 86.25. This 86.25 figure should now act as support. It closed Friday just under 89.00 as it hit a high Friday of 89.50.

Currently NTAP, is trading up over 2.50 at 92.56. I look for it to be a call right off the open as my first buy area at about 93.00. I then see it going as high as 97.00 as investors pile in. I will not short this stock instead I will sell out at just about 97.00. I will then wait and buy NTAP as it should hold 86.25 by about 2.50 testing a low of 88.75. It could drop to 86.25 where I will continue to add shares. However I like 88.75 to hold and right there just under 89.00 I will go into this one and look to sell half on the close at over 100.00 and hold half for what could be 110.00 plus after numbers hit!

Buy Area #1: off the open
Sell Stop#1: 88.00
Buy Area #2 under 89.00
Sell Stop: #2: 86.00
TARGET #2: 98.50-101.00
Sell Half into the close: Hold 50% for numbers
Time Frame: Today!
Type of Trade: Daytrade/ after hours/ AM Tuesday sell


Mateo our Pro Options Trader already called the NTAP 95.00 August Calls as it traded under 90.00 last week. Those are the same calls I will add to today. NTAP looks great as picking up 2-3 NTAP August 100.00 calls sets up well as a daytrade today as NTAP should break the century mark into the close.


About: SPWX:

SpeechWorks International is a leading provider of software products and professional services that enable enterprises and communications carriers to offer automated, speech-activated services over any telephone. With the Company's speech recognition solutions, consumers can direct their own calls, obtain information and conduct transactions automatically, simply by speaking naturally over any telephone, anytime. The Company's solutions are designed to help businesses build sustainable customer relationships over the telephone, provide improved and cost-effective customer service systems, increase the returns on their Internet-related investments and capitalize on a variety of new business opportunities. SpeechWorks currently offers two speech recognition solutions for over-the-telephone applications, the SpeechWorks 6 platform and the recently introduced SpeechSite package.

SJ's Outlook: SPWX

SPWX, debuted at the end of July 2000. It went from the mid 50's on its open to go as high as 108.00 on August 8, 2000. It had a low until Friday in its 5 day range of 90.00 where it had held on that number all the way back to August 6, 2000. The stock however reported less then expected numbers on Friday and on that news the stock was hammered to a Friday low of 73.25 before it would come back and goto 76.00. I like this stock today at 74.00 as that should hold and then a nice move back to 80.00 where its pattern suggests once that area was lost bouncing off 80.00 on Friday for a time then losing it and then bouncing back up to 80.00 and then dropping to its low goes on to suggest that 80.00 is the bail out point on this one. However a solid gain I think can be achieved playing this one just like the following today. SPWX, is unique and also very much in demand as it should have more longer term investors see it was trading at over 105.00 less then 10 days ago that come in and push it up to atleast 80.00 if it can break 80.00 then it could break out and run to 85.8750 and then 90.00 would come fast!

Buy Area #1 off the open
Sell Stop #1: 72.50
TARGET #1: 78.50-79.50 (Sell if it doesn't break 80.00)
Buy Area #2: 76.00-76.75
Sell Stop #2: 73.00
TARGET #2: 80.00 (over 80.00 this one could run)
Time Frame: today
Type of Trade: daytrade



SAGO's "Play of The Day!" Copper Mountain Networks, Inc (NasdaqNM: CMTN)

Copper Mountain Networks, Inc. develops and markets a comprehensive family of DSL solutions that enable high-speed internetworking over existing copper facilities. The Company's mission is to enable carriers and other service providers to offer a full range of high-performance, cost-effective data and voice services over DSL that are easy to deploy, use, and manage. Copper Mountain's CopperRocket CPE family addresses the bandwidth, reliability, ease-of-use, and cost concerns of remote offices and users. Its carrier-class CopperEdge DSL concentrators and CopperView network management solutions offer a scalable platform for carriers and multi-tenant unit service providers to generate a high return on investment while satisfying the increasing user demand for bandwidth. Copper Mountain markets its products directly to telecom service providers and, to a lesser extent, through strategic original equipment manufacturers and distributors.
Copper Mountain Enables Network Telephone to Launch Largest Commercial Voice Over DSL Deployment in Southeastern US
Copper Mountain Selected by NorthPoint Canada as Provider of Central Office DSL Equipment

Stock Fans, Copper Mountain is inking deals left and right. They are profitable and growing earnings and sales consistently. Earnings growth for 2000 is expected to be +197%. They have a low debt of 3%. The weekly chart looks to have bottomed and the hourly is turning up. This is a highly volatile stock!

Buy Area:$70.00 to $71.00
Time Frame: 3 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.75 - $1.50 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $6.97

G.SAGO's BONUS PLAY: Calpine Corporation (NYSE: CPN)

Calpine Corporation is an independent power company that is engaged in the development, acquisition, ownership and operation of power generation facilities and the sale of electricity predominantly in the United States. The Company owns interests in 44 power plants having an aggregate capacity of 4,273 megawatts. The Company also has ten gas-fired projects and two project expansions under construction having an aggregate capacity of 5,935 megawatts and has announced plans to develop twelve gas-fired power plants with a total capacity of 7,990 megawatts. Upon completion of its projects it has under construction, Calpine will have interests in 54 power plants located in 17 states having an aggregate capacity of 10,208 megawatts, of which the Company will have a net interest in 8,531 megawatts.

Stock Fans, Calpine is in breakout mode. They are in a hot sector and we know they will have a hot future. They are profitable and growing earnings and sales. I will wait for a 9:45-10:30 pullback for a entry.

Buy Area:$81.00 to $82.00
Time Frame: 3 to 7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.50 - $ .75 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $3.45




Goldman Sachs Group (NYSE:GS)

The Goldman Sachs Group is a global investment banking and securities firm that provides a wide range of services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and high-net-worth individuals. As of November 26, 1999, the Company operated offices in over 20 countries. The Company provides Investment Banking, which includes Financial Advisory and Underwriting, and Trading and Principal Investments, which includes Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities, Equities and Principal Investments. The Company also provides Asset Management, Securities Services and Commissions. The Company's activities are divided into two business segments comprised of Global Capital Markets and Asset Management and Securities Services. The Goldman Sachs Group is headquartered in New York and maintains offices in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other major financial centers around the world.

Technical play only. Rumors have driven GS up and Friday on only 75% on it's normal volume. Stochastics are way overbought and RSI is now over 70%. I have seen many stocks sell off after reaching this 70% RSI level and that being in tune with overbought stochastics, light volume driving GS up on Friday and the big gap at 105 in the chart tells me to buy puts for a move back to 105.

Sept. 110 PUTS GS UB - look for entry at 3 to 3.5


1. EMLX- 72.00 send this one to the races. If it loses 65.00 it could retest 58.00. Gap still to fill.
2. CLRN- 48.50 was 45% plus off its week low. 42.50 should act as support now if 44.50 is lost. It could after testing 44.50 and if it holds it find 50.0 as 92.00 is still 40.00 away and its 30 day high. 6 month target 100.00
3. CORV- at 86.00 it was a steal under that I add more. Sell stop at 83.00 on this one should hold.
4. JDSU- 114.0 support over 120.00 this one takes off to 126.00 plus
5. EVLV- 15.00 shoud hold 18.25 could be seen today
6. TSYS- recent IPO should come back at a 5 day low currenlty
7. LEON- watch close
8. CGEN- Bio Tech IPO that could get hot.
9. WEBT - off 333.00-34.00 its a steal for longer term.
10. PWAV - held support could make 36.00 today.
11. BVSN- 30.00 held now lets get 35.00 back
12. WGAT- bottom of the range.
13. LPTH- looks like a buy at 31.50-32.00 for a 41.50 move this week.
14. NTRO- could break out
15. NEWP- Look like 126.00 comes right off the open 128.00 sell.
16. PRSF- at 55.00 its a buy
17. STLW- one to acculumlate here.
18. EFNT- Way oversold at bottom of range.
19. MACR- 74.00 is support 80.00 resistance
20. NAVI- Could break out added on volume Friday 80.87 is big breaks it its off to the races.
21. ADAP- It should bounce back today.
22. XICO_ 9.25 is a big number for this one to run.
23. NTRX- holding its own.
24. NMSS- Its been red hot gather it here for another run.
25. KEYN-Still way oversold.
That's Our Plan For Today!
Stock Fans!

Have A Great Trading Day!


See You On The Trading Field!

More to come.........

Stock Jock!

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