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08:02 EST 08-12-99

Hello Stock Fans!

UNDEFEATED FOR THE WEEK thus far! Four WINNERS in all yesterday as I called the CMGI and AMZN ranges both ways. CCRD looks great! CNCX look for an update later today!

Today I am launching a new way to present my Play of The Day and Bonus Plays! I am going to simply present them in this manner.

The What (stock or option featured)
The Why (briefly say why)
The When (Key Indicators-for buy areas, short areas, sell stops, time sensitive targets.)

Email me if you like it as your comments are welcome:

Today's Play of The Day is: Cyberian Outpost (NASDAQ:COOL)

Why? This stock has been really hit hard of late down from the $10.00 dollar area where it has traded for the better part of the last 12 months. (NASDAQ:COOL) went as low as $7.6250 on August 5, 1999. That was lower then I think it ever goes again. (NASDAQ:COOL) over the last 2 days of trading has established a "double bottom" at $8.00 dollars a share. I see that as the low that must be worried about. If (NASDAQ:COOL) can hold over $8.00 dollars a share. Then I look for it to find it way back into double digits where it should be. On top of that It saw a nice range yesterday $8.50 open and the high. $8.00 as the low for the second straight day, and then closed on a Banc America upgrade into the close.

Swing Trade (3 days to 3 weeks)

The When
Buy Area: $8.18750-$8.3750
Sell Stop: $7.93750
TARGET: $10.93750 (3-7 days)


(NASDAQ:KIDE) Stock Fans! I was all over (NASDAQ:KIDE) at $39.8750 in my LIVE TRADING ROOM as it looked great going as high as $43.6250 before it closed just a tick or so off that at $41.3750. This one should stays hot! Looking at its trading chart it has shown great ability to retrace its range over the last 10 days or so. I look for more of the same out of (NASDAQ:KIDE) as it should test the trading range it created yesterday, and then climb higher then it the high it established yesterday.


Buy Area: $39.75- 39.93750
Sell Stop: $38.43750
TARGET: $44.00- $47.00 (3- 10 days)

Stocks to Watch:

(NASDAQ:ADLT) Look for a retrace on this one. A good buying area is $39.50 -$40.00 a Target to look at over the next 10 days or so may be $50.00

(NASDAQ:ADBL) Stock Fans, this one broke late in the day as it exploded off of $8.00. It has many upgrades associated with it. Look for this one to retrace as well today. With the kind of volume it had yesterday of over 1.4 million it should get plenty of action again today. Look to get this one at about $8.50 or so a share.

More to come ....

Have a great day!

Let me know if you like my new What? When? Why? Format!

Stock Jock!

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