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07-09-99 08:37 EST

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Well, (NASDAQ:QCOM) will be added to the S& P 500 today. Trades up over $17.00 dollars over yesterdays close at $160.00 as this one is showing as a price in Premark I may look to get a few shares on a pullback as (NASDAQ:QCOM) may already be in a spit area. With that in mind watch investors run it up on "Stock split optimism."

National Discount Brokers (NYSE:NDB) has reported earnings and they were stellar .09 cents ahead of First Call Census. I will look to play the more secondary online brokers today my favorite three are as many of you LIVE TRADING ROOM daytraders SWS SIEB and JBOH. I am adding DIR as this one should get a good pop today as its IPO price run up took it to well over $40.00 in late May 99.

OK, Stock Fans! That brings us to....

... Today's Play of The Day

I am going switch things up a little bit here and go back to one of my own favorites DELL Computer (NASDAQ:DELL) It now has shown it can hold $40.00. Sure it did dip just below 40.00 a share into the close yesterday. Yes, you got it that got many short term DELLers a bit scared and they sold only to wake up and see DELL (NASDAQ:DELL) trading up over $40.00 a share at $42.00 even in Premark on 128,000 shares.

Stock Fans! No need to go all into DELL today. Know I am not just using it here in my "Play of The Day!" cause it is Friday and I have featured it before. I am going to "Run the Option" today because I like DELL (NASDAQ:DELL) to dip after it concludes its "gap up" today. When it does I will look to pick up "naked" Option Calls and be ready for DELL (NASDAQ:DELL) to go right through $45.00 and higher next week.

So, there you have it. I am going "Run the Option" Here is the DELL Options I will look to get on DELL (NASDAQ:DELL) as soon as Mike DELL himself scares out those faint of heart and dips under $40.00 a share today. When it does I gather up 15 of these option calls.

Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) August 21,1999 $45.00's Option Calls Symbol (DLQ HI). These options closed yesterday at $1.25 a piece. However with DELL up over $2.00 here in pre- market the options look to open higher

Buy are: DELL under $40.00
Sell Area: NONE I HOLD
Target : $48.1250

BONUS PLAY - I'll end the week on AOL "My Fav!"

AOL- I think The GIANT falls down the Beanstalk one more time into earnings estimated on 07-22-99

Stock Fans! I like AOL to retrace one more time here as it should go back and retrace that open area in it chart of $115-$120.3750. It did the gap up on news so I like it to atleast fall back to $117.75 or so.

AOL had tons of momentum behind it yesterday however it could not bust through $130.00. With that in mind AOL looks to me ready to pull back after it gaps up yet again today.

I will play AOL on option putts like this. Buy more (I already have AOL AUG 21,1999 PUT OPTIONS. The AOO TD.

That should do it for today.

LQID - Is today's IPO Watch this ONE. I will have it no my screen when it opens today.


Look for me in my LIVE TRADING ROOM today.

Have a great day!

More to come......

Stock Jock

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