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July 5, 2000
08:15 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

"PLUS Members See (NASDAQ:GNSL) EXPLODE From $10.8750 - $18.00! A Less
Than 3 Day Gain of More than 7.00

An ALERT EMAIL was sent last Thursday on Genomic Solutions (NASDAQ:GNSL) as it traded under $11.00 with volume of less than 100,000 shares trading. I set a 10 Day TARGET of 17.00 on this low priced (formerly unknown) Bio Tech Play. Over 6 million shares traded after that sending GNSL as high
as 18.00 yesterday! (on July 3rd the last day market traded) WOW!

It took less than 3 days for GNSL to hit its TARGET--an increase of 7.00 from where it was emailed. That means just 200 shares bought at 11.00 and last Thursday had profits of 1400.00 in less than 3 days! For only $20.00 more dollars a month you can get on average more than 100 ALERT EMAILS sent right to your email account daily!

And very soon they will be posted on our new Active Pages in Real Time--as they happen on our Site! So, you don't even need email access anymore!

Don't Delay Send a Right Away! With a Subject Heading of: UPGRADE ME TO PLUS too:

,,,And we will add you to my ever growing list! Any further questions on this subject Email me at:



I am discontinuing this Section as I have realized that predicting the NASDAQ as an Active Trader can cause me to play all NASDAQ stocks up or down in light of what way the NASDAQ is trading & the truth is that the NASDAQ trading higher or lower doesn't necessarily mean that all NASDAQ stocks will trade the same as the NASDAQ does.

In light of this, I am going to play the NASDAQ stocks as they are either overbought or oversold. This often doesn't have anything to do with the NASDAQ. In short, I am going to play the stocks as they lead me by their individual trading, not where the NASDAQ trades! Playing NASDAQ stocks any other way can cause an Active Trader like ME to miss a lot of nice moves up, or for that matter down, resulting in lost profits! After all, it’s not where the NASDAQ trades that quantifies profits, it’s where an individual stock trades that does!

Instead, now I will list the NASDAQ's current 3, 5 and 10 day as well as the 30 day and 60 day highs and lows daily. In addition, I will include the previous days’ lows and highs as well as close. This information will be presented not to predict the NASDAQ moving higher or lower, but instead to see what many NASDAQ stocks could do as they break out on momentum higher and follow the NASDAQ up, or sell off and mimic the NASDAQ by dropping.

Any further questions on this subject Email me at:


Today's Play of The Day is: Immunex (NASDAQ:IMNX)

INMX a key stock in the NASDAQ Bio Tech Index added on Monday in an abbreviated session. If it can hold 48.12 where it has a double bottom created in its trading range, it should bounce back to 54.50 -55.00 over the next 1-5 trading days. I like the play at 51.50 - 51.93750 (just under 52.00) It should pull back slightly today and then could make a run at its current 30 day high of 58.25. It might even have momentum to find 60.00 if it gets volume over 58.25.

Buy Area: 51.50-51.93750
Sell Stop: 47.93750
1-5 DAY TARGET: 54.50-55.00
5-10 DAY TARGET 57.75-58.81
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
SUPPORT: double bottom at 48.12 in 10 day range
5 day high: 55.00
5 day low 48.12

The July 50.00 Calls look best here to buy under 50.00 and hold for 55.00.

This KEY LINUX stock went as high as 36.00 as recently as 10 trading days ago. It has since sold off and looks to be consolidating to set up another run to the upside to perhaps try and break 36.00. It pulled back slightly on Monday on lower volume. If it can hold 25.25 it could looks like it could bounce back to at least 33.00.

BUY AREA: 25.56-26.25
Sell Stop: 24.93750
1-5 DAY TARGET: 28.50-29.75
6-10 DAY TARGET: 33.00

*LNUX, is also in this same sector. I will look to play it in tandem to RHAT off 40.50, Sell Stop: 39.75, 3 DAY TARGET: 43.00-44.00

BONUS PLAY #2 Celera Genomic Group (NYSE:CRA)
CRA went as high as 97.00 on Monday. It couldn't hold this level and closed right over its 50 day moving average at 97.00 on Monday. CRA is currently oversold technically. The fact that it is currently, and has been over 140 recently on BIG NEWS bodes very well for a possible break out. The stock looks like it could on the high side see 140.00 if it can bust through the 100.00 area on good volume. It looks as if shares of CRA are a low risk today off support, and could return high dividends in the very near future. If this one gets going its going be hard to stop it based on previous recent history. As long as it holds 95.00 and breaks 100.00 it could have the momentum it needs to run up big and break out. It consolidated on nice volume considering Monday was an abbreviated session.

Buy Area: 98.6250-101.25
Sell Stop: 94.68750
1 DAY TARGET: 108.81250-110.50
2-3 DAY TARGET :112-115
10 DAY TARGET:: 135.00-139.00

The CRA 120 July Calls seem to have the most upside if this one does
indeed break out!


This Web hacking sector stock is one that hasn't traded a whole lot of
volume of late. It does however have great buying interest right at 50.00 to 49.89. If it can hold 49.89 today it looks very much like this one is on a solid 5 day swing to see 55.00. If it can add-on 5.00 like it has in the past after bouncing just under 50.00 then I will take 5.00 and go along on my merry way!

Buy Area: 50.00-49.93750
Sell Stop: 48.25
5 DAY TARGET: 55.00
* Recent trading history says this one must be held for 5 days to find its TARGET.

If LPTHA can break 42.50 it could run to 50.00-57.00 over the next 10
days. If it can't hold 41.3750. I will Short LPTHA back down to
37.50-38.00. This stock closed over 41.25 for the first time in over 120 days on Monday. If it can bust 43.00 it could really run to 50.00 plus quite easily.

Buy Area: 43.00-43.50
Sell Stop: 41.25
1 -3 DAY TARGET: 44.8750-48.00

Sell Short Area: 41.18750-40.6250
Buy Stop: 44.00
1-5 DAY TARGET: 37.00-38.50

This one Broke out on news Monday. If it could over the next 1-5 days
fall back to 36.50 and fill in the gap it created on Monday when it opened higher and broke 41.00. If it can hold 39.00 it could see 50.00 on the upside.


BONUS PLAY #1 Flextronics International Limited (NASDAQNM: FLEX)

Flextronics International Limited provides complete global manufacturing solutions by offering innovative engineering, advanced electronics manufacturing and logistical services. The Company's services are offered to original equipment manufacturers in the telecommunications, networking, computer, consumer electronics, and medical device industries. Flextronics' products and services are utilized in the manufacturing of modems, business telecommunication products, computer peripheral devices and pilot electronic organizers. Flextronics' services include product design, printed circuit board fabrication and assembly, materials procurement, inventory management, final assembly and test, packaging and distribution. The components, subassemblies and finished products manufactured incorporate advanced interconnect, miniaturization and packaging technologies such as surface mount, multi-chip modules, chip-on-board, ball grid array, and miniaturized gold plated PCB technologies. Stock Fans, this is the spot on the chart. Flextronics has a growth rate of 94% and a PE of 65 and cash flow per share of $1.09. The last 4 quarters worth of earnings and sales have been on fire. Looking for a pullback to play for the swing!

Buy Area:$68.50 to $69.25
TARGET:$76.18 to $79.64
Time Frame: 3 to 10 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.50 - $1.00 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $2.94

BONUS PLAY # 2 Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (NASDAQNM: IDTI)

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) enhances the global network with semiconductor solutions for communications companies that lead innovation and drive convergence in voice, data and wireless networks. Communications-industry leaders choose IDT for its high-performance products that accelerate time to market and boost bandwidth in the network infrastructure. IDT's communications memories offer the broadest selection of FIFOs, multi-ports, ZBT and QDR SRAMs; its communications ASSPs include ATM switches, TSI/TDM switches, high-speed PHYs and embedded processors; and the product mix also incorporates high-speed SRAMs, high-performance logic and clock management products. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., the Company employs approximately 4,800 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in California, Oregon, the Philippines and Malaysia Stock Fans, we played this before for a nice gain. It has since pulled back from hitting our target and reloading before going on to new highs. Integrated Device Technology's earnings and sales are off the chart. This is a hot company in a hot sector. So if you missed it before, the timing indicators are giving you another chance.

Buy Area:$61.00 to $61.75
TARGET:$66.75 to $69.50
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.75 - $1.25 point scalps. Avg. price range $4.35


1. ORCL- It could still test 78.08. If it loses 78.08 its a steal for an oversold short term bounce at 76.50. Support at 76.00 It, however, looks like a nice buy if it holds 80.00 today. It could go as high as 82.50 2.
2. GNSL- It should hold 15.00, If it does it could test its current 30 day and all time high. The key for this one. Close over 17.00 today on more volume then last Friday.
3. TQNT- Looks like it should continue higher.
4. AFCI- under 44.00 looks good. It could bust out to 50.00 if it holds43.1250 today.
5. ISLD- If it can break 60.00 it could run to 71.00. Support is now 50.00 on this one. It could be a shake out if it loses 50.00. It then could bounce hard off 48.00. Volume is key on this one.
6. BVSN -It looks great 44-45 if it loses 50.00. If it holds 50.00 then It could see 53.3750 its current 5 day high
7. EBAY- 48.68 is its current 5, 10 15 and 30 day as well as 60 day low. If that's not support what is under 49.00 its one that I add on to 44.00 sell stop.
8. YHOO- earnings come next week. It might have further upside in mind for many Internet and tech stocks, if it breaks 131.00. If it does 140-145 150 is possible if it can't YHOO breaks a long time trend of running up ahead of numbers. It has to hold 124.00 today.
9. KEM- it could see 29.00,30.00 a true value play.
10. JDSU - If it breaks 131.31250 it could run to 143.50. If it doesn't hold 125.00 then support would be at 122.50 -121.50. It could trade129.25-122.50 today.
11. TIBX- it looks good as long as it holds 100.00. If it loses that area it could drop to 92.00
12. MACR- 88.50 is solid 30 day resistence on this one as its short term oversold there. I like a bounce back to 94.00 off 88.50
13. EMLX- If it cxan bust 70.50 it could see 76.00. If it can't hold 68.00 then 63.43750 is the place i look for a bounce.
14. CSCO- 62.3750 is KEY SUPPORT. There are over 30,000 open interest July 60.00 puts on this one.
16.KEI- Its not a short here. Its still a long call till it loses 6.50 points off Monday's close. This thing could break 100.00 today and go more. I will play it long and trail my sell stop over 100.00
17. NEWP- It’s in a break out mode. It could see 120.00 if more buyers come in. It’s been on fire. I like it just under 100.0 at 98.75 with a sell stop of 94.50. It should bounce back to 104.00 off that level.
18. MRVC- It a buy right at 62.00. I like some profit taking on this one.
19. EXDS- Its solid at 41.50-41.8750. I will buy there and look for 48.00-49.00 in 3-5 days time.
20.CNC- Big volume Monday. I like a pull back of 3% today. Then a move higher.
21. CHIR- If it can break 51.00. The chart on it says 55.00 comes soon there after.
22. INSP- If it can hold 55.00 it should see 62.00. If it can't hold 55.00. INSP looks like a great bounce play at 52.68750.
23. SCII- It made a little pre July 4th noise on Monday. If it can bust
25.00 it could break out to 29.00 soon.
24. RNWK- It looks like it has little buying interest over 54.00. I like this one short to 45.00-44.00 in next 5-7 days. If it breaks 55.00 it could see 60.00 on momentum buying.

Have a great day!

More to come.........

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