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07-27-99 08:34 EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: Marketing Services Group, INC (NASDAQ:MSGI)

Stock Fans! This one has gotten NASDAQ listing. It no longer will be traded as a NASDAQ small cap stock. Wit this comes more coverage from major Wallstreet analysts.
Marketing Services Group (NASDAQ:MSGI) was as high as $26.3750 yesterday. It would then go to about $24.00 or so before it amazingly enough closed at $22.00 or so even a share. I am very BULLISH on this one especially when it pulled back late in the trading day. I see this one holding $22.00 earlier. Then in what looks to be a very GREEN Nasdaq it goes higher today.

Buy Area: $22.00-$22.25
Sell Stop: $20.93750
TARGET: $29.00 (5 days)


America Online (NYSE:AOL)

Stock Fans! AOL went under $100 a share as I thought it would yesterday. It looks to open higher today perhaps $102.00 to $103.00. AOL may go up as high as 104.8750 or so after it opens. However I am looking for AOL to pull back to under $100.00 dollars a share about 30 minutes after it opens today. It should pullback to about $98.00 to $99.00 a share. Stock Fans! Right about that area I will be looking to buy AOL Options Calls. The August 21, 1999 $105.00 OPTION CALLS (AOO-HA) I am looking for AOL to then make it way back up to about $107.00 or so a share as people again begin to see AOL as a value and jump back on AOL's train

Buy Area: AOL @ $98.00 to $99.00
Sell Stop: Options loose 35% of their value
TARGET: AOL $107.00 (Thursday of this week. Perhaps sooner.

Stock to Watch.

Cheap Tickets (NASDAQ: CTIX) It blew away earnings estimates. It looks to fly today right off the open

Have a great day!

More to come.....

Stock Jock!


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