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July 25, 2000
08: 59 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!


Stock Fans, yesterday the Index got hit hard and lost over 100 points as it fell as low as 3974.00. It now has to hold 3967.00 as it appears it will today. It looks to me that the NASDAQ now perhaps based off JDSU its highest volume stock currently that it may go back to 4072.00 in the next day or 2 then have enough momentum to bust the NASDAQ current 60 day low of 3820.00

The reason I say JDSU is it was perhaps more then just a quincedence that yesterday when JDSU, went as low as 127.93750 and then made a move back to 133.50 just seconds ahead of yesterday's close. For back on July 4th, 2000 shortened session ahead of SDLI news and S&P news JDSU when the NASDAQ went as high as 3995.00 JDSU went to 128.00 even that day. What sticks out is as JDSU held 128.00 the NASDAQ bounced back to 3995.00 late yesterday. That may indeed say that as long as JDSU holds 127.00 that the NASDAQ should hold over 3967.00.

It looks to open higher today based on the NASDAQ Futures up currently 33.50. I like the NASDAQ to go perhaps as high as 4075.00 then it should have enough momentum to bust through 3820.00 over next 3-5 days.

I will as always play the bounces down and up!


Today's Play of The Day is: (NASDAQ:SCII)


Sensar Corporation (NASDAQ:SCII) engages in the web hosting and ISP businesses. The Company is currently seeking additional financing measures and an acquisition strategy to further explore these opportunities. Previously, until 1999, the Company was engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of analytical instruments. In September 1999, the Company entered into negotiations and signed a letter of intent to acquire Net2Wireless Corporation. Net2Wireless is a privately-held company with a subsidiary located in Israel. Net2Wireless is developing technology that is intended to enable and enhance a wide variety of wireless communication services. These services include browsing the Internet through standard websites and using standard browsers; transmission of live video over the 9600 bps wireless link to the wireless device; providing instant messaging with full graphics support; providing messaging services; and providing full graphics applications with network based storage.

SJ's Outlook on (NASDAQ:SCII)

Stock Fan's, yesterday SCII looked very good in a down market on NO NEWS. It not only gained more then 2.50 points, as it eclipsed the 28.00 area and went as high as 29.00, but it did so on 2 x its average volume. This stock is a former high flyer from Mid March 2000 that almost broke 90.00 in its rise from single digits in October of 1999. However like so many other stocks in the Tech, and Net sector it was crushed to as low as 10.00 towards the end of May 2000. It then bounced back and went as high as 35.8750 in mid June, and looks to now as July ends perhaps wanting to make a 3 to 5 day run that could on perhaps upcoming news, coupled with renewed interest in its field with short covering included run back to just under 36.00 again. I like this one at current levels to drop back and hold 28.00 today and then make a run to just under 36.00. A move like that if it comes would work out real well for a nice 7.50 point gain. It moves fast so a move back to the top of its 60 day range were it looks to have broke 27.00 and now head looks good.

Buy Area: 26.8750-27.00
Sell Stop: 26.43750
1-3 DAY TARGET: 29.00-33.25
2-5 DAY TARGET: 34.00-35.8750
Type of Trade: Daytrade/ Swing Trade



Xicor, Inc (NASDAQ:XICO) designs, develops, manufactures, and markets reprogrammable nonvolatile semiconductor integrated circuits containing digital, analog and reprogrammable nonvolatile elements. By virtue of their nonvolatility, Xicor's devices retain their information content when power is lost or turned off. Reprogramming is accomplished by writing over the old data without a need for first erasing the old data. Xicor's devices can be reprogrammed bit by bit or in larger groups of bits called bytes, words and pages without being removed from the system and operate from the same power source used in microcontroller and microprocessor-based systems, or even lower voltages common in hand-held and portable products. Xicor products are sold in a variety of packages, including plastic, ceramic and chip scale packages for small footprint and height. Xicor products are grouped in two categories: Memory Products and Mixed Signal Products.

SJ's Outlook:

XICO, was yesterday's explosion as it added over 4.00 points at its high on news that involved a KEY WORD! FIBRE! Any stock it would seem in that sector has gone gonzo as that field is so hot cause of the overwhelming demand for video and information over the Internet. Stock like FIBR, LPTH, IFCI, AFCI, SDLI, GLW, NT and the leader JDSU have all gone crazy on the overwhelming demand for FIBRE Optics equipment and technology.

Yesterday's news put XICO a former 26.25 March 2000 high back on the map as it exploded off 6.00 or so and broke to KEY AREAS of resent resistance, and then on massive volume held support.

The trading range was impressive yesterday, as it took this stock to over 10.00 once its FIBRE news was profiled on CNBC. It then went to 11.18750 high and then held its break out and key resistance of 10.6250 well into the afternoon. However even though its not part of the NASDAQ Index it dropped back and lost 10.6250 then 10.00 as investors bailed.

However it would hold 9.75 an area it had to hold and close at 10.3750 just over support of 10.31 an area it had seen less then 5 days earlier ahead of the news. Then it would go as high as 11.50 in after hours.

It would appear today to open at 11.50. Support now could be its high yesterday, of 11.18750. However I doubt that will hold. I like this stock to drop back retrace and lose 10.50 then bounce and then it could be off to the races as it could go as high as 13.75 in the first 40 mins of trading today. I will make sure I play this one like this today, so I don't miss a nice run.

(SJ holds 2,000 shares of XICO already cost average 10.06)

Sell Current XICO Shares: 50% at 12.75
Buy Area #1: 11.18750 limit buy
Buy Area #2: 10.50 limit buy
Sell Stop: 9.6250
1 DAY TARGET: 12.75-13.6250
Time Frame: daytrade
10 DAY TARGET: 16.50-19.50


Ancor Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:ANCR) provides a wide range of fibre channel switching solutions for storage area networks (SANs), which are networks that connect a company's data storage systems and computer servers. The Company's GigWorks and SANBox brands of fibre channel switches enable a company to cost-effectively manage growth of its data storage requirements, improve the data transfer performance between its servers and data storage systems, increase user access to data, increase the size and scope of its SAN, and improve the performance of its local area network, or LAN, by offloading data storage applications to the SAN.

SJ's Outlook:

ANCR looks good as it held a double bottom yesterday, and now could find the top of its trading range, as it managed to hold positive in a tight trading range on less volume. It looks like it could go back to 46.00-47.00 in the next 1-5 days on short covering and renewed interest of SUNW, and its FIBRE switches.

Buy Area: 41.00-41.3750
Sell Stop: 40.43750
1 -3 DAY TARGET: 43.50-44.00
4-5 DAY TARGET: 46.00-47.00



BONUS PLAY #1 Terayon Communication Systems, Inc(NasdaqNM: TERN)

Terayon Communication Systems, Inc. (TCS) develops, markets and sells broadband access systems that enable cable operators and other providers of broadband access services to deploy reliable two-way broadband services over cable, copper wire and wireless systems. To date, the Company's development and marketing efforts have focused primarily on cable operators. However, with some recent acquisitions of complimentary technology and businesses, the Company has also turned its attention to providers of broadband services using existing telephone, copper wire infrastructures and wireless systems. The Company's patented S-CDMA technology enables reliable two-way broadband communications over both pure coaxial and hybrid fiber/coax cable infrastructures and is designed to enable cable operators to maximize the capacity and reliability of broadband services over any cable plant.
Terayon First to Deploy VeriSign's New Cable Modem Authentication Services
State-of-the-Art Offering Helps Protect Against Piracy of Broadband Services

Stock Fans, Terayon has been beaten up. They reported strong earnings and revenues. They have news today and I am looking to see if this is the catalyst that turns this baby! Stochastics are oversold and I am placing a buy on TERN

Key Indicators: TERN
Buy Area:$59.50 to $60.25
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.75 - $1.25 point scalps. Avg. daily price range $5.94

BONUS PLAY # 2 Entegris, Inc (NasdaqNM: ENTG)

Entegris, Inc. is a provider of materials management solutions to the microelectronics industry, assuring the integrity of materials as they are handled, stored, processed and transported throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process. For the 39 weeks ended 5/31/00, net sales rose 44% to $247.7 million. Net loss applicable to Common fell 82% to $13.2 million. Results reflect the recovery in the semiconductor industry and improved capacity utilization.

This firm is positioned as a key "nuts & bolts" supplier of essential products for semiconductor makers. These products have recognized tangible value to customers and the firm enjoys an established reputation. It is also poised to benefit from the sharply rebounding semiconductor industry and associated market valuations. However, the firm is cyclic so the length of the rebound is limited. It is also being increasingly challenged by competitors in Japan. Given the overall industry valuation surge, the firm's profitability, and the relatively low pro-forma P/E ratios, a warm initial reception is expected (e.g., 30+%) followed by aftermarket stability.

Stock Fans, Entegris last quarter earnings were +375% (May 31), earnings prior quarter +467% (2/29/00). A profitable IPO in a hot sector in its quiet period with a PE of 20 all for $12.00. I am using the 4% stop, 8% target here but expect this to trade much higher.

Key Indicators: ENTG
Buy Area:$11.75 to $12.10
Time Frame: 2 to 8 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Daytrade for $.25 - $.50 point scalps. Avg. daily price range not available.


PE Corp.-Celera Genomics (NYSE:CRA)

PE Corporation-Celera Genomics Group (Celera Genomics) generates and commercializes genomic information to accelerate the understanding of biological processes and to assist pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life science research entities in areas of research including: new drugs and improved drug development processes; novel genes and factors that regulate and control gene expression; and interrelationships between genetic variability, disease, and drug response. Through GenScope, Celera Genomics offers genomics-related products and services including gene discovery, target discovery and validation, efficacy and safety assessment, and pharmacogenomics study services. Through AgGen, the Company specializes in providing services to the agriculture market. AgGen provides genotyping and genomic services for plant and animal breeding programs.

CRA was on it's way to making a huge run today when it ran into profit takers and a down market. But this is just providing us a great entry point as CRA looks ready to explode. By splitting the range of CRA's 30 day low and today's high, you get 104.34 which neatly corresponds to the 100 day Moving Average. This should prove to be solid support as it was tough resistance for CRA for many sessions. CRA can move like lightning so confirm your entry with volume and hold on for the ride!
I am looking to enter CRA long at 104-106. I am willing to give up a few points for the potential upside it has at this point. I am also using a bit wider stop loss on this play. Play within your comfort zone and take your profits when they present themselves.

Long CRA August 125 calls CZA HE - last ask 7 3/4 - look for an entry below 7. Stop loss 25% below your entry point. Look for 50-75% return on this play as CRA should test 115 easily from a bounce off 105 area within 2 days.


1.JDSU- Looks like it should hold 122.8750 at worst case 128.00 support now. I look for it to maybe sell off into numbers today. High 135.50 maybe.
2.PALM- S&P Wed with JDSU looking for a pull back so FM's can buy.
3. KEYN- It hit its day low when the NASDAQ was still over 4100.00 thats impressive as it could be bottomed out
4. MACR- Solid need I say more. HOLD!
5. NTRO- It looks good as 58.00 held and I hold looking for 66.00 bounce 2-3 days.
6. CTCH- Nice volume yesterday no news will watch.
7. AIRN- Recent IPO opened publically last THursday at 48.00 then went to 29.75 as a 3 day low. It broke up and hit 34.00 yesterday. 36.00 could be soon.
8. CMR- could bounce back
9.LPTH- This stock look like it want to run.
10. EXDS- looks like many sellers have left. Might be time for a 2-4 point bounce.
11. EBAY- under 56.00 its a buy 55.00 solid support in 10 day range.
12. INSP- numbers tonight blew numbers away last quater could be a nice pick up off 48.00
13.LWIN- off TI I like this one alot.
14. JNIC- Looks bottomed.
15. NEWP- I like 132.00 alot.
16. STLW- Today might be the day to get this one off 44.00 for a move up to 52.00.
17. EXFO- It may make 90.00 its own soon
18. BLUE- IPO today watch close.
19. OVTI- It may get an upgrade real soon. quiet period ends August 6
20. CDO- Wanna Play CORV! This is it I like 40.00 on it ahead of CORV IPO.
21. INTM- I like it here as hold
22. RAZF- This one may make a move it been crushed held and finished green yesterday
23. COVD- Looks good
24. FMKT- I like it alot 350.00 high It a steal here.
25. IFCI- This FIBRE stock may join FIBRE FUN!
26. FIBR- Low low volume might be ready for a move up to 72.00 soon.

Have a great day!

More to come.........

Stock Jock!

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