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07/16/99 13:01 EST

Good Afternoon Stock Fans!

Stock Fans, enjoy a very special edition of my Play of The Day today with my "Afternoon" Edition. Stock Fans, I am sending this one out for you (RCNC) right now as I am taking Monday off. This looks to be a great call today.

NO Play of The Day on this Monday, July 19, 1999.

SJ said on Monday, July 12,1999 that "MR. SOFTY" is anything but soft! Have you seen it since it has gone up over 5 today? My options now are up over 300% just today! Here is that BIG PLAY CALL again! I may not have the names right with no CPQ MSFT deal on Altavista yet. Do you really care with MSFT up so much?

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I am wrapping up another AMAZING WEEK! I saw the MSFT August 21,1999 $110.00 Options Calls last Friday! MSFT is up over 4 today and those options have DOUBLED already today. I saw it when 3,195 of those $110.00 Options went through so suspiciously on Friday, July 9th. I saw it and now look MR. SOFTY goes up BIG TODAY, wins a court case and will soon has those looking for a MR. SOFTY split as it is at new highs today, as I predicted on Monday.

SJ's "CABLE GUYS " Taken to The SKIES!

If you have been in my LIVE TRADING ROOM at all today, you have seen me just sit back and point out all of my "Cable Guys!" today, way ahead of everyone else on these stocks. I am reiterating my STRONG BUY on all of those Cable Guys today.

In fact, taking a look at this market today as many stocks are RED! Six of those Cable Guys are in GREEN today. CMTN, HSAC, IIXL, NPNT, RTHM, WGAT. WOW! The two that aren't in the red today? One of them was the BIGGEST point leader in the NASDAQ one day this month RBAK up an amazing $30.00 yesterday! RBAK was $97.3750 when I picked it on June 29, 1999. Oh yes, the other lagged yesterday as COVD could only muster a $9. 6250 gain! LOL

Stock Fans! I am adding 3 more today to this GOLD MINE of a list! They are: (just symbols for now as I need to get back in my LIVE TRADING ROOM. PDYN - IPO today up BIG! EFNT- IPO yesterday it is only up 450% from its underwritten price!

My AFTERNOON Play of The Day: RCNC Corp (NYSE:RCNC) Here is the last one it is good enough to be SJ's Afternoon "Play of The Day!" RCNC Corp. Buy this one heading into the close today. I will have more on all the Cable Guys real soon! OK, Stock Fans! Now... Don't get used to these! It is tough enough to come up with ONE stock play daily much less an Afternoon Edition.

I look for all the Cable Guys to run into the close today! BONUS: Time to GET EVEN MORE of the up trending WEBTRENDS! One last thing, Webtrends (NASDAQ:WEBT) is already up over $3.00 form it open today. VOLUME has gone up all day. I see this one really getting notice later today. You never know Stock Fans, you may just see WEBT's CEO on CBNC next week.

More to come ...on Tuesday! NO PLAY MONDAY!

Have a great weekend

Stock Jock!

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