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07-16-99 08:45 EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

What a day yesterday for those "Cable Guys!" (high speed access to the Internet, broad band connection companies) I called the whole group to be the next one to run up in the Internet Sector on June 28, 1999. Apparently I have been proven wrong on the group running up. Instead how about EXPLODE!

My word Stock Fans! The 7 stocks that I profiled on June 28, 1999, (And then added (NASDAQ: NPNT) just two days later) have gone up now a staggering 63.16% as a group in only 13 TRADING DAYS! Believe it or not but three of these stocks have almost doubled in that time. They are CMTN, COVD, HSAC!

Stock Fans, here is that Play of The Day again! click here:

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I urge you all to take a look at it again because this is the future! One of these companies may just be the answer to AOL's High Speed access problems. The group looks like it is far from done here. With yesterdays IPO debut of EFNT, up over 350% off it IPO number. Who knows where this group can go!

OK, Stock Fans! That brings us to...

Today's Play of The Day

Stock Fans! It has to be yet again, one of my favorites Webtrends (NASDAQ: WEBT)

No sense in getting in to this one in real great depth today, as I have profiled it 3 times already in the past. Earnings are coming this Monday, July, 19 1999. They look to be stellar. WEBT went back up and over $41.00 yesterday on MORE volume. What really looks great here is this one is trading in pre-market activity as 7,000 shares have crossed the tape already today. 7,000 not a whole lot you say. Well, keep in mind WEBT sometimes only trades less then 200,000 shares all day.

Stock Fans! I can't less a chance to ADD to my position today. WEBT makes $$ they are unique in their companies content. Add all that to the fact that it still sits over 40.00 dollars off it all time HIGH reached in mid April 1999 of $84.00, and this one is just to good to be true to miss a chance to get more!

The REWARD vs RISK on this one is just to good to take any chance with! Therefore I will look for perhaps a hint of weakness on the open today. However I will not wait long as this one still I believe remains forgotten about.

Trust me Stock Fans! CNBC profiled this company on Power lunch less then 3 months ago. They dust off that old tape and get WEBT top brass on the phone come Monday after WEBT broadcasts to the WORLD that they have blown away 2nd Quarter earnings estimates. Too bad for everyone else that hasn't been listen all along on this one for them. I am already in BIG!

Have a great day!

Stock Fans!

More to come,
Stock Jock!

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