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07-15-99 08:14 EST.

CPI (June) UNCH. = Positive for US Stocks

Core Rate: 1% + = Positive for US Stocks

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Well, As I predicted yesterday in my LIVE TRADING ROOM the CPI (June) number is right in line.

What does this mean? It means that market Bulls are quite happy today with no fear of inflation in the CPI (June) number. The Bears Are just going to be bust today trying to find something wrong with this market.

So, Stock Fans! Exactly like I thought upon yesterdays close US Stocks look to trade up this morning in pre-market activity meaning that an AM RALLY looks to be in store!

With that in mind lets get right to it....

Today's Play of The Day is: AWARE (NASDAQ:AWRE)

Stock Fans! The only way to describe this stock is SOLID. In looking at yesterday volume on (NASDAQ:AWRE) It is easy to see that more volume in fact as the past few trading days would reflect on (NASDAQ:AWRE) It sure looks to me like this one is making tracks back up. The past few trading days has this one DEAD SOLID a wall under $48.9375. Where it closed yesterday, and where it can run. I like it to go even more GREEN..starting today!

Buy Area: $52.43750-$53.8750 (waiting for just a tad of weakness)

Sell Stop: $48.93750

TARGET $ 57.50 7 days!


Stock Fans! (NASDAQ:SPLN) I love this company. And I really am impressed with its chart take a look for yourselves SPLN Graph: Weekly for 1 year. It is a thing of beauty to see (NASDAQ:SPLN) test its 1 year support level and hold. It now sure looks like with earnings coming and volume heading up on this one all month long now that (NASDAQ:SPLN) is more then ready to towards it old high in over $59.25

Stock Fans! I am looking to be more of a part of the CBS Steve Levy train right off the open today!

Buy Area: Just under $40.00 or on it. (buying on open)

Sell Stop: $38.93750

Target: Lets just see where this one is on 07-19-99. (one day ahead of earnings)


Stock Fans! I am just wanting to reiterate how BULLISH I am on AOL here.

AOL is going have to really go against that grain to break its 10-10 run into earnings. It was UP and DOWN and was gathering all over the place most of this week. I am looking for AOL to make its move TODAY. With Mr. Softy (MSFT) looking for NEW ALL TIME HIGHS and AOL still off it all-time high reached in mid April by still over $50.00 plus!

Stock Fans! I am looking for AOL to get back about half of what it has lost on it all-time high in the next 5 trading days. That means YES AOL the Online Giant look to really get online today! And head back up and chart $17.00- $25.00 dollars in the next 5 trading day. Stock Fans! If 5 days sounds familiar? All we have to do is go back to about the exact time in Feb 99. We saw the tech and NETS getting "HAMMERED!" Well, Who bailed the sector out AOL! Of course as it ran up over 28.00 points in just 5 trading days! Déjà vu Stock Fans!.. is all I can say! Stock Fans! I am playing the Stock right off the open today. I am also all over those AOL AOO HG Aug 21,1999 $135.00 Option Calls.Buy area: Right on the open with a target that much higher no reason to worry about a point or 2! Sell Stop Stock and options (both!)

TARGET: (sell one day ahead of AOL earnings coming 07-22-99!


MSGI is in pre-market it has been added to the Russell 2000 Today. What does that mean? Besides getting in right off the oopen today. It means a lot more coverage for MSGI by analyst " hence more chatter" about how good we all know it is more upgrades by bigger firms, and those Russell 2000 Index funds have to add it! With MSGI still over 50% of its ALL TIME HIGH in mid April 99 of $60.00

This one is going one way HIGHER!

Lets get all over this Market as we are looking all GREEN for the rest of the month!See you in my LIVE TRADING ROOM
More to com.....

Stock Jock!

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