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Good Morning Stock Fans!

Futures WAY DOWN!

SPECIAL ALERT: Stock Fans! I am not selling due to BRAZIL'S problems. I have to do is go back to Jan 12, 1999 to prove my point.

I remember that Stocks came back in a hurry with INTC great earnings leading the way. I am not going to panic. Jan 12, 1999 Stocks came back almost 30%
in some cases in as little as 15 mins. Those that had guts bought that day on the open. They were rewarded. My Stocks and options are still worth the
same amount it is a lower market on the whole that perceives them to be lower.With all that taken in to account, here is today's Play of The Day

Barnes and Noble (NYSE:BKS)

Buy area: $24.43750- $25.1250
Sell Stop: $23.93750
Target : $34.93750 (1 week)


24/7 Media (NASDAQ:TFSM) has a 10% stake in the HOT IPO that is going public today Have your eye on this one today. CNBC has already
called it the AOL of China. We already know what happened to Star Media (STRM) when it was called the AOL of Latin America.

Stock Fans watch both of these today. Remember if is a REAL STAR like it is supposed to be look for (NASDAQ:TFSM) to benefit. Buy (NASDAQ:TFSM) on any VOLUME movements and breaks in price to the upside today. This is strictly a momentum play off of (I will get the symbol of and email it to you real soon. Again: could move really big today so watch it. I will try and help you with it via emails through out the day.

Stock Fans! Be sure to read the home page of BIG PLAY It has 2 features This Weeks Highlights & Last Weeks Highlights on it.

Under This Weeks Highlights read the "AOL BACK UP" headline, and text. Welcome to BIG PLAY STOCKS! It tells you how I am now playing AOL for a move from $122.00- $141.00 into earnings coming 07-22-99. The options I am playing for this bought yesterday in my LIVE TRADING ROOM are the AOL (AOO-HG) August 21,1999 $135.00 Option Calls.

Stock Fans! I am adding to my position of AOL Option Calls The August, 21, 1999 $135.00 Calls. Again I have a target of $141.00 in mind. I will buy AOL into any weakness, and with it trading down almost $3.00 in pre-market I will be buying in as low as I can today. That is the (AOO-HG)

Look for Updates through out the day.

Again I have the LIVE TRADING ROOM (being down as my main priory) Stick With Me! We will Prevail ... with plenty of more great stock and option calls

Have a great day!

More to come... very soon

Stock Jock

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