The Play Of The Day

06-30-99, 08:38 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: North Point Communications (NASDAQ:NMPT)

Stock Fans! This is the remaining "Cable Guy!" That I have not featured as of yet. Today that all changes as I go with (NASDAQ:NPNT) Look to pick up shares of this "Cable Guy!" today on any weakness at the $32.50 -- $33.3750 Today. I am going to wait on getting in it until the news comes from the FOMC meeting later today. I again will look for a range of $32.50 to $33.00.

Sell Stop : $31.00
Target : $ 40.00 plus perhaps this week!

RE- Play's

WEBT- YES! It finally moved yesterday. It went RED for just a second or 2 down .25 and then had a volume explosion a few seconds later that caused it to get up and over $40.00 a share and it ended at 41.50 per share yesterday. I defiantly hold here and average down any weakness. I will watch $39.00 as the low and set my sell stop just under $39.00 at $38.75 per share. Look for WEBT to stay over its 200 day moving average of $39.00

AOL- Those Options the AOO GB continue to look so nice as AOL trades flat (even) in thin pre-market trading. I again will hold my AOL stock and the options the JULY 99 100 CALLS (AOO GB) unless AOL breaks under $102.93750 today. I have a sell stop on AOL stock at $102.6250 and I will look to sell my options out at that price as well.

"Cable Guys!" The right CALL!

Those "Cable Guys!" Have done exactly what I thought they have all gone up from when I first posted them Monday, June 28, 1999, The only "Cable Guy!" stock pulling back since then has been (ATHM) the leader in the group that I chose to separate from the rest of the field. They all continue to be HOLDS right now and BUYS on weakness. They are 11.70% collectively in just 2 days, and I look for them all to go even higher.

(CMNT) Last-$68.8750 up yesterday + 6.3750 (COVD) $41.3750 + .93750 (HSAC) $25.43750 + $3.00 (IIXL) $20.3750 (RBAK) $114.00 + $14.50 (RTHM) $50.25 + $4.3750 (WGAT) $44.025 + $3.31

OK that is it for now Stock Fans! If I have forgotten any stocks that you may have here please just email me or find me in my LIVE TRADING ROOM through out today.

Have a great day!

More to come......

Stock Jock!

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