The Play Of The Day

06-29-99, 06:06 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: NO PLAY TODAY

Stock Fans! The market looks to be in a holding pattern right now. I see no reason to feature any one certain stock today. I want to wait and see just exactly what is going to take place with the FED meeting. I see volume today to be very stagnate. I use volume as my biggest ally in this market. In this case feel it better to not feature any stock today then to try and find one that I can base part of my analyst on its 30 day volume average.

So, Stock Fans! With that in mind. If you can meet in my LIVE TRADING ROOM today. I will be in and out of the room throughout today's trading.

Stocks I hold here:

PTVL- It looked very good yesterday created a nice range. I am holding because I feel as soon as we see some more buyers come into the market this stock will get some major notice.

DELL- Dell came back well but, unfortunately, I was stooped out of the stock yesterday for a loss as Dell dipped below 36.50 per share. This level I saw as a major are of support. With Dell breaking below it I sold out

TMCS- This stock at one point came almost all the way back after being down almost $1.75. It closed down about a .50 created a good range and showed that $25.00 is a great level of support.

CARI- This stock opened high yesterday by 6 points or so. I think there were more then a few of the 70 or so Stock Fans! That watched me trade yesterday that found it hard to believe I held this stock after such a nice pop in the AM open. I all worked out great as I would sell it near the close after it created a great range at $49.25 a share. Not too bad when i had bought the stock less then 2 days earlier at $37.6250

MSFT- I watch this one close today. if it breaks over $87.00 a share. I am short now and have options puts. If this happens I see out.

WITC- We had a great run on it. I called it at about $11.25 last we. I sold out of it at about $26.00 or so a share. Who counts one like this to the exact penny when it is such a nice gain.

AOL- I called it again! yesterday as right on! I picked up 50 shares of AOL long at $98.3750. I also got a hold of AOO GB JULY 110 CALLS. I picked mine up at 2.3750 yesterday. They looked to get as high as $4.50 a contract. The would settle at $4.1250. Not to bad getting a $1.75 dollar gain per contract in less then 4 hours.


Stock Fans! I will be looking for more winners as I see this whole FED thing start to take better shape.

Have a great day!

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