The Play Of The Day

05-25-99, 7:22 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: (Again) Web Trends, Corp. (NASDAQ: WEB)

(Today I am reiterating my play of yesterday, because I see it as a very solid play in what still looks to me as an uncertain market in relation to
the Internet, and Tech related issues.

The post from yesterday featuring Web Trends, Corp. (NASDAQ: WEBT) will remain on the Play of The Day! web page at BIG PLAY STOCKS. com copy and paste

Look to buy shares of Web Trends (NASDAQ: WEBT) off the open today as again I see a tremendous opportunity on this one. It held up unbelievably well in a sea of NASDAQ-RED yesterday and then in the last minutes finished slightly to the upside.

Target: $46.25 ( raised this week) KEY: VOLUME I would like to see 1.5 million shares trading today.

Sell Stop: $24.1250 ( Web Trends ,Corp (NASDAQ: WEBT) is a very volatile stock.)
More to come...
Stock Jock!

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