April 4, 2000
8:01 AM EST.

Today's Play of The Day is: eBAY (NASDAQ:EBAY)

eBAY was hammered yesterday on no news of any kind as it looked to mirror YAHOO! mid day when it lost over 30 points. This stock is severally oversold. It also has insanely high volume on stock option calls that expire in less than 3 weeks that are over $100.00 out of the money. If eBAY finds 255.00 before Good Friday (April Stock Options expire Thursday April 20, 2000) those April 250.00 Stocks Options costing about $1.25 could very well be worth over 30.00 a piece. That means a 1,000 investment in those options would be worth almost 30,000! That truly does deserve a WOW! That seems to point to YAHOO buying out eBAY soon! In any event the stock is way oversold and can very easily find the $175.00 plus area since it held $140.00 yesterday. eBAY executives may just be YAHOO!-ing all the way to the bank soon!

Buy Area: $143.00-$145.93750
Sell Stop:$138.00
TARGET $175.00 It could go over $245.00 if the stock option calls out of
money have anything to say about it!
Time Frame: April 15,2000
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

EBAY APRIL $175.00

*EBAY APRIL 250'S (*Out of the Money Call Options- High volume:)

Bonus Play # 1: Power-One, Inc (Nasdaq:PWER)
One may be the loneliest number, but it's a powerful one. Power-One makes power supplies that include AC/DC converters and voltage power switchers for use in communications, automatic testing, medical, industrial, and other electronic equipment. The company sells its more than 1,400 types of power supplies mostly to OEMs, which contribute more than 60% of the company's sales. Power-One's customers include Cisco Systems, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Teradyne (13% of sales), and Texas Instruments. Power-One also sells its products through electrical component distributors.

Stock fans, sells to Cisco, how about that. Power-One's numbers look real good. It sports a growth rate of 40%. Earnings last quarter were up 675%
and sales up 121%. This stock is under accumulation with an "A" rating. This is a lower volume stock. Yesterday was almost double its average of
180,700. Power-One was up 6% yesterday while most other stocks were getting spring haircuts! Power-One's closing price closed above its 10 day
moving average. Looking to Power up with Power-One!

Key Indicators: PWER
Buy Area:$63.50 to $64.25
Sell Stop:$61.03
TARGET:$70.50 to $73.75
Time Frame: 2 to 6 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

Bonus Play # 2: ValueClick, Inc (Nasdaq: VCLK)
In a new twist on an old concept, ValueClick's clients pay for what they get. The Internet advertising firm operates under a cost-per-click (CPC)
system in which advertisers (primarily direct marketing and e-commerce firms) pay only when a consumer clicks on their ads. ValueClick places ads
throughout a network of more than 11,000 Web sites in 15 categories such as business, entertainment, sports, and travel. Its CPC system provides an alternative to ad rates based on site traffic and offers small- and medium-sized sites the chance to generate ad revenue. Founder and president
Brian Coryat owns about 18% of the company, while online ad server DoubleClick owns 28%.

Stock fans, this is a new issue and that implies more risk. This company had $20.3 million dollars in sales in 1999. I like the fact that Double
Click has a large portion invested in this as well. I expect the Naz to rebound and this new issue to find a range in the $30's near term. Only 4
million shares were offered so it won't take much volume to get this going!

Key Indicators: VCLK
Buy Area:$16.50 to $17.25
Sell Stop:$16.15
TARGET:$18.9875 to $19.84
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

YHOO- quadruople bottom at 160.00 now with one day till numbers YHOO should run today!
AOL- it may find $70.00 soon
CMG-It looks great to run soon
MSFT- it held 90 yesterday it should gap up today and then test $90 again.
MSFT 96 soon
DELL- NASDAQ down 300.00? Dell down less then $1.00 DELL a buy under 55.00 for 57.6250 move soon
CSCO- It looks like it is ready to move up today.
ORCL- oversold a bounce today off $76.00
SPLN - Looks good to make a move soon
WEBT-It should hold 60 now. Predicted target by April 15, 2000 $77.00-$81.00
RNWK- Looks oversold here
ENER- This stock may be much more well known soon
EXDS- Looks solid as a buy off $135.00 -$138.00 range for $165.00 run next 2 days
EFCX- Watch this energy "Power Play!"
MACR- It should retrace soon
UBID- CMGI will take it to 33-34 next 2 days

Have a great day!

More to come....

Stock Jock!
and BigPlayStocks.com Team of Pro Traders

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