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April 3, 2000
5:30 AM EST.


The NASDAQ exploded late in the day as I predicted it would Friday. I missed the low and high of the NASDAQ as well as the close by less than 40 points combined! Not bad when it had a 200 plus point range. The NASDAQ should gap up near Friday's high of 4,606. It looks like it then will fall back and bounce off KEY SUPPORT at 4,553 then add on later in the day lead by YAHOO as it should find 4640 and then close just over 4,600 down slightly in a much tighter and healthy range.

The NASDAQ'S Fund Mangers that Window Dressed on Friday have bought in already and that type of buying has ended for now. We look for YAHOO to be the stock everyone wants to own and will watch as it is the first big stock on the NASDAQ to report numbers on Wednesday. We look for the NASDAQ to go as YAHOO goes and today we see YAHOO adding on slightly but also gathering for Wednesday earnings.

The KEY STOCKS TODAY in the NASDAQ without doubt should be YAHOO-It should find the 180s today as it runs off $165.00 to close just under $188.00 at $187.00. DELL and MSFT again will be ones to watch if the index is to continue to hold up into the first trading day of this week DELL and MSFT will be the ones to lead it. CSCO If it breaks 77.50 on more volume today and doesn't gap up over it on open then the NASDAQ may just add on today.

Today's Play of The Day Global Marine, Inc. (NYSE: GLM)

Global Marine, Inc. provides offshore drilling services on a day-rate basis and offshore drilling management services on a turnkey basis. The Company's domestic offshore contract drilling operations are conducted by Global Marine Drilling Company, and international operations are conducted by G.obal Marine International Services Corporation. The Company has a fleet of mobile offshore drilling rigs consisting of 23 cantilevered jack-ups, five third-generation semi-submersibles, one fourth-generation semi-submersible, one moored drill ship and one dynamically positioned drill ship. The Company provides drilling management services through Applied Drilling Technology Inc. (ADTI), Global Marine Integrated Services - International, Inc. (GMIS-I) and Global Marine Integrated Services - Europe (GMIS-E).

Stock Fans, the energy group is the number one sector. The sector has the most 52 weeks high. Global Marine's insiders are purchasing shares. How about that! GLM also has one of those neat cup and handle formations you always hear about. The numbers, chart looks great for a swing and a safe place to play even if the Naz cops an attitude!

Key Indicators: GLM
Buy Area:$24.75 to $25.25
Sell Stop:$23.98
TARGET:$27.75 to $29.15
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

Bonus Play # 1: Enron Corporation, Inc (NYSE:ENE)

Enron Corporation is one of the world's leading electricity, natural gas and communications companies. The Company, which owns approximately $34 billion in energy and communications assets, produces electricity and natural gas, develops, constructs and operates energy facilities worldwide, delivers physical commodities and financial and risk management services to customers around the world, and is developing an intelligent network platform to facilitate online business.

Stock fans, we go where the big money is going. Enron's closing price closed above it's 10 day moving average. Hot sector and timing is right. Looking for Enron to breakout!

Key Indicators: ENE
Buy Area:$74.00 to $75.00
Sell Stop:$71.25
TARGET:$82.50 to $86.25
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


YHOO, should "gap up!" (higher) today on low volume to probably near $176.00. We like YHOO to then fall back retrace its range to go as low as $166.00. We like uyers to come int5o the stovk then as well as more market makersw looking to make sure they have plenty of YHOO for earnings this Wednesday!

Sell Short Area: $176.25-$177.50
Cover for a LOSS: $185.00
TARGET: $169.00
Time Frame: Today

Buy Area: $166.00-$168.00
Sell Stop: $159.50
TARGET: $187.00
Time Frame: Today

EFCX- Energy Stocks looks good to run
ENER- Another energy stock
PLUG -It looked great on Friday. It should gap up then fall back retrace
its range buyers should be $1.00 over Friday's close.
BLDP- If PLUG goes it follows.
AOL- It should hold $62.00 well.
SPLN- is a buy at current levels.
CMGI- It looks good to move up today.
UBID- We like it to follow CMGI.
WEBT- We are looking for a pull back to 66.00 today.
CSCO- If it cxan break 77.50 it should see $81.00-$82.00. We like CSCO to
fall back to 76-75 area.
ORCL- CEO wants to book profits? ORCL still strong it looks to trade in
tight range $75.00 it holds.
DCLK- It better hold Friday's close to make it back to $100.00
GO- We like it to make a move to $25.00 soon.
LOCS- We will short it back into the mid 60's after it gaps up today!

Have a great day!

More to come....

NCAA Basketball Championship Prediction!:
Final Score: Floridia 79- MSU -72

Stock Jock
and BigPlayStocks Team of Pro (Sago, David, Mateo, Sonoma, MartinK ) Traders! This 5 would kill Floridia or MSU!

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