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April 26, 2000
08:25 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: InfoSpace (NASDAQ:INSP)

InfoSpace (NASDAQ:INSP) lays the groundwork for some of the hottest stops on the Internet. Supplying online content to more than 100 customers (including America Online and Microsoft), the company is best known for its national Yellow Pages and White Pages directories. Its offerings also include maps, classified ads, news, stock quotes, and TV listings. With rights to content from more than 65 third-party sources, InfoSpace is also working to broaden its collection of non-PC-based clients to include manufacturers of pagers, handheld computers, and cell phones. Chairman, CEO, and founder Naveen Jain and his family own about 35% of the company. Acorn Ventures owns 12%.

Stock fans, InfoSpace has several buy signals. It closed above it's 10 day moving average on strong volume and has one of those neat reverse head and shoulder chart formations. Infospace moved up in the overnight accumulation ratings which mean the big boys like it at this price. InfoSpace has a nice earnings growth pattern over the last 4 quarters. Sales have grown over 200% quarter over quarter for the last 4 quarters.

Buy Area:$64.00 to $65.25
Sell Stop:$61.00
TARGET:$70.1250 to $73.375
Time Frame: 2 to 6 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

We will look to short INSP back down its range when and if it clears $80.00. It has a massive down gap to cover over $82.00. It would seem that running so much if it reaches that point its due for a pullback.

We like the May $70.00 Option Calls best on this one

BONUS PLAY # 1 Nokia Corporation (NYSE: NOK)

Nokia Corporation, supplies mobile phones, mobile and fixed telecommunications networks solutions and products for fixed and wireless data communications, as well as multimedia terminals and computer monitors. Nokia's Telecommunications unit offers switching systems, access solutions and network management and Internet Protocol networking, as well as Intelligent Network solutions for telecom operators for both mobile and fixed networks. The Company's multimedia network terminals include digital satellite, cable and terrestrial network terminals for interactive multimedia applications. The Company's Mobile Phone business unit manufactures mobile phones. Nokia's handset products cover all major digital and analog standards. The Nokia Communications Products business unit provides satellite and other terminals designed for reception of digital broadcasting and multimedia applications as well as computer and workstation monitors.

Stock Fans, solid company with solid earnings, growth and sales. Nokia closing price, closed above it's 10 day moving average. Nokia sports a 33% growth rate and is growing earnings. This is a top sector, rated by relative strength.

Buy Area:$49.00 to $50.00
Sell Stop:$48.00
TARGET:$54.25 to $57.5875
Time Frame: 2 to 4 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY # 1 Atmel Corp (NasdaqNM: ATML)

Atmel Corporation is a global semiconductor company that designs, develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of highly integrated semiconductor integrated circuit products. The Company has been instrumental in developing and commercializing nonvolatile memory, or memory that continues to store information after power is turned off. Atmel offers complex system-on-a-chip solutions for a broad array of markets by combining its leading edge complementary metal oxide semiconductor, or CMOS, bipolar CMOS, or BiCMOS, and silicon geranium, or SiGe, process technologies with system level building blocks such as microcontrollers, digital signal processors, or DSPs, and analog and nonvolatile memory. The Company manufactures more than 90% of its products in its own wafer fabrication facilities, or fabs

Stock Fans, Atmel is in the hottest sector. It is under accumulation and if you noticed, this stock held very well under the sell off. Earnings increased by 111% last quarter. Looking to take a position for the next leg up.

Buy Area:$45.25 to $46.25
Sell Stop:$44.00
TARGET:$50.88 to $53.19
Time Frame: 3 to 6 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #3 - DoubleClick, Inc. (NasdaqNM:DCLK)

DoubleClick, Inc. provides comprehensive Internet advertising solutions for advertisers and Web publishers worldwide. Currently, the Company has two principal service offerings, the DoubleClick Network and DART Service. The DoubleClick Network consists of highly trafficked Web sites grouped together by DoubleClick in defined categories of interest. In 1998, the Company introduced DoubleClick Local, a Web advertising solution developed for businesses that want to reach users in specific geographic regions. In addition, the Company provides DoubleClick Direct, a response-oriented Web solution for direct marketers looking to reach users on a cost-per-action pricing model. DoubleClick's DART Service provides Web publishers, advertisers and ad agencies with the ability to control the targeting, delivery, measurement and analysis of their online marketing campaigns on a real-time basis by dynamically targeting and delivering ads to Web users based on pre-selected criteria.

Yesterday, DCLK made a huge move up, 10 points +, however not on convincing vol. We think that there are still some heavy short positions in this one, therefore pushing it higher on less vol. When the Naz pulls back today watch for DCLK to be one of the first that pull back. Although still relatively "cheap" so to speak from it's highs, DCLK still has some downside to work out, as does the Naz.

Sell Short: off the open / most likely gaps down to $66.00
Buy Stop: $71.61
TARGET: $60.00 today

The options that look best here are the DCLK May $55.00 Option Puts
(Symbol:TDU-QK) Last Ask $3.1250

AMZN - We will look to short this one into the close today. It looks like a $45.00 retest.
YHOO- It looks toppy. It has to clear $133.00 to run back to $155.00. It looks more likley to test $115.00
JDSU- CEO on CNBC at 9:40 AM today. It beat the street but the volume into close low as it ran. It got hit in after hours as they sold the news. If it breaks $88.00 it may run to $92.00 or higher. if it loses $86.00 then it could very easy retest and find $82.00 -$80.00 again. With CEO on CNBC and JDSU already losing $6.00 in after hours off its close it may run - but watch the volume. It could be a short trap!
PSFT- Look for a bounce after a small drop down.
CSCO- It has to break $69.00 to stay away from a tetest of $62.00
EBAY- It has a big hurdle to overcome at $177.00 if it can bust that it may see $184.00 at $184 .00 I again go short.
NPNT- It looked pretty good yesterday it may add on more
XYBR- Next stop could be $13.50 for it.
MSFT- It seems like it wants to test $65.00
MSTR- It may make $40.00 again. It sure has been killed!
GSPN- It looks topped out after a huge gain yesterday. if it can't find 90's it should sell off into close.
Have a great day!
MFNX- We have our eye on this one it may make a move to $36.00 as it cleared it April 4, 2000 low and held it.
SFA- Strong Buy rating today

More to come.....

Stock Jock!

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