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April 24, 2000
08:51 AM EST.

BREAKING NEWS: Stock Jock! And Traders! SHORT JDSU, YHOO, CMGI, CMRC, DCLK, INSP! What a call to call this market right again!

NASDAQ OUTLOOK TODAY: Mr. Softy! (NASDAQ:MSFT) Softens NASDAQ! TEST of 3,227.00 to come"

We should hold 3321.00 on our firs bounce as we sell off to that area. Then we should later in the day after a bounce off 3321.00 find our 200 day low on the NASDAQ 3,227.00. The NASDAQ should hold that area as buyers come in after a big sell off. We like the Sell off to happen in 2 phases today.

Today's "Play of The Day!" is: Intel Corp. (NASDAQ:INTC)

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) is the other side of the MSFT coin. The positive one. INTC was selected in 1999 to go into the DOW with the likes of MSFT. INTC the leading "Chip Stock" is going get hit with the rest of the NASDAQ today.
Going back to last Tuesday, April 18, 2000, INTC reported its quarterly numbers. The stock on Tuesday closed just off its high of the day at 129.00 after seeing 131.00 ahead of the numbers. INTC then beat the number by a good margin of more then 8 cents a share. Was it good enough it looked to be great until the CEO said in a press release ahead of INTC after earnings conference call that he saw a "tight supply demand issue" in the upcoming quater along with a slowing period.
Déjà vu? YHOO started it MOT added to it IBM also saw it as a problem going forward "Seasonal Slowing" INTC then lost over 6.00 on that comment and fell to 124.00. In the next 2 days INTC fell back all the way to close at its low of 115.00 on Thursday of last week ( The last trading day)
INTC is indicated at under $112.00 today to as low as $111.50. We like INTC to fall right to $108.8750 where it should have buyers coming in for a bounce. It may not hold this area all day but it should bounce back up to close to $114.00 -$115.00 and make a great play for a daytrade on the range.

Buy Area: $109.25-$108.3750
Sell Stop: $104.00 (wider sell stop as 105.00 area looks great to get more if we go that low)
TARGET: $114.00
Time Frame: Today
Type of Trade: Daytrade

We like the INTC May $115.00 option calls as a daytrade when INTC stock gets under $110.00

*(Play of the Day (carried over with updated ranges form Friday, April 20, 2000)


CMRC was our call on Friday to short at 61-62 area. We missed it by less then $2.50 a share as then CMRC after missing $60.00 in a soft NASDAQ market went as low as $50.00. It has good big resistence at $55.00 its old $110.00 area. $50.00 translates an unsplit $100.00 a share. Since CMRC closed at $95.43750 after going to 103.00 ahead of it splitting ahead of Friday. Shares of CMRC look now to have to test 47.50 its gap up area. We like it to bounce there back to $52.00 -$54.00 area.

Sell Short Area: On Open
Buy Stop: $55.25
TARGET: $47.50
Time Frame: Today
Type of Trade: Daytrade

Buy Area: $47.50-$47.8750
Sell Stop: $44.00
TARGET: $50.00 $52.00
Time Frame: Today

SOLID RANGE PLAY: "Stick with what we know" (NASDAQ:JDSU)

JDSU We have been "Dead on with this one!" Being Short into the open today over the long weekend we look to cover at $78.00 today. We look for a bounce there to maybe over $80.00 Then we like JDSU to along with the NASDAQ lose more later falling to maybe as low as 3,227.00 today. JDSU should then bounce just over $73.00 a share its low last Monday. JDSU is a steal there with numbers coming this Wednesday. We have adapted a "NO HOLD for earnings policy on all NASDAQ and NYSE stocks till further notice. We plan to sell JDSU ahead of numbers this Wednesday.

Buy Area: $74.1250-74.50
Sell Stop: $69.00
TARGET: $82.00
Time Frame: Today
Type of Trade: Daytrade

BONUS (Short) PLAY #1: Aether Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq NM: AETH)

Aether Systems, Inc. provide wireless data services, systems and software enabling people to use handheld devices for mobile data communications and real-time transactions. Aether's strategy initially focused on developing services for the financial services sector. Current services include TradeRunner, a real-time wireless trading and financial information service offered to the online customers of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online, and the Reuters MarketClip service for financial market price quotes, alerts and information. The Company is also developing wireless trading and financial services for other major financial institutions, including Charles Schwab. Through recent acquisitions, the Company has expanded its services into the healthcare, sales force automation and transportation logistics and delivery industries. OmniSky, a company formed by Aether and 3Com, is pursuing opportunities for wireless e-mail, Internet access and other electronic transactions applications

Stock Fans, Aether looks like it's 10 day moving average is now resistance. Aether is a fast moving stock and it's daily price range average is $25.93. Huge spread! Well we will be watching the action on this one tomorrow and I am looking to get a "short scalp" on Aether!

Sell short: $110.75 to $114.00
Buy Stop:$117.25 (10 day moving average = $116.90 )
TARGET: $100 to $104.50

BONUS PLAY # 2 Snyder Communications, Inc. (NYSE: SNC)

Snyder Communications, Inc. is an international provider of marketing solutions primarily to Fortune 500 companies that outsource elements of their global sales and marketing efforts. Snyder provides a single source for its clients' outsourced sales and marketing needs. Snyder's clients operate in various industries, including telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, consumer-packaged goods, financial services and gas and electric utilities. The Company's marketing programs utilize the resources of one or more of its three service groups. The Direct Services group provides a broad range of services and full-scale direct marketing and sales solutions. The Healthcare Services group provides healthcare sales, market research and strategic planning and educational communications services to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. The Creative Services group focuses on creating customized, results-oriented advertising and improving brand positions.
Feb. 21, 2000--Snyder Communications, Inc. (NYSE:SNC - news) and Havas Advertising (Paris:EURC.PA) announced a definitive merger agreement under which Havas will acquire SNC in a stock transaction valued at U.S. $29.50 per SNC share, or a total of about U.S. $2.1 billion.
(4-20-00) Snyder Communications and Havas Advertising Receive Anti-Trust Approval of Merger from the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice

Stock Fans, this is a cool deal. Daniel Snyder of Snyder Communications is selling his company so he can finance his deal to buy the remaining interest in the Washington Redskins. The buyout of SNC is $29.50 by Havas Co. and the deal is on the fast track by the SEC. Now if you can get shares at $22.00 and hold till July for the buyout, then you have made a cool 35% in 90 days. With this market being uncertain, this is certain to be a hot deal!

Key Indicators: SNC
Buy Area:$21.50 to $22.50
Sell Stop:$20.00
TARGET:$29.00 to $29.50
Time Frame: 90-100 days
Type of Trade: Position Trade

MSFT - We will look for a pnic bottom at $62.00-$64.00
AOL- We like it to hold $60.00 in this market. We sell out our play ahead of earnings today.
YHOO- It should now test that $108.00 area we predicted last week . We like it to hold $100.00
QCOM- At under $100.00 We see QCOM worst case at $95.00
GNET- We remain short on a great call
CMGI- We like it to see $50.00 again
DCLK- Back under $49.00 today

Have a great day!

More to come.....

Stock Jock!

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