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April 11, 2000
09:14 AM EST

Pressed for time this AM . I am just going to give you all something to think about. The NASDAQ as you all know did sell off yesterday. However it lacked one thing VOLUME in doing this. Today we should get massive volume resulting in a big drop. If you followed my lead you are currently short. Remember to consult your email today often as ALERT EMAILS will today eventually go to all members. Play of The Day PLUS member will get emails as the happen.

The NASDAQ range I look for is 3800 then a bounce above the 3924 area bring us back today is going be rocky as we may indeed test that crucial 3649 area today. I don't expect the NASDAQ to close their today but I also don't expect the NASDAQ to close over 4,000 either. One thing I hope you all have come to look at as a given as members of this site. VOLUME will tell us all If the NASDAQ trades over 2 billion shares today we will could and should test that v bottom. As I alluded to earlier I am currently SHORT the Key Index stock on the NASDAQ i will look to turn them over near the bottom. Yes, I looked like an idiot on Friday as the NASDAQ went up over 170 points. However I pointed out to you all that the NASDAQ lacked buyers in doing so and the NASDAQ had no buyers until under 4100 as the Market Technicians had shorted the NASDAQ higher as the limited supply in affect making stocks look as if they were going up. The one thing that sets up well for all that followed me is repeating what I say about SHORTS is if done right you can go the other way at the bottom and make money on the way back up as well.

Today's Play of The Day is: Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT)

Motorola, Inc. is engaged in providing integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. These include Software-enhanced wireless telephone, two-way radio, messaging and satellite communications products and systems, as well as networking and Internet-access products, for consumers, network operators, and commercial, government and industrial customers; Embedded semiconductor solutions for customers in networking, transportation, wireless communications and imaging and entertainment markets; Embedded electronic systems for automotive, communications, imaging, manufacturing systems, computer and industrial markets; and Digital and analog systems and set-top terminals for broadband cable television operators.

Stock fans, Motorola has made an unbelievable turn around. Earnings came in $.01 better than expected. The Cellular market will continue to be hot this year. Motorola's earnings and sales the last four quarters have been impressive. Motorola is currently trading under it's 50 day moving average and above its ten day moving average. Looking to buy on morning gap pullback.

Key Indicators: MOT
Buy Area:$133.6250-134.8750
Sell Stop:$126.50
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS (Short) PLAY #1:, INC (Nasdaq NM: PPRO), Inc. is a provider of Internet business-to-business electronic commerce services. The Company's e-commerce solution is comprised of public and private procurement networks where businesses can buy and sell a wide range of products and services in an efficient, competitive and cost-effective manner. The Company has designed its e-marketplaces to meet the needs of customers and their strategic business partners. With a standard Internet connection, a Web browser and a membership, procurement network members can participate in interactive buying and selling communities. The solution takes advantage of the growth, pervasiveness, low costs and community building nature of the Internet as a basis for e-commerce for the broad business-to-business market.

Stock Fans, talk about getting a nail in your tire, wow. If you missed the run up on the B to B plays here is your chance to catch them on the way down. PPRO is technically weak. Every indicator says that this baby is going down.

Sell short: $47.50 to $48.50
Buy Stop:$49.875
TARGET: $42.75 to $40.375
Time Frame: 2 to 4 days
Type of Trade: Short Play

BONUS (Short) PLAY #2: Commerce One, Inc (NasdaqNM: CMRC)

Commerce One, Inc. is a provider of business-to-business electronic commerce solutions that link buyers and suppliers of indirect goods and services into trading communities over the Internet. The Company's solutions enable the development of a global web of marketplaces that are able to operate among similar systems and trading communities. The Company has developed the Commerce Chain Solution to automate the procurement cycle between multiple buyers and suppliers. The Commerce Chain Solution is comprised of the BuySite enterprise procurement applications, Marketsite Platform, and Marketsite Commerce Services. The Company's customers include large enterprises in the public sector, as well as the utilities, finance, telecommunications, information services, travel and transportation industries.

Stock Fans, ditto on above. B to B soon to be like B to C (See EGGS or CDNW chart). Competition, low margins, and the probability of never becoming profitable are going to drive this baby back a long way. Commerce One has dropped in Accumulation ratings and sports a big D. As you know, in a sinking ship, when the rats leave, you know you have trouble! I expect this to be volatile and bloody. But, as with any short, there is more risk involved.

Sell short: $119.00 to $123.50
Buy Stop:$128.50
TARGET: $113.05 to $107.00
Time Frame: 2 to 4 days
Type of Trade: Short Play

BONUS PLAY #3: FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX)

FedEx Corporation, formerly FDX Corporation, is a global provider of transportation, logistics, e-commerce and supply chain management services. The Company offers integrated business solutions through a network of subsidiaries operating independently, including FedEx Express, an express transportation company, FedEx Ground, a small package ground delivery service, FedEx Custom Critical, a provider of expedited time-critical shipments, FedEx Global Logistics, an integrated logistics, technology and transportation-solution company, and Viking Freight, a less-than-truckload carrier operating principally in the western United States. More than a million customers are connected electronically through the FedEx information network, and approximately two thirds of its United States domestic transactions are now handled on-line.

Stock fans, FedEx has one of those nice cup and handle formations. It sold off with the increase in fuel prices, but has since come back and formed a nice base. FedEx crossed its 10 day moving average on 2 times normal volume. Fed EX is 34% off of its 52 week high and has Institutional buying. This is a strong and safe bet for those who prefer to watch the volatile Nasdaq!

Key Indicators: FDX
Buy Area:$39.75 to $40.75
TARGET:$44.82 to $46.86
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


GWRX- It may lose 20 today under 16 you buy it
WEBT - at 49 its a steal
LPTHA- This stock is short right to 25.00
SCII- This one may see under 30
UBID- It may drop under 20 there you gotta buy it
CMGI- It may test the 70 area
RNWK- Under 40 is where I buy it.
DCLK- Under 70 is where it may go
CMRC - under 100 its a buy
LCOS- Look for mid 50's
YHOO- It may lose 130 today under 129 you buy it.
AOL- it should hold 60 if it loses it won't be long.
MACR- I t should hold 55.00

Have a great day!

more to come....

Stock Jock

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