The Play Of The Day

March 9, 2000
09:01 AM EST.

Today's Play of The Day is: Westell Technologies (NASDAQ:WSTL)

Westell Technologies (NASDAQ:WSTL) traded more then its 30 day average volume yesterday, and it finished at its high of the day. It also was quite impressive in that it had such a tight range yesterday when the NASDAQ fell more then 100 points (NASDAQ:WSTL) dropped less then $1.00. What that says is that plenty of investors were willing to hold this stock even in a declining NASDAQ market. The fact that volume stayed high also sets up well for the stock to add on further today. We like this stock to continue its uptrend and find the 40's over the next 5 trading days. Today we like (NASDAQ:WSTL) to hold $35.00 and then make its way to all time highs of $39.00. Once again today volume will be key as (NASDAQ:WSTL) is still a relatively undiscovered wireless play. The wireless sector is extremely hot of late and we really believe that (NASDAQ:WSTL) could have its target raised over the next few days.

Buy Area: $35.3750-$35.8750
Sell Stop: $33.50
1 DAY TARGET: $39.00
Type of Trade: daytrade
5 DAY TARGET: $41.00-$44.00
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

The stock options to play of WSTL are the WSTL March $40.00 Call Options

BONUS PLAY #1: BackWeb Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQNM: BWEB)

BWEB is a provider of Internet communication infrastructure software and application-specific software that enables companies to communicate business-critical, time-sensitive information to their customers, partners and employees. For the nine months ended 9/30/99, revenues totaled $15.4 million, up from $6 million.

Stock Fans, here is your classic breakout! BWEB is breaking out to new highs. The stock is being accumulated on increasing volume. Typically a breakout will rest for 1-4 days before continuing its run. I feel that we can get a chunk out of this run before the rest period.

Buy Area:$48.75 to $49.50
Sell Stop:$47.025
TARGET: $54.45 to $56.925
Time Frame: 3-7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #2: Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Pfizer Inc. is a global health care company operating in two business segments. The Pharmaceutical segment includes prescription pharmaceuticals for treating cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, central nervous system disorders, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, allergies, arthritis and other disorders, as well as non-prescription medications. The Animal Health segment comprises antiparasitic, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory medicines, and vaccines for livestock, poultry and companion animals. Pfizer's major pharmaceutical products include Norvasc, Procardia Xl, Cardura, Zithromax, Diflucan, Trovan, Zoloft, Viagra, Glucotrol XL and Zyrtec. Pfizer's better-known over the counter brands in the United States are Visine, Bengay, Cortizone, RID, Unisom, Desitin, Bain de Soleil, Plax and Barbasol. Pfizer's Animal Health products include Dectomax, Rimadyl, Anipryl, Terramycin LA-200, Banminth, Nemex, Valbazen, Paratect, Coxistac, Aviax and Mecadox.

Stock Fans, as the Naz begins to look like it is overheating investors will be looking for other investment options. The drug sector looks oversold and Pfizer is no exception. It is just a couple dollars away from its 52 week low. Now I don't know about you but this stock's chart shows all of the indications of bouncing. This is a growing sector as the baby boomers reach to the pharmacy to cure their ails.

Buy Area:$32.00 to $32.50
Sell Stop:$30.875
TARGET: $35.875 to $37.375
Time Frame: 2 to 6 days
Type of Trade: Swing


No need to go into this one. This as those of you that have been here over the past year know is one of our top 5 stocks PERIOD! It is now seen as a B2B e-Commerce play and since its first split since going public in Feb 99 it has not looked back. It is now back to almost $70.00 again. Yesterday it announced the launch of Webtrends Live. A real time e-Commerce high traffic website analyzer. The stock even though it has low volume. The volume is almost all positive. We aren't analyst we realize that however it is amazing that more analyst don't get behind this stock. We are going upgrade if ourselves and put the target at $100.00 on this one as it seems unstoppable of late.

Buy Area: under $70.00
Sell Stop:$58.00
30 DAY TARGET:$100.00
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
KEYS: Earnings are scheduled for April 17, 2000
WEBT might very well be $100.00 ahead of that


HYSL- It has low volume but keeps going
STRM-Cameon late we like it at current levels to find 60's again.
ESPI- It should break $16.00 today and look for $18.00 over next 3 days
ATHM- We did well with this on our screen yesterday as it was severally oversold.
PCLN- Looks good to find $92.00 today.
SVVS- This recent IPO is heating up.
CWON- Low volume but it looks like it has bottomed.
AOL- Surprise AOL Strong Buy 88 Target. Today it moves up $7.00
FATB- Better then expected numbers reported.
CAIS- Beter then expected revenue.
YHOO- They aren't going buy anyone down goes YHOO. We like $165.00 as support
TFSM- On Power Lunch today. It should make it into mid 60's today.
IFCI- Looks like 32.00 is coming again.
IPIX- This company is one we are going begin to keep a close eye on. With its merger of BAMB it has added a great deal to its company. We like how the virtual 3d like display on the Internet is going to add to e-Commerce sales capabilities on the Internet. IPIX 30 day target 40-44

Have a great day!

More to come....

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