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March 28, 2000
08:55 AM EST.

Stock Fans, sorry to take a little longer getting out today's Play. I as many of have been alerted already today was taken by total surprise! Abbey Joseph Cohen, long time BULL comes out today and pulls back here huge portfolio back 5%, and she also reports today that she is lowering her S&P prediction form 16.75 back to 15.75 for 2000.

What amazes me Stock Fans even more is I as many of you know sent an email to all the members as well as all of you to our FREE EMAIL list of over 7,000 members the same email you received Friday, March 25, 2000, except I added a paragraph that contained the following!

(I amy have screwed up Abbey's first name as I was typing it out Maria B on CNBC mentioned Mary Meeker from Morgan Stanley. Well, with so much on my plate during the day, and with my brain doing flips trying to get email out I put Mary Joseph Cohen instead of Abbey! )

"Attention: ALL STOCKS FANS! I send you all my feeling on the market. I know I am no Mary Joseph Cohen... However I do have the same information
she has access to by utilizing this great thing we call the Internet, and this is what I have come up with! I was left with no choice as I have not
heard Mary say anything today about the direction of the market!"

That was what I wrote Friday. I guess Mary.. I mean Abbey might just be on the Free Email Hey never know! Today Abbey did decide to speak and the market is hearing it in VOLUME!

I hope you all followed SJ and his TEAM of Pro Traders! yet again, as we did our homwork and were ahead of the curve yet again!


Today's "Play of The Day" Dell Computer (NASDAQ:DELL)

Dell Computer (NASDAQ:DELL) averages almost 40 million shares a day over the last 30 days. Yesterday the stock only traded an amazing 28 million. That's over 10 million shares less, and get this Stock Fans, it was up! and the NASDAQ was down. What's even more amazing is DELL traded even less under 22 million its lowest of the year this past Friday! and guess what it was DOWN that day. This is totally the opposite of what one would expect. With that bit of information it an easy call coupled with Abbey Joseph Cohen's news today should send DELL back on its way to back to its March 2000 low $42.00 and change. yes, believe it or not DELL was trading there less then a month ago

Sell Short Area: $56.00-$57.50
Cover for LOSS: $60.00
TARGET: $52.00-$46.00
Time Frame: 4-10 days
Type of Trade: short swing trade

The Stock Options we like best off the DELL play
Are the April $50.00 Option Puts.

Holding DELL Long Term:
Sell DELL APRIL 65 Option Calls

BONUS (Short) PLAY #1: Red Hat, Inc. (NASDAQNM: RHAT)

Red Hat, Inc. is a leading developer and provider of open source software products and services, and has built a comprehensive web site dedicated to the open source software community. Red Hat Linux is the Company's principal product. Since its introduction in 1994, Red Hat Linux has emerged as one of the most popular Linux-based operating systems in the world. is a leading online source of information and news about open source software and one of the largest online communities of open source software users and developers. In addition to offering extensive content for the open source community, serves as an important forum for open source software development and offers software downloads and a shopping site

Stock Fans, RedHat reported less than stellar earnings and larger than expected losses. The Linux craze has faded and so has the glory of the Linux stocks. Selling intensified as investors now face the IPO lockup expiration on 3/29/00. RedHat will release 35 million shares that will take 14 days to absorb. Timing indicators look good to ride this down, especially in a down market!

Sell short: $56.00 to $57.50
Buy Stop:$59.85
TARGET: $53.25 to $47.60
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Short Play

BONUS (Short) PLAY #2: Plug Power, Inc. (NASDAQNM: PLUG)

Plug Power, Inc. is a designer and developer of on-site, electricity generation systems utilizing proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells for residential applications. The Company is a development stage company and expects to bring the Company's first commercial product to market in 2001. GE Fuel Cell Systems, LLC, a joint venture 75% owned by General Electric's GE Power Systems business and 25% owned by Plug Power, will market, sell, service, and install the Company's product. Through June 30, 1999, the Company derived all of the Company's revenue from government research and development contracts.

Stock Fans, Plug Power is in the same boat as Red Hat. Plug Power will release 25 million shares on 4/25/00. That will take 47 days to absorb based on current volume. Timing indicators look good for a ride down. But you must keep a watch for news releases that could affect a short play adversely!

Sell short: $96.00 to $98.50
Buy Stop:$101.20
TARGET: $91.20 to $85.60
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Short Play


YHOO- Looks like it drops back today
ORCL- up on the lowest volume of the year! It looks ready to get kiiled!
CSCO- It looks like it going be a good one for us short
EBAY- Pulls back
DCLK- May test $88.00
ONV- It should hold $29.00 upgrades yeaterday.
INTC- This one may drops in hurry to $135.00.
TIVO- Bucked trend yesterday volume up and stock was up. Watch today.
CMGI- With ALTA coming soon it may hold up fairly well.
BLDP- Look for it to lose $10.00 today.
MTLK- It sold of yesterday closed at day low it may drop under $40.00 soon

More to come....

Have a great day!

Stock Jock!
and Team of Pro Traders

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