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March 23, 2000
9:02 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: Ultradata Systems (NASDAQ:ULTR)

Ultradata Systems (NASDAQ:ULTR) is a leading manufacturer of portable handheld travel computers, which provide information along the roads. Ultradata Systems also owns one-third interest in is an online motor club, offering members a vast array of services and information designed to make motoring easier, safer and more enjoyable than ever before. The new company is using Ultradata's proprietary highway services database to provide directions for motorists.

Stock Fans, remember March 6, 2000? That was 3 Monday ago... This stock an unheard of company came out and said it was in a deal with powerhouse (NYSE:LU). The stock immediately went form $3.00 to the stars going as high as $15.00. On big volume. Then CNBC saw it and commented and they sent it to $26.00 plus on over 5 million shares volume.

Since that time (NASDAQ:ULTR) has dropped all the way back to almost its low ahead of the news. It went as low as $5.1250 just 2 trading days ago. However the fall from $16.50 reached on March 7, 2000, down to $5.1250 took place on much less volume. In fact it took more then 5 million shares to move it to $16.50 and since then less then 2.6 million shares have traded to send it back down, until 2 days ago. What happened the day before yesterday is shares of ULTR began to come back. In fact they added on more volume still lower then 30 day average but indeed more as the stock seemed to have interest again as plenty of investors had held it off $16.50 area reached on March 7, 2000. Looking at yesterday the stock traded the most it had in the last 10 trading days as it ended the day at it high just under $8.00 a share. We like this one today as a low risk play. It has positive cash flowing into it and looks to have found its lows. It could really move if investors remember the LU news witch is still quite fresh. If LU and ULTR come out and add more information to the press release on March 6, 2000, this stock could take off and really go as supply is a big problem when demand comes in. It looks like a good low risk play today and worth a whirl to hold onto and see what transpires.

LU NEWS Link of March 6, 2000


Buy Area: $7.75-$8.25
Sell Stop: $6.00
TARGET: $10.50-$11.00 could go higher in perhaps a few more days VOLUME will be the key indicator for that to happen.
Time Frame: 1-7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #1: King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQNM: KING)

King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company that manufactures, markets and sells primarily branded prescription pharmaceutical products. In addition to branded pharmaceuticals, King Pharmaceuticals also provides contract manufacturing for a number of the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including Amgen, Inc., Warner-Lambert Company, Mallinckrodt Chemical Inc., Genetics Institute and Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc. The Company's wholly owned subsidiaries are Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Parkedale Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; and King Pharmaceuticals of Nevada, Inc. King Pharmaceuticals markets a variety of branded prescription products over four therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular products, anti-infective products, vaccines and biologicals and women's health products..

Stock Fans, this stock has been coming up consistently in my "Fastest Growing Nasdaq Stock List". King's sales and revenues have earned it the title of the fastest of the fastest. It sports a growth rate of 302% and it is no slacker in the earnings growth area either! The indicators say the time is right for maximum gains and minimal loss potential. It is time to play King!

Buy: $36.75 to $37.75
TARGET: $39.33 to $43.41
Time Frame: 2 to 4 days
Type of Trade: Swing Play

BONUS PLAY #2: BackWeb Technologies (NASDAQNM: BWEB)

BackWeb Technologies Ltd. is a provider of Internet communication infrastructure software and application-specific software that enables companies to communicate business-critical, time-sensitive information throughout their extended enterprise of customers, partners, and employees. The Company's products provide a reliable solution for communicating large amounts of data in any digital format by enabling its customers to automatically gather and disseminate information. Its products efficiently disseminate this information across a network of any speed by automatically adapting the rate of transmission to match available bandwidth.

Stock Fans, no you don't have to check the date on the Play of the Day. Love the chart, love the stock and, you know, we are looking to take a chunk out of the middle again! This stock is bouncing off its 50 day moving average. Looking to get my bi-monthly BackWeb fix!

Buy: $19.75 to $21.00
Buy Stop:$18.75
TARGET: $24.25 to $28.80
Time Frame: 4 to 10 days
Type of Trade: Swing Play

BONUS PLAY #3: Elcom International, Inc. (NasdaqNM:ELCO)

Elcom International, Inc. develops and licenses automated procurement software applications enabling the conduct of interactive electronic commerce and, through its PC remarketing subsidiaries, uses versions of its technology as well as Internet-based technology to support the sale and marketing of PC products, the source of substantially all of the Company's net sales. Through, inc., its technology subsidiary, the Company developed its PECOS (Personal Electronic Catalog and Ordering System) technologies that enable companies to communicate, market, sell and buy various goods and services electronically. The software division of inc. develops and licenses standalone, intranet and Internet-base applications which automate internal and external purchasing systems for businesses through the computerization of front-end electronic catalogs and ordering as well as multiple back-office purchasing processes.

ELCO closed yesterday's session at it's day high and continued on up in the after hours. We have been waiting for a bounce in this former high flyer and here we have it. Nothing has changed from when this was $50 stock just a few short weeks ago. Only sentiment and momentum. If ELCO regains those, we could be off to the races again. Remember, this only has an 18 million share float. It will move quickly when the buyers return.

Buy Area: $16.6250-$17.3750
Sell Stop: $14.75
1 DAY TARGET: $19.00
5 DAY TARGET: $25.00

The Stock Options that we like off this play are the April $17.50 Calls
Last Ask yesterday $2.25.


ONVI- Well the harder the fall the higher thye bounce! It really came back yesterday as all the company could do is issue more stock to save it as it was still in QP off IPO as it was crushed from $80's to $22.00 wow! We like it to retest 27.00 then go higher today perhaps to $35.00-$38.00. IPO day low was $46.00.
GWRX- under $40 its a buy.
LPTHA- All it needs is volume. if it breaks$ 45.00 it should find $50.00
GBLX- Loks like it may move to $60.00 10 days. Volume is increasing head and shoulders formation on chart
AAPL- It may retrace back under $139.00 then its a buy. Its gotta announce a 2 for 1 split maybe 3 for 1 on numbers coming!
NT- Break out yesterday! it looks great for more! April 3rd target $164.00
AOL- It finally broke 70.00 and held on huge volume. it may retrace under 70 and then have plenty of buyers. Our target still remains $86-$88 buy April 18, 2000!
XYBR- retrace back to 18.6250 today. If it holds it looks god to find $22.00 again and find a trading range there.
PALM- Well Qiuet period ends Monday will they save whats left of it? It is trading higher today. It a risky call cause we have been hit in it everytime but maybe Monday changes that.
OTGS- This one looks to be bouncing and is good for entery.
DCLK- It may retrace back to $94.00.
ISLD- Nice call for ALERT EMAIL. 90.00 was target we will take profits of 10 plus at $80.00 - $77.00 today
PAIR- We still like it and hold.
MCLL- Nice volume yesterday if it can clear $13.00 it should see $14.50
WEBT- WOW what a stock exploded on 2 times normal volume up 16 plus yesterday. It had no news it may pull back today worth watching. It been our top pick for months! We have been in since 29.00 in August now $170.00 unsplit since then!

Have a great day!

More to come.....

Stock Jock!
and Team of Pro Traders!

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