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March 13, 2000
12:01 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

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Today's Play of The Day is: Knight Tri-mark (NASDAQ:NITE)

Knight/Trimark Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:NITE), the largest wholesale market maker in U.S. equity securities. NITE does more then 29% off all NASDAQ trades. With the NASDAQ at record volume NITE has already had its earnings estimates for the upcoming quarter raised. Couple that with the fact that NITE has its hand in over 40% of OTC stock trading an area of trading that has increased more then 340% in the last year in terms of volume makes NITE a better company now then it was just 1 year ago when it exploded to move up more then 100% in one month as it would reach all time highs of over 200.00 a share by mid April 1999. NITE did hurt itself splitting its shares 3 for 1 and allowing much more supply then demand to be left in NITE's market for traders that missed the explosion to short it back down. That is all behind NITE now and with Friday's move up past 50.00 for the second time in 10 days. NITE looks ready to make its marque move of 2000 now. Option trading on the stock has been heavy of late on the call side further backing up the fact that NITE is setting up to make a major move higher. What we will look for on NITE is exactly what has made NITE so powerful in its business VOLUME. Except in this case we will look for major volume on NITE's stock. If it can trade an average of 8 million shares this week it should be able to see its share price rise to the 60's by weeks end.

Buy Area: $48.8750-$50.8750
Sell Stop: $45.75 (NiTE should hold $46.00 at worst. We will average down over $46.00)
TARGET: $60-$62.00
Time Frame: 2-10 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
APRIL 1 TARGET: $74.00-$76.00

The stock options we like best here are the April $60.00 option calls. The(Symbol:TNWDL) Last ask on Friday was $2.06. We like the options to more the double over the next 30 days.

BONUS PLAY #1: RF Industries Ltd. (NASDAQ:RFIL)

RFI's RF Connectors ( division designs, manufactures and distributes radio frequency (RF) coaxial connectors and cables used in personal communication systems (PCS), radio communications, test instruments, PC LANs and antenna devices. RFI's Neulink division designs and manufactures wireless digital data transmission products for industrial monitoring, linking wide area networks, GPS tracking and locations systems.

Stock Fans, this is a play I stumbled upon doing my weekend research. RFIL's volume has exploded. It has a low float of 1.2 million shares, so it won't take much for this to continue northbound. It has a very high Relative Strength (RS) rating of 98 and it is being accumulated. It is supplying a hot sector with a product that is in high demand. Earnings has increased dramatically over the past 3 quarters . So, I will look to take a 1/2 position and add either 10% above or below my entry!

Buy Area:$12.75 to $ 13.25
Sell Stop:$12.25
TARGET: $14.58 to $15.23
Time Frame: 2 to 4 days
Type of Trade: Swing

BONUS PLAY #2: Kirlin Holding Corp. (NASDAQNM: KILN)

Kirlin Holding Corp. is a holding company engaged in securities brokerage, securities trading and investment and merchant banking primarily through Kirlin Securities, Inc. (Kirlin), its operating subsidiary. Kirlin is a full service retail-oriented brokerage firm, specializing in the trading and sale of both equity and fixed income securities, including mutual funds. Kirlin also offers a managed assets portfolio program to manage the financial assets of its clients. At March 1, 1999, the Company maintained over 14,000 retail customer accounts, which held over $749 million in assets

Stock Fans, as you may have know National Discount Brokers got the number 1 slot for online brokers in the Barron's write up this weekend. While researching I found this gem. But, why not buy NDB? Well, I am. I will be daytrading it. So why KILN? They hold the top Relative Strength (RS) and Earnings Per Share (EPS) slot in there sector. The are under major accumulation. KILN's sales have exploded. Last quarter +321% Quarter before +166%. Earnings last quarter was up +233%. Quarter before +533%.This little Company is happening. They recently split there stock 2-1. Look at this press release. Stock fans, I do not recommend many low volume stocks under 300,000 shares average. but this is one that I am. I will place a limit order to buy, in the buy range. I will have alarms set, watching this graph will put you to sleep, but this is not a daytrade!!!


SYOSSET, N.Y., Feb. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Kirlin Holding Corp. (Nasdaq: KILN - news) announced today a two for one stock split of the Company's Common Stock, to be paid as a 100% stock dividend on March 1, 2000 to stockholders of record as of February 15, 2000.

``Our continued growth and revenue gains are very attractive to investors. This action allows us to broaden our availability to the public and institutions,'' stated Anthony J. Kirincic, President of Kirlin Holding Corp.

Buy Area: $6.45 to $6.65
Sell Stop: $6.15
3-5 DAY TARGET: $7.31 to $7.6475
6M TARGET: We believe this stock is a potential double over the next 6 months
Type of Trade:Swing Trade


This stock we all know is the real true way to play Palm Pliot (Hence its name! PALM) Whatever the deal was with thinking that 3COM (NASDAQ:COMS) was the way to play the Palm Pliot craze. Now that COMS has been established as little to nothing in its industry without the Palm Pliot we finally saw this Friday that many an investor is ready to bail COMS and get in PALM. We look for PALM to make a nice run this week back to 82.00 about 50% off its all time high of 162.00 reached on IPO day. We look for COMS to continue to see investors bail it and it should rend right back to 50's then 40's. After all COMS was a 30-40 stock throughout most of 1998 and 1999. Its run up was all off the hype on PALM.

Buy Area: $70-$71.00
Sell Stop:$66.3750
TARGET: $81-$82.00
Time Frame: 5-7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
DATE TO WATCH: 2 weeks from today on March 27, 2000 PALM comes out of its quiet period. Look for it to be close to $100.00 by then.

AMGN- It may have found the bottom. We see it as an oversold buy due for a bounce if it falls to $55.00.
SLVN- Watch this one close over the next 3 days its is creating a base to explode off of.
XYBR- This stock is a bargain if it can be bought under 20.00 It looks like if it can break 24 it will run and may say hello to the 30's in next 3 weeks.
SPLN- March Madness is in full gear so is SPLN- Look for huge page views and e- Commerce sales all month long! SPLN could see 70's this month
GWRX- It looks like its days of high 30's are over. If it can hold 48.00 this stock then cam find high 50's and add on from there.
SCON- It looks like this one refuses to lose $50.00 it could go back to 61-62 in a hurry.
ERTS- Strong Buy rating 2 brokers
VRIO- The stock looks good to add on 5-10 points this week.
KSU- We like this one alot right now as a stock to get some action as it may spin off its powerful JANUS holding.
UTRA- This one had news last week its due to bounce back to $15.00-$16.00
FILE- This stock has been strong looks as if it wants to be worth $3.00-4.00 more this week
RAMP- Rumors fly on this one that CSCO will buy it. If it breaks $29.00 this stock could soar into 40's in a hurry.
DIR- It looked like this stock should change its symbol to DIE It had been pounded for almost a year. Last May it was $46.00 off it 3rd day of trading IPO. It is beginning show signs of life as it closes at day high $16.00 is now in range.
JBOH- Huge volume on NASDAQ stocks could send it to $10.50
NDB- Looks ready to run!
WITC- It looks like it wants 20's

Have a great day!

More to come...

Stock Jock!
and Team of Pro Traders!

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