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Feb. 7, 2000
08:57 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: Haup Digital (NASDAQ:HAUP)

Haup Digital (NASDAQ:HAUP) Literally exploded the last 2 days of last week as it ran more then 10 points up from 33-36 where it had been stuck in a trading range for more then 3 weeks. It however pulled back on Friday after it made a 200 day high of over $42.00 to close just over $40.00 a share or so. The stock will be reporting earnings tomorrow. It surprised almost 20% last time it reported numbers. We are looking for this one to possibly lose 40 today right after the open. It should however not be under that figure long as it looks very much like it could make a new move into the 50's as it moves fast ahead of numbers. This one is not for the lackadaisical as its small float can really send this one flying as it often has seen big volume move its bid and ask in $0.50 cent or more increments.

Buy Area:$39.1250-$39.8750
Sell Stop:$35.6250
Time Frame: 2 days (sell ahead o numbers tomorrow)
Type of Trade: 2 day Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY # 1 High Speed Access Corp. (NASDAQNM:HSAC)

High Speed Access Corp. is a provider of high speed Internet access via cable modem to residential and commercial end users in exurban areas (defined as cable systems with fewer than 100,000 homes passed). The Company provides a comprehensive turnkey solution to the cable operators in exurban markets, whereby the cable operator may outsource the services that are required to provide Internet access and other ancillary services. The Company's service enables subscribers to receive Internet access at speeds substantially faster than traditional Internet access, at minimal cost to the cable operator.

Stock Fans, this has a nice chart, volume is increasing and earnings due on 2/9. I am looking to pick up any shares on the 10:00 dip!

Buy Area:$19.75 to $20.25
Sell Stop:$19.25
TARGET:$22.27 to $23.28
Time Frame: 2 to 4 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #2: WebLink Wireless, Inc. (NasdaqNM:WLNK)

WebLink Wireless Inc.(NASDAQ:WLNK), is a wireless messaging carrier in the United States, with 2,651,004 units in service at December 31, 1998. Through its PageMart Paging division, the Company offers traditional one-way local, multi-city, statewide, regional and nationwide paging and other wireless services in all 50 states, covering approximately 90% of the population of the United States. Through its PageMart PCS division, the Company offers local and nationwide guaranteed messaging service covering over 70% of the United States population at December 31, 1998.

This stock has been looking very good of late. It has created a nice solid trading graph. It looks very much like it can break out and make a move on more volume over the next week to 10 days of trading to perhaps as high as $34.50. It defiantly has the right name and is in the right sector to have investors get in a chase this one much higher.

Buy Area:$22.00-$22.43750
Sell Stop:$19.18750
Time Frame: 5-10 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


Spyglass, Inc. develops, markets and distributes Internet technologies for incorporation into a variety of Internet-based software products and services, as well as software and professional services that enable clients to develop cost-effective Internet-enabled devices. Spyglass Embedded Internet Technologies products include Spyglass Device Mosaic, a full-featured thin browser. Spyglass Device Mail is an embedded e-mail technology designed for televisions, cellular phones and handheld computers. Spyglass MicroServer is a small footprint Web server that can be embedded in devices such as copiers, printers, industrial controls and manufacturing equipment. Spyglass Infrastructure Technologies products include Spyglass Prism, a server-based content delivery platform designed to optimize the performance of Web-enabled devices by converting existing Web content for delivery and display on a variety of devices.

Stock Fans, you have seen this one before around the same price. I like to catch them on the way back up. Here is your chance to buy when they are onsale!

Buy Area:$42.25 to $43.25
Sell Stop:$41.50
TARGET:$47.57 to $49.75
Time Frame: 3 to 7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


A pioneer in Voice over IP (VoIP) communications, NetSpeak Corporation (Nasdaq:NSPK) is a leading developer and marketer of advanced telephony solutions for IP networks.

Netspeak (NASDAQ:NSPK) reported its quarterly earnings on Feb 2, 2000. It basically doubled its numbers from last year across all metrics. What I really like about this stock is it has been in an upward move on its trading chart since the exact day the NASDAQ has 10/22/99. It has gone higher for the most part that entire time as it has now come all the up from the 12.00 area to more then double.

The stock has inked a deal with Fujitsu today. It is adding on volume and is very close to breaking out to all time highs as it traded as high as 31.00 back in Jan of 1998. The stock is in an explosive field, much like NTRX is. (NASDAQ:NSPK) defiantly one to watch today and the entire week for more increases to the up side.

Buy Area: $23.75-24.18750
Sell Stop: $22.25
TARGET: 28.93750-$30.50
Time Frame: 2-10 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


HHGP- It still should retrace its "gap up", and fall back to $13.43750. We love this one to fly off that are and maybe not look back to its 30 plus. Again don't laugh when we say this one could be next ICGE! B2B incubator
XYBR- It wants new all time highs today could be the day
SBAS- It traded over 2 milion shares Friday in a tight range. It could run big soon
MCLL- This one looks to be sertting up to retest $10.00 soon
SYNM- Closed at its high of day.
AOL- 55 is worst case on this one.
ECFX- Fuel Cells still hot
VRTL- Look for it to retest 17 soon
VDAT- CLosed at its day high as it added on more then 50 sents on close .NO NEWS.
WEBT- Split date is soon. Stock may fall ahead of that.
MSGI-Inching back into 20's again
CORL - buys INPR
INPR- bought by CORL
PERL- LINUX stocks in play now.

Have a great day!

More to come...

Stock Jock!
and Team of Pro Traders

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