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Feb. 4, 2000
09:04 AM EST.

Today's Play of The Day is: Harris & Harris Group (NASDAQ:HHGP)

Harris & Harris Group Inc., (NASDAQ:HHGP) which invests in start-up companies that are filing for patents on new technologies, is undervalued based on its stakes in companies it may take public soon, Business Week reported in its ``Inside Wall Street'' column. H&H owns an interest in 14 companies, four of which are publicly traded, and NeuroMetrix and Genomica could sell shares to the public this year. One investor valued those companies at $450 million total and said H&H shares are worth 20, Business Week said.

Stock Fans, the preceding was indeed profiled in the latest edition of Business Week. This stock is one that we have been saying since it held $11.00 on moderate volume in any kind of NASDAQ market. Last week the NASDAQ swung more then 300 points. However (NASDAQ:HHGP) traded in a range of less then 1 point last week. We have said that this stock could be the next (NASDAQ:ICGE), as it invests in such type start up companies.

(NASDAQ:HHGP) has an advantage over many stocks? It keeps its value in any kind of market in that a vast majority of its holdings are non publicly traded companies. We liked this stock a lot last week because it offers what we look for when we pick stocks. It has low risk and a potential for extremely lucrative gains. (NASDAQ:HHGP) has a definite shortage of shares. If demand gets high, and we are betting that it does this stock with less then 11 million shares outstanding total, and less then 2 mill in the publicly traded float can really take off.

We are going to follow the lead that Business Week has provided as we will be looking for this stock to make its way to $20.00 plus over the next 1-5 days. It could easily tack on that number today. We are extremely pleased that investors are starting to see as we did the value of this potentially extremely HOT! stock.

The stock is trading up today in pre-market. We will look to get in with 30% of our total position right on the open. Then we will wait for it to fall back fill in its trading range of roughly $14.00 and then run from there.

Buy Area:$13.8750-$14.3750
Sell Stop:$12.6250
TARGET: $20.8750-$24.25
Time Frame: 1 - 5 days
Type of Trade: Daytrade/ Swing Trade


Intuit, Inc. operates through four divisions that cover small business, tax preparation, consumer finance, and international operations. The small business division provides accounting software, financial supplies, employer services and other related services. The tax division provides personal, professional and small-business tax preparation software, electronic tax return filing, Web-based tax preparation and related services. The consumer finance division provides personal finance software, Websites and market spaces and related services. The international division markets small business, tax and consumer finance products in foreign markets. Intuit's products and services include QuickBooks small business accounting software, TurboTax personal tax preparation software, ProSeries and Lacerte professional tax products, Quicken personal finance software and the Website. The Company also offers an online payroll service that handles all aspects of payroll processing.

Stock Fans, this is a company that I have watched grow. I use their products and they are a leader in their field. I have used Quicken, Quickbooks, QuickPayroll and Turbo Tax for years. This is a range play and the indicators say that it is time to buy!

Buy Area:$68.50 to $69.50
Sell Stop:$66.125
TARGET:$76.45 to $79.875
Time Frame: 3 to 6 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #2 Hyperion Solutions Corporation (NASDAQNM:HYSL)

Hyperion Solutions Corporation develops, markets and supports enterprise analytic application software that helps companies better understand, optimize and operate their businesses. The Company's products integrate with, extend and enhance transaction-processing applications, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management packaged applications, and data warehouses. The Company and its partners deliver client/server and web-based products for a broad range of analytic applications including budgeting and planning, financial consolidation and reporting, activity-based management, performance management, campaign management analysis, promotional analysis, sales forecasting, demand planning, e-business analysis and industry-specific solutions. The Company's solutions are used by more than 6,000 organizations in more than 100 countries around the world.

Stock Fans this stock came up in one of my custom screens. I looked for a stock with a high On Balance Volume and increasing institutional buying and the closing price was above its 10 day moving average. I look for this stock to move higher as the Linux craze continues. This stock is trending up!
SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 3, 2000-- Helping companies capitalize on the move towards open, interoperable Web-enabled enterprise business analysis solutions, Hyperion (Nasdaq:HYSL - news) today announced the signing of a developer partner agreement with Red Hat Software, Inc., the leading provider of open source solutions and developer of the award-winning Red Hat Linux open-source operating system.

Buy Area:$41.25 to $42.50
Sell Stop:$40.1375
TARGET:$46.475 to $48.5875
Time Frame: 3 to 7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


(NASDAQ:XYBR) - The stock came back yesterday, and closed at its high of the day. The volume was massive into the close on this stock. Remember it has a 28.00 price target on it. We still think that IBM could come in and buy this stock for a very lucrative figure. It has averaged over 1 million shares for more then 10 days now. It defiantly has interest in it. The fact that the wearable PC is all its own it could just be sitting on a gold mine. Imagine if the wearable PC is even 5% what the wireless phone market is. With only (NASDAQ:XYBR) making the wearable PC the amounts of money it could make are insane. Come on Stock Fans, How many of you at less then 6,000 would like to be the first one on your block with a wearable PC? I bet quite a few of you. The prices on this new technology have come down form 20,000 to that 6,000 price point in just 3 years. If the wearable PC price point can drop under 4,000 over next 12 months. (NASDAQ:XYBR's value in selling them could be north of 70 in (NASDAQ:XYBR) stock.

We will be watching XYBR today to see if it can make $15.8750. If it can, Its all time high is $16.43750. It hit that area in mid January of 2000. It could explode to over $20.00 if it clears $17.00. We will be watching closely today!

(NASDAQ:SBAS)- The stock had news with the likes of MSFT yesterday. That gave it a solid spike. However it has been building for a while ahead of that MSFT news. It traded more then 1.4 million shares in a range of $13.75-$14.1250 yesterday. This stock if it can break $14.6250 should run up to more then $17.00 plus!


GWRX: Stock seems to be gathering. We like it if it can break $37.00 to run to perhaps $50.00.
ISPD- We made a nice call on this one as it should gap.
IDTI- We like this one to go higher.
LNTY- It had some spots yesterday where it ran. If it can break $31.50 it could run
IMPT- We said 60 by Friday we need less then 18 more points. it closed at it high of the day. It could make $50.00 today
QEDI- The stock looks to have found a range and should rest.
CTRA- An IPO yesterday. It may get a lot of attention right off the get go.
HOTT- It closed at its high of the day. We like it to make 24-25 soon.
SYNM- ALERT EMAIL Fuel Cell stock closed very strong.
AOL- . It looked to be gathering yesterday. If it can break $62.00 It will run to $65.00
BNYN- 2 away from its target of $30.00
MCLL- Yesterday's high flyer may add on more today
AEOS- LOoks to be undervalued at current levels.
USWB-. It pulled back some yesterday after 4 strieght days od running higher. It may move higher today. We still like 40's next week.
GO- It went higher late. We like GO a lot at current levels. Its Chart says 31.50 is coming.
DIS- If it can break $38.00- $42.50 is next inline
CORL- It runs about every 5 days. it has be silent for a few days.
XACT- There may be something brewing on this stock. We are watching close.
VRTL- News took it up fast. It should fall back and test $16.50 today
XLNX- The stock has run since we called it at $47.3750 all the way to $58.00 plus. We like it to settle into a trading range today.
EFAX- Had some decent volume. Closed at high of the day.
SNIC- It traded over 1 million shares yesterday. it may run more today.

Have a great day!

More to come....

Stock Jock!
and Team of Pro Traders.

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