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Feb. 22, 2000
07:45 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: (NASDAQ:IMPT) IMPSATF Fiber Networks

IMPSAT Fiber Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet and private network integrated data and voice telecommunications services in Latin America. IMPSAT is building an extensive pan-Latin American high capacity broadband network using advanced technologies, including IP/ATM switching, DWDM, and non-zero dispersion fiber optics. IMPSAT provides services to more than 1,700 national and multinational companies, government entities and wholesale services to carriers, ISPs and other service providers throughout the region. The company currently has operations in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil and the United States.

Stock Fans, Well I was away the NASDAQ dropped more then 130 points as profit takers came in ahead of what many see as Allen Greenspan raising interest rates yet again on investors. However with profit taking in high gear on the NASDAQ Friday nobody seemed ready to sell (NASDAQ:IMPT) just yet. In fact on a day where more then 90% of all NASDAQ stock traded lower IMPT managed to gain almost $2.00 on an added increase in volume.

I know Stock Fans! I predicted this stock would see 50.00 2 weeks ago. It has been as high as $46.00 and as low as $17.00 intraday since then. On Friday it traded more then 827,000 shares ahead of its 10 day average of just under 750,000 shares. It looks to be a great play at current levels as it has tested 34.00 2 times in the past week and both times bounced off of it going higher each time. The stock will be coming out of its "Quiet Period" this coming Monday, February 28, 2000. Looking at its trading graph and its current time frame ahead of that period ending the stock looks very much like it is setting up to again make a run at all time highs of $46.00.

Buy Area: $36.1250-$36.43750
Sell Stop: $33.31250
3 DAY TARGET: $41.75
10 DAY TARGET: $45.6250-$47.3750
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #1 Sagent Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:SGNT)

Sagent Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:SGNT), a leading provider of Real-time eBusiness Intelligence solutions, today announced the implementation of a customized online data processing solution for Locus Direct Marketing Group, the pre-eminent provider of direct mail services to the sub-prime mortgage and financial services market.

This stock managed to gain $2.00 in Friday's session on increased trading volume of 1.3 million shares 50% more then its 30 day average of 650,000 would indicate. With double the volume the stock had many more buyers then sellers as it its price increase also indicates. Remember it did all this on no news in a severally down trending NASDAQ on Friday. This stock looks like after it tests 18.00 today it should go right back up as short term sellers leave the stock and buyers come back in anticipating added increases in share pricers over the rest of the week.

Buy Area: $18.00-$18.31250
Sell Stop: $17.00
3 DAY TARGET: $21.50
10 DAY TARGET:$25.00

BONUS PLAY #2 Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE:NEM)

There's gold in them thar hills, and Newmont knows it. Newmont Mining's primary subsidiary, Newmont Gold, is the biggest gold producer in the US; its Carlin Trend operations, located near Carlin, Nevada, and its other Nevada mines produce about 85% of its total gold production. The company also owns the Mesquite Mine in Southern California through its acquisition of Santa Fe Pacific. The company has a 51% stake in Peru's Yanacocha Mine and produces gold through operations in Uzbekistan (50% joint venture) and Indonesia (80%-owned). Newmont conducts worldwide exploration, with an emphasis on North America, Asia, and South America.

Stock Fans, I am hedging my bets as I am looking for the market to continue its pullback. The gold sector should attract attention as a safe haven.

Buy Area:$24.00 to $24.50
Sell Stop:$23.275
TARGET: $26.95 to $28.175
Time Frame: 3-7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #3: FedEx Corporation (NYSE:FDX)

FedEx has a message to deliver: It doesn't just ship the goods, it enables Internet-age supply chain logistics. Holding company FedEx (formerly FDX) operates through five main subsidiaries. Federal Express, the world's #1 express transport firm, delivers more than 3 million packages daily. FedEx Ground (formerly RPS) is the US's #2 ground carrier of small packages. Viking Freight is a less-than-truckload carrier in the western US. Surface-expedited carrier FedEx Custom Critical (formerly Roberts Express) specializes in urgent deliveries. And FedEx Global Logistics provides just-in-time delivery services, warehouse management, distribution, and freight forwarding.

Stock Fans, I believe the bottom is now for FedEx. Why? For a couple of reasons. First the stock has sold off to solid support on no news. Two, the price of black gold, oil, is going to come down. I like this price for a short or long term play!

Buy Area:$36.25 to $36.75
Sell Stop:$34.90
TARGET: $40.42 to $42.26

Time Frame: 3-7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

RAMP- 20's are coming soon
IFCI- Look like it will retest the under $30 area. We like it to find suport at about $29.6250. It then should have buyers as it again looks for 32 plus.
CYBR- Nice re test of 30 is coming
SOFN -Looks oversold
SLNK- We like its sector good outlook
COMS- Short it and cover at $100.00 for a loss. PALM is coming and COMS will get crushed as they spin off the best part of thier business. In case you hadn't noticed it was stuck as it was most of 1999 at 32 ahwad of all this PALM hype!
VDAT -Looks oversold
LNTY -Coming out of quite perdiod
SVNX- Quiet Period ends
HSAC- This is a 25 stock in next 2 weeks
DSLN- Stock is looking like it may retest here.
NPNT- Positive comments should help this former high flyer
RTHM- It's less volatile now with its secondary offering behind it. it looks like this one will find 66 again in 2 weeks time.
CHIR- A great perhaps undiscovered thus far BIO play.
BIOIM- 16 coming
BIOI -Retested nicely, a buy here
SCON- It tested support on Friday it looks like a buy today.
EFCX- Looks to be gathering in 10-11 area for a run
XYBR- Attention IBM! How low will you let it go before you do the right thing and buy it?
LU- 6 months ago we should have bought Erickson 6 months from now LU will fit that bill. LU a value buy here!
PLUG- This stock wants 200 sooner then later.
IWAV-Quiet Period is ending this Wireless play may really heat up soon. We like it here as a speculative buy

More to come.....

Stock Jock
and Team of Pro Traders

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