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Feb 17, 2000
09:00 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: Superconductor Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:SCON)

Superconductor Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:SCON), a leading developer and manufacturer of superconducting products for wireless communications and wireless Internet access.

Stock Fans! If you were in our Live Trading Room, or you are on our ALERT EMAIL list you received our SCON $24.43750 call about 1 hour after lunch time on the east coast yesterday and as advertised 90 mins later the stock would bust right through its $32.00 target on massive volume for huge intraday gains going as high as $34.43750!

Well, today we got a gapper on our hands as we also predicted that SCON would indeed open at $36-37 today. We will be looking to pick this one up today as it re groups after missing $40.00 on the open and pulls back to re test the gap it created and bounce at a predicted level of $33.8750-$34.25. It may drop a little more, but we will add on till it bounces then the stock should turn hard back to the upside and take us to the $42.00 area as sellers leave and investors that missed this one yesterday chase it. We will look to be in ahead of them, and sell out as they are chasing it to its top. We did well on this play yesterday so we are going roll the dice and play this high flyers range today that should see an explosion of volume about 20 mins into today's market action. We want to point out that the stock had tremendous support late in the day as it had an excess of buyers and a lack of sellers under $30.00 as it held $30.00 in an extremely volatile close.

Buy Area: $33.8750-$34.25
Sell Stop: $29.8750
TARGET: $41.31250-$42.00
Time Frame: today
Type of Trade: daytrade

BONUS PLAY #1: Macromedia, Inc. (NasdaqNM:MACR)

Macromedia, Inc. develops and distributes original technologies and innovative software tools, servers and services to a range of customers including developers, consumers and large corporate accounts. The Company's software products and technologies are focused on maximizing opportunities in three key areas: Web Publishing, Web Learning, and

Stock Fans, this Company's products bring the internet to life! It ran to 90's and has sold off on to solid support. I am looking to add this position and ride the next leg up.

Buy Area:$67.00 to $67.50
Sell Stop:$64.125
TARGET: $74.25 to $78.64
Time Frame: 3-7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #1: Spectranetics Corp. (NasdaqNM:SPNC)

Spectranetics Corp. develops, manufactures, markets and distributes a proprietary excimer laser system for the treatment of certain coronary and vascular conditions. Excimer laser technology delivers cool ultraviolet light in short, controlled energy pulses to ablate, or remove, tissue

Recent news:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved The Spectranetics Corporation (Nasdaq: SPNC - news) Pre-Market Approval Supplement (PMA(S)) to market a new line of single use catheters for laser-based coronary angioplasty procedures
Spectranetics Reports Record Revenue Led By 120% Gain in Coronary Angioplasty Sales
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 1 /PRNeswire/ -- The Spectranetics Corporation (Nasdaq: SPNC - news) today reported its first quarterly net profit as fourth quarter core medical revenue and gross margin reached new records.

Stock Fans, exciting news. The daily chart has broken out of a 6 month base and I expect this to move to higher levels over the next few sessions. But use caution. This was a big move and I am not looking to chase. I want to let the sellers to clear and then I will place a buy stop over that level.

Buy Area:$5.25 to $ 5.50
Sell Stop:$5.08
TARGET: $6.05 to $6.325
Time Frame: 1-3 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


XYBR- The stock was down one on 50% less volume yesterday then its 5 day average would indicate. This tells us that someone is gathering this stock up as it falls. it also says that many investors are willing to give away smaller gains and are holding for perhaps news that will send XYBR higher.
RAMP- We called this one right as it came on at close and saw $17.00. We are looking for $20 on this one now.
BIOI- Called it right looks good for 30 on the open gap. The it should test $25.00 agian.
AOL- Ok Ok is 50.00 safe? We watch AOL is going steal TWX with no coller on the deal AOL stock drops TWX gets less. AOL is going rocket question is when? Oh Henry upgrade AOL well its still upgradable wow!
DCLK- Looks to bounce back to $106.00 today
CYTO- Should fall after open retest $14.00 area
STRM- Free IPS service in latin may see 60 plus today.
RMII- oversold
HGSI- 400 stock coming
EFCX- bounce coming
VDAT- bounce coming

Have a great day....

Stock Jock!
and Team of Pro Traders!

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