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Feb 16, 2000
09:00 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: International FiberCom (NASDAQ:IFCI)

International FiberCom is a leading provider of a wide range of engineering, development and maintenance services for fiber optic, broadband networks, public telephone networks, local and wide area networks, and specialized wireless applications. With a number of recent strategic acquisitions that complement and enhance existing services and products, International FiberCom has positioned itself as a "one-stop shop" for the telecom and cable TV industries.

Yesterday, IFCI announced a major contract of more then 23 million that will add to its bottom line considerably in 2000. The stock upon that news gapped up yesterday opening at $17.6250 above it close on Monday of 15.8750 by $1.75. On massive volume late in the day the stock broke out of resistance it had created at $19.00, and went as high as $22.1250 before profit takers came in. The stock closed regular market hours at $20.3750 yesterday. it then traded up to as high as 21.8750 in after hours trading.

Today, the CEO of IFCI is out saying he is extremely confident that the new contracts that IFCI have been awarded of late will add to IFCI bottom line in a major way in 2000 as he is looking for a profit of 48 cents. The stock is trading up today in pre market at 21.75 currently. We like the stock to retrace back down to 20.43750 just under yesterday's pre breakout high. We see buyers come back into the stock at that point, and will be looking to take up our position in IFCI at that price level. We like the stock to then add on massive volume, and interest as investors chase the stock to north of $22.93750 today.

As a daytrade this stock sets up well to make a solid run at 23.00 today. As a shorter-term swing trade into the rest of the week we like this stock to trade as high as $26.00. We will look to play the stock in each range as the volume as it always does will be the most important indicator in its increase in share value. 4 million shares trading today should take this stock to at least $23.00

Buy Area:$20.43750
Sell Stop:$19.43750
Time Frame: today
Type of Trade: daytrade
3DAYTARGET: $26.00
3DAY TRADE: Swing Trade

Healtheon/WebMD Corp. (NASDAQNM:HLTH)

Healtheon/WebMD is an end-to-end Internet healthcare company connecting physicians and consumers to the entire healthcare industry. Healtheon/WebMD is using the Internet to facilitate a new system for the delivery of healthcare, resulting in a single, secure environment for all communications and transactions that will enable a more efficient and cost effective healthcare system.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Healtheon/WebMD Corp. said on Monday it has agreed to buy main rival CareInsite Inc. and its parent Medical Manager Corp. for about $5.4 billion in stock, adding to its dominant position in the Internet business that seeks to link doctors with health service companies.

Stock Fans, lots of news and the chart looks good for a run!

Buy Area:$68.75 to $69.50
Sell Stop:$66.50
TARGET:$76.45 to $79.925
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY # 1 Compuware Corporation (NASDAQNM:CPWR)

Compuware Corporation provides software products and professional services designed to increase the productivity of the information systems departments of its target market, the 20,000 largest enterprises worldwide. Although the Company has historically focused on the testing and implementation environment in the mainframe market, Compuware also operates in the client/server market, with products and professional services in the application development, testing and implementation and systems management environments

JP Morgan analyst Sterling Auty predicted that the stock would reach $44 in twelve months and initiated coverage of the shares with a "buy" rating.

Stock Fans, we are looking to get a piece out of the middle! Buying the dip!

Buy Area:$23.00 to $23.425
Sell Stop:$22.25
TARGET:$25.75 to $27.125
Time Frame: 2 to 4 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #2: Premiere Technologies (NASDAQ:PTEK)

Premiere Technologies (NASDAQ:PTEK) has a minority interest in one of today's BONUS PLAY's Heatlheon (NASDAQ:HLTH). PTEK increased its volume yesterday as it traded more then 2 million shares and went up more then $1.00. It managed to hold all the gains as it surged into the close and made its way back to the double digit area in its stock price to close at $10.00. With HLTH probably staying hot today. We are looking for PTEK to open higher then pull back and test the 9.6250 area. We like sellers to be out of the stock by then and see PTEK then making its way back to $10.00. We then look for the stock to break $11.00 and on increased volume could possibly see 12.00 over the next 2 trading days. We are going to play the range on this play as profit takers should come in that held over night allowing a nice downtrend on less volume. We then will take our position as sellers exit and buyers come in.

Buy Area:$ 9.6250-$9.75
Sell Stop:$8.8750
Time Frame: 2 days
Type of Trade: 2 day Swing Trade


IMAT- Instead of losing 4.3 million as it did same period last year it made 45,000. It had 7 million more in revs, and it sees an increase of 45%-50% in growth in 2000.
RAMP- This stock is oversold. it also has a small business anti hacker application.
RAZF- We missed this one. We had no idea CFO would resign. We will look our wounds and move on.
CMBI- We hold this one looking for $10.00 today
EGRP- Online broker may come on
SWS- "
LCOS- Great numbers. We like 82.00 as this one should run on partnering up with a major media player.
SBAS- Looks oversold
ENER- We love this one for more into the rest of this week. $28.00 target
LTXX- Numbers coming tomorrow looks great for 45-50.
WGRD- Up on Clinton's Anti hacker speach. We like it to test $51 then make a run to 60 2 days.
RMII- Buying oppt.
EFCX- Looks to bounce at $9.93750

Have a great day!

More to come...

Stock Jock!
and Team of Pro Traders

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