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Feb 15, 2000
08:32 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: ASD Systems (NASDAQ:ASDS)

ASD Systems (NASDAQ:ASDS) provides software and manages the infrastructure behind e-commerce. ASD's software and comprehensive service solutions enable Internet retailers and direct marketing businesses to outsource their complete commerce-related operations. ASD's software integrates clients' Web sites with multiple call centers, fulfillment centers and drop-ship vendors. Clients can also outsource their operations to ASD's integrated network of call centers and strategically located fulfillment centers. The ASD solution is priced on a per-transaction basis, reducing clients' initial costs and speeding their time to market. For more information on ASD Systems, visit

After coming public in early November 1999 at about $9.00 a share ASDS shortly thereafter went to as high by Thanksgiving week 1999 to $31.00. The stock however upon reporting quarterly numbers missed last time. With that the stock was thrashed and crushed to go as low as 9.00 again on Jan 21, 2000 about where it began its publicly traded life back in November of 1999.

Since the bottoming out in last month ASDS has made a comeback and now made it way on moderate volume back up to that key area in its range where it has broke out in the past of 11.00 a share. Yesterday the stock traded only 162,000 shares slightly under its 30 day average but it did find $11.00 plus area. It will be reporting numbers again on Feb 23, 2000. Including today's trading that is 7 trading days away. It looks to be a good play at current levels as it has had buyers over 31.00 before and has little downside risk at current levels and should continue to make its way higher into earnings that should be in line coming 1 ones from tomorrow on Feb 23, 2000.

We will look to get in this stock at about 11.00 today. Hold it into next week and sell it ahead of earnings next week. Looking at its trading chart it could by that time find its way to $14.00 a share. That type of move from 11-14 sets up perfectly for what looks to be swing trade.

Buy Area:$11.00-$11.25
Sell Stop:$9.93750
Time Frame: 7 trading days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #1 Xybernaut Corp. (NasdaqNM:XYBR)

Xybernaut Corporation is engaged in the research, development and commercialization of mobile computer systems and related software solutions designed to enhance personal productivity. The Company's current mobile computing product is the Mobile Assistant IV (MA IV) model, which is a full-function, body-worn, voice-controlled computer with a head-mounted video display.

Stock Fans, you have seen the commercials and this has been a Play of the Day before. Why now? Stochastics and MACD. Both are timing indicators and they are indicating that it is time to add or buy. Many good things are brewing down at Xybernaut Corp, which is not to far from Sago's headquarters! Buying the 10:00 DIP!

Buy Area:$16.25 to $ 16.75
Sell Stop:$15.00
TARGET: $18.425 to $19.25
Time Frame: 2-7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #2: Mentor Graphics Corp. (NasdaqNM:MENT)

Mentor Graphics Corporation manufactures, markets and supports software and hardware Electronic Design Automation (EDA) products and provides related services that enable engineers to design, analyze, simulate, model, implement and verify the components of electronic systems. The Company's xCalibre product offers an open design flow that enables integrated circuit designers to take a massive database of electronic circuit information, split it up into manageable pieces for analysis and reintegrate the information into the overall chip design.

Stock Fans, Mentor Graphics is breaking out to the upside! Want to hold on to its coat tail for part of the ride! Institutions own 108% of the float.

Buy Area:$15.75 to $ 16.25
Sell Stop:$15.50
TARGET: $17.875 to $18.68
Time Frame: 2-4 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


MSGI - reported record revenues and growth. Missed their First Call number. we will see how it effects the stock today.
CNTR- Up in pre market deal with Samsung
THCG- Buy 16% in Globecom, an e comm platform company
RTHM- Deal with CSCO
BYND- Vulcan Ventures unloading shares of BYND. It looks to drop on a short call.
IFCI- Oversold we know why now! A 23 million contract announced today.
INKT- upgraded today
NTRX- It closed in a flurry yesterday it may have 30 in mind today.
CYTO- reported earnings 1 penny off First Call estimates
AOL- 54 sell stop. Doubt it has to be used. Long Term AOL solid
CSCO- Drop to 1$115.00 coming.
YHOO-Should test $155.00 4 days
ACOM- On CNBC Squawk today. It may get a shot in the arm off that
OMKT - It looks to make a move higher soon. we hold
BEOS- It is heating up. It has seen 27 from 21 3 straight times in the past.
NSATF-We like this one to find 30 soon.
HHGP- 20 looks to be soon
VCAT- This one is dying to break out
BBII- Watch for it to get going today.
BIOM- It looks ready to make a move again
BIOI- It came on late. Many hold this one off CNBC coverage.
LEAF- Came on late looks good for more
RAMP- oversold
FATB- oversold
LTXX- We love this one into earnings Thursday.
XLNX- 70 looks to be coming on this smoking stock!
Have a great day!

More to come.....

Stock Jock!
and Team of Pro Traders

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