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Feb. 14, 2000

Today's Play of The Day is: Open Market (Nasdaq NM:OMKT)

Open Market was developing e-commerce software when the industry was still in diapers. Its Transact software is used by AT&T, Time Warner, America Online, and RealNetworks to manage secure business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions over the Internet. The company also sells electronic catalog and Web content publishing tools. Once the clear leader in e-commerce software, Open Market is refocusing its product line and expanding its services (about a third of sales) to protect a dwindling market share. About two-thirds of its sales come from North America.

BURLINGTON, Mass., Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Open Market, Inc., (Nasdaq: OMKT - news) a world wide leading provider of integrated enterprise e- business solutions, today highlighted its most successful quarter ever in the fast-growing e-commerce/e-business space. Following on the success of its record fourth quarter, which closed on December 31 with 117 percent growth over Q4 1998 from the company's e-business content and commerce groups, Open Market has announced many new milestones.

Stock Fans, up in a down market is like shouting fire in a movie theater. It will draw attention! Volume is increasing and other timing indicators say it is time to buy. I will not rush to buy, as my goal is to buy at the cheapest price I can!

Buy Area:$52.75 to $ 53.75
Sell Stop:$51.25
TARGET: $59.125 to $61.25
Time Frame: 2-5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY #1: (NasdaqNM: PPRO), Inc. is a provider of Internet business-to-business electronic commerce services, comprised of public and private e-marketplaces where businesses can buy and sell a range of products and services.

Wow, did you see the volume on this stock? Earnings will be announced on Wed. 2/16/00. Rumors of a split and or buyout are abound! Looking to take 1/2 position on any weakness.

Buy Area:$99.00 to 102.75
Sell Stop:$97.25
TARGET: $110.00 to 115.00
Time Frame: 2-6 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


Cytogen Corporation, based in Princeton, New Jersey, is a biopharmaceutical company that develops new treatments and diagnostics for cancer and urological diseases. Cytogen has three products on the market including ProstaScint(R) imaging agent for prostate cancer, Quadramet(R) agent for treatment of pain from cancers that have metastasized to the bone, and OncoScint(R) imaging agent for colorectal and ovarian cancers.

Thursday of last week (NASDAQ:CYTO) went from being relatively unknown and trading less then 100,000 shares a day to a 20 million plus traded small cap NASDAQ stock. It literally rocketed off news that it was seen as perhaps just as good or perhaps better then some triple digit high flying competitors. On that qualification the stock took off and on Thursday of last week wet as high as $11.31250 on close and then on Friday after a healthily retrace back to $9.25 on Friday morning it again went to 11 plus broke that and on huge volume again of over 20 million shares broke $14.00 plus.

What makes this stock a good play today and into the rest of the week are 3 factors.

1. The volume has been huge the last 2 trading days. Since the stock has more then doubled in that time the up volume is much more then the down volume.

2. The amount of block trades on this stock along with the wires speculating that perhaps fund managers were piling into shares of CYTO for long term. Almost 100% of the time when fund managers go into a stock further upside is in the near future.

3. The stock held the upper part of its range on Friday in a down market on close. In fact it had fallen right to the almost exact middle of Friday's range at $11.6250-$11.8750 before it closed over $12.00.

The stock looks like a good play today just under 12.00 a share. We will look to add to our position there as this stock should make its way back to 14 over the next day or 2 and then should if it keeps getting volume of over 10 million should go higher then $14.00. We like 16.3750 as the top on this one into Wednesday of this week.

CYTO will report 4Q earnings later this week

Buy Area: $11.8750-$11.93750
Sell Stop: $10.75
TARGET: $14.25-$16.3750
Time Frame: 2 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


IBI owns among other retailers Victoria Secret. With this Valentine's Day expected to be ahead of last years numbers for sales by 20% IBI should once again do its yearly now over the last 3 years February add on where the stock has seen gains of 17%. The stock looked to give some back on Friday in a down market. We like this one to
trade in a different color then its busiest holiday suggests (Valentine's Day) RED, and move up to the high 30's over the next 4 days.

Buy Area: $33.50
Sell Stop: $32.68750
TARGET: $38.75-$39.00
Time Frame: 4 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

We like the Feb $35.00 for this play.

MSGI - Numbers due anytime today.
EWEB - Watch for this stock to break $14.00. if it can $15.50 to 17 is next in the range.
SATH- The stock got hot late and closed at its day high
FBR- We got burned on this one. We will watch it today.
WEBM- 250 seems to be where this one goes soon
FATB - oversold
RAMP- oversold
CYSP- Looks ready to bounce
HHGP- We like a move to 20 soon
SPLH - powerful stock to stay green in a market like we saw Friday.
RMII- We really like the ecom b2b jugernaut.
GENE- After a 39 test today. We like it to add on more
TALK- If it can break 18, then 20 is next in its range
MZON- One to watch as it has some good sized contracts in a hot area of the world
right now India.
HSAC- numbers coming
HYSL- watch this one heating up
PCMS- it is getting more active it could run
WSTL- Looking to break out. We will keep a close eye on it

Have a great day!

More to come....

Stock Jock!
and Team of Pro Traders

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