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December 3, 1999 07:50 EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of the Day is: 4 Kids Entertainment Inc. (NASDAQ:KIDE)

(NASDAQ:KIDE) is a vertically integrated entertainment based company that provides a range of services including toy design and development, merchandise licensing, media buying and planning, and television distribution and production. Plain and simple, buying the dip. Sold off on lower volume. Based on probabilities, (NASDAQ:KIDE) has surpassed its normal decline and is ready for recovery (down 24% and average decline is 20.0%). Buying 1/2 position here.

Buy Area: $49.00 to $50.50
Sell Stop:$46.7125
TARGET: $55.55 to $58.075
Time Frame: 2 to 7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

Bonus Play # 1: Softworks Inc. (NASDAQ:SWRX)
Softworks (NASDAQ:SWRX) designs, develops, markets, licenses and supports a family of enterprise systems management software products for enterprise computing environments primarily in the United States. Stock Fans have you seen the volume on this stock? Something is up besides all of the buy indicators! Looking to take a position near the open for the ride!

Buy Area: $7.25 to $7.75
Sell Stop:$7.00
TARGET: $8.50 to $8.9125
Time Frame: 1 to 3 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

BONUS PLAY # 3: Northpoint Communications Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:NPNT)
(NASDAQ:NPNT) is a national, facilities based provider of high speed, local data network services. NorthPoint's networks use digital subscriber line, or DSL, technology to transport data at guaranteed speeds up to 25 times faster than common dial-up modems. The profile says it all! I'll buy 2 to get speeds that are 25 times faster. Stock fans here is a company that is bouncing off a base and based on probability and historical performance (NASDAQ:NPNT) has 43.44% ($12.79) left in its typical upside move. Now I am not looking for all of that, but I am looking to make a nice score on this play! In addition, the message boards are buzzing about possible buyout rumors.

Buy Area: $29.00 to $30.00
Sell Stop:$27.925
TARGET: $33.0312 to $34.625
Time Frame: 1 to 3 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

Digimarc (NASDAQ:DMRC) is a leading provider of patented digital watermarking technologies that allow imperceptible digital code to be embedded in traditional and digital content, including movies, photographic or artistic images and valuable documents such as financial instruments, passports and event tickets. (NASDAQ:DMRC) technologies enable new communications capabilities related to protecting copyrights, deterring counterfeiting or piracy and, for the first time, directly linking physical content with the Internet.

This IPO was incredibly hot yesterday, and its 4 million shares were extremely volatile. It opened over 200% higher then where it was priced with the first public trade at $66.50. The stock then made its way as high as $87.00 about 25 mins. into its public debut. It however turned and went as low as $55.50 before it found it way on more volume back up to $69.8750. Into the close on what was again less volume the stock fell off to hit its low of the day $55.50. It had buyers right there on close as again on more volume the stock found its way back to $60.00. It closed with over 5 million shares trading at $55.6250.

What does all this mean? Well, it could mean that the stock has found a low hitting it 2 times on the day at $55.50. What I like about it, is it had buyers at 55.50 both times it fell and it fell back on less volume. An IPO to create a spread of 55.50 to 87.00 is quite impressive. With the lack of issues going public today I like this stock at that $55.50 to $56.50. The technology it has is unique and is sure to continue to have its needs in the market place. Today we should see this stock take a shot back at that $87.00 area. As Long as we take advantage of our ability to use sell stops we should be in good shape getting into this one today right off the open. Remember to use sell stops on this one as it moves fast.

Buy Area: 1/2 on The OPEN TODAY
Sell Stop: $54.75
TARGET: $87.00
Time Frame: Today
Type of Trade: Range- Daytrade

Taking center stage in Friday's marketplace is (NASDAQ:ACOM), a pioneer in the online advertising and marketing industry, one of this year's hottest sectors. Being the only deal scheduled to price for Friday, new issue analysts foresee a huge run-up when the Goldman, Sachs-led issue lifts off for trading. At this point, Goldman along with co- managers Salomon Smith Barney and Hambrecht & Quist are set to price 5.9 million shares at a targeted price range of $22.00-$24.00 double the original talk of $10.00-$12.00 and trade on NASDAQ under the ticker (NASDAQ:ACOM)

We will be watching this one real close today in our LIVE TRADING ROOM. The predicted open should be a slightly north of $60.00. It should then fall back and if this one is available under 55.00 today we will look to take small position in it as it could very well be a $100.00 stock before long. Use cation on this one today.

IATV- it looked great on close all time high is $25.94.
NTRX- in the visual data field HOT SECTOR.
OPEN- same as NTRX
NPSK- another stock that is making a move closed near its high of the day
HSAC- broke 5 day moving average of $22.75 then held it on close.
IIXL- looks like it wants 40's again
WGAT- stock is making a move again
MPPP- how hot our MPlayers for Xmas 1999. We will know in JAN 2000 as MPPP earnings are due then. It looks like they will be huge!

Have a great day,

The StockJock and hisTeam of Traders

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