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December 27, 1999
7:15 AM EST.

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NASDAQ 4,000?
We hit it on Friday but couldn't hold it on close. Look for it to happen today. We should close over it and then we may see some profit taking come as end of the year tax selling may be an excuse to take some cash off the table.


Today's Play of The Day! PFSWeb (NASDAQ:PFSW)
(NASDAQ:PFSW) is an a international provider of transaction management services for both traditional commerce and electronic commerce, or e-Commerce, companies. They provide a broad range of services, including order management, customer care services, billing services, information management and distribution services. The company offers their services as an integrated solution, which enables its clients to outsource their transaction management needs to a single source and to focus on their core competencies. It currently provides transaction management services to over 30 clients that operate in a range of markets, including apparel, computer products, printers, sporting goods and consumer electronics.

On November 30, 1999, the companies lead underwriter Hambrecht & Quist priced 3.1 million shares at $17.00 to begin trading on the NASDAQ Market on December 1, 1999 under the ticker PFWS. It priced its 3.1 million share offering above its upwardly revised estimated price range of $10.00-12.00 then rived upwardly to $12.00-$16.00.

PFSWeb (NASDAQ:PFSW) on its first day of trading opened at over $40.00 a share and went as high as $46.50 before it closed at $44.1250, a gain of 160 percent over its $17.00 offering price, on volume of 8.3 million. The second day saw over 3.5 million shares trade as it went as high as $52.68750. Since that time the stock has seen an anticipated drop in volume as most all IPO's do. However it also has seen a fairly large decline going as low as $31.5250 last Monday. The stock created a nice base off 31.50 and made it back to as high as 38.00 on Friday and held on to most of those gains to close just over $36.00 a share this past Friday.

The stock will soon be coming out of its Quiet Period (QP). Look for some key analysts to start coverage on it as it is in one of the hottest sectors in the NASDAQ Market the Business to Business (B2B) sector. It looks as if it says good-bye to the 30's today and could very well look to challenge that old high of $52.68750 over the next week to 10 days of trading.

Buy Area: $34.3750-$36.1250
Sell Stop: $32.43750
TARGET: $45.50-$47.1250 (10 days time it may make $50.00)
Time Frame: 2 to 10 days

BONUS PLAY #1 High Speed Access Corp. (NASDAQ:HSAC)
High Speed Access Corp. (NASDAQ:HSAC) is a provider of high speed Internet access via cable modem to residential and commercial end users in exurbant areas (defined as cable systems with fewer than 100,000 homes passed). The Company provides a comprehensive turnkey solution to the cable operators in exurbant markets, whereby the cable operator may outsource the services that are required to provide Internet access and other ancillary services. The Company's service enables subscribers to receive Internet access at speeds substantially faster than traditional Internet access, at minimal cost to the cable operator.

This is a call that we made in our LIVE TRADING ROOM on Thursday, December 23, 1999. It looks like it has made a definite bounce off of it's recent downtrend. There was no news to move the stock and it recently was near it's 52-week low. High volume confirms this upward bounce. Thursday it traded with almost 3 times it's normal shares changing hands. For those that like technical analysis, HSAC closed above it's 13-day moving average (a bullish sign). HSAC has not traded above 2 million shares in a day since it was one of the 'high-flyers' some months ago. Watch out for this one to skyrocket if it consistently trades above the 2 million share level for a few days.

Another point to notice is that some traders have been buying the 'out-of-the-money' Jan 30 call. Savvy traders are not in the habit of throwing away their money. You may want to play the stock, the option or both as a swing trade. (NASDAQ:HSAC) should be a solid play for a few days to come. Watch for volume; that is the key as always. If we get 4 to 5 million shares in one day, we could be off to the races.

Buy Area: $18.93750-$19.43750
Sell Stop: $17.75
TARGET: $23.50-$25.18750
Time Frame: 2 - 7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

The options that corrispond with this play are:
January 2000 $30.00 Call Options - Thursday, December 23rd: Last Ask: $0.057

BONUS PLAY #3 (NASDAQ:MKTW), Inc. (Nasdaq: MKTW) is a global financial news organization, providing fast, relevant and accurate information via the Internet, television and radio to help people make and save money. The company operates two of the leading financial websites at and . In addition to its comprehensive, real-time business news, financial programs and analytical tools, the company produces CBS MarketWatch Weekend, seen on many CBS television stations.

Recent News: (NASDAQ:MKTW)
Reports Significant Gain in Reach,Leads Financial Content Sites in Reach and Unique Visitors

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 21 /PRNewswire/ --, Inc., (NASDAQ:MKTW) today said that the figures released by Media Metrix show a 24% increase in the reach of's web properties in November.

According to the Media Metrix report released yesterday, web properties enjoyed an Internet reach of 5.2% and served 3.3 million unique users in November, up from 4.2% and 2.7 million, respectively, in October. Both November figures were the highest posted by providers dedicated primarily to the delivery of financial content. (NASDAQ:MKTW) also noted that Media Metrix reach figures are based largely on domestic, home use. MarketWatch has historically reported its quarterly reach numbers based on figures from Doubleclick, whose Dart advertising delivery service also measures foreign and out-of-the-home usage.
"Our numbers didn't just increase, they shot up in November," said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Larry Kramer.

The increase in visitors may partly be driven by the company's recent relationship with America Online (NYSE:AOL) in which business and financial news from the CBS Web site became available across several of the largest AOL brands in November. The fact that now over 30 million members a month will be taken derectly to when they click on the every popular AOL quotes screens information links. This ex[plostion of traffic is exaclty what should get many more investors aware of the excellent content (NASDAQ:MKTW) offers as well as adding to its ever growing premium service (a (NASDAQ:DBBC) joint effort), a live streaming quotes and information service.

The stock looks oversold at current levls and looks as if it has reached bottom just holding over the $35.00 area. The (NYSE:AOL) deal was reported last week but it wasn't until today that the switch over has taken place on the AOL network. (NASDAQ:MKTW) looks like a great buy here as it will be ending its first year of public trading this coming month in a range from 130 ro 26.1250. With shares of the stock currently trading near the bottom of its 52 week range it looks as if it is LOW RISK with HIGH REWARD potential.

Buy Area: On Open Today
Sell Stop: $34.75
TARGET: $43.25-$44.50
Time Frame: 2 to 10 days
Type of Trade: Swin Trade
OTHER INDICATORS: (NASDAQ:DBBC) has interest in (NASDAQ:MKTW). We will keep close track of its shares trading as well.
(NASDAQ:MKTW) has a low float (amount of outstanding shares). With this in mind it can trade up or down in gaps, with volume acting as a guage.

Look for these stock to move up over the coming week of trading ahead of anylisy being able to issue coverage on them once their Quiet Period (QP) ends.

Christmas e-Comnmerce Stocks:
Watch them all today as many should be reporting big numbers as this Holiday Season of buying is projected to come in with BIG NUMBERS! TOP 25 is located at:

XPDR- The stock looks ready to move to mid 30's over next few days.
FIBR- on less volume then its 30 day average, it went up over 5 to get to $50.00
UPS - Forbes comapny of the year is being called a tech company now. It could see the 80's soon on this big news.
MSGI - Stock looks to be forming a base. it does this often ahead of news that could cause a move back to 20's

Have a great day!

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