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December 23, 1999
09:02 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

"What did you ask for this Christmas?" NASDAQ 4,000? Well, we are less then 100 points away form NASDAQ 4,000! I am glad I was proven wrong at 3750. 4,000 is quite a milestone. Just use cation once we clear it as the technicians (Market Makers) as well as investors may take profits at this unbelievable level! All is well in our Market but a little profit taking never hurt anyone!

Stock Fans! Just a Reminder:
The Market will be closed all day tomorrow December 24, 1999. Opens again on Monday, December 27, 1999.

Today's "Play of The Day!" is: MPATH Interactive (NASDAQ:HEAR)
HearMe is dedicated to reshaping today's Internet applications into real-time interactive experiences through which large groups of people can interact and communicate using text, voice and video. The company develops,operates and licenses technology that enables real-time Internet communication and communities where people can gather to share affinities, interests, or ideas. Communication tools such as text chat applications and instant messengers are already incorporating HearMe(TM) technology to enable real-time voice interaction among multiple people.

The company operates its own real-time consumer Internet communities, and Through HearMe Technology Products, the company provides software products and services for leading third-party site operators building their own branded real-time experiences. HearMe technologies can enhance a wide range of Internet applications including e-commerce, live customer support, business-to-business collaboration, distance learning, entertainment and consumer communities.

The traffic on the two sites that make up (NASDAQ:HEAR) and are both currently experiencing record numbers of visitors who stay for over 45 mins on average each time they visit. The company also recently introduced the ability to add voice to ones site just like has already introduced. The amount of Free advertising resulting in creating powerful brand recognition is something not to be ignored. The Mplayer site has all sorts of ways to play many different types of games within a community environment. It shouldn't see much of a slow down until well into the summer 2000.

Looking at how the stock has traded of late. We see that it has made a nice run and now has broken into the 30's adding on 4 plus yesterday to go as high as 37.50 yesterday closing quite impressively at its high of the day.

Some of you may remember this stock as it used to trade under the symbol MPTH on the NASDAQ as an IPO about 6 months ago. It went as high as $60.00 plus then as it was quite popular. In order to pay off excessive amounts of debt and to introduce to its services it did a reverse split and became (NASDAQ:HEAR) All an all a great marketing decision to go out and get that symbol HEAR.

Today the stock looks to open higher, and then it should perhaps take a shot at $40.00 in a hurry. It then should see investors chase it. This in turn should result in selling and drop the stock back under to retrace into the 37.43750 area. We like the stock right there.

Stock Fans! In the year 2000 this stock could indeed trade at over $100.00 easy as one of the bigger names like an AOL or a YHOO is literally insane not to get a hold of this company. The amount of traffic the 2 sites produce and not to mention the time they spend on them is invaluable eye balls exactly what CEO of CMGI David Weatherall says makes for big dollars Internet companies as to the way he values them. Who knows this stock
could be under David Weatherall's portfolio just as easily. Either way this one is one to get in on here and ride to the 100.00 that sure look to be coming sometime over the next 6 months to a year!

Buy Area: $37.43750-$37.75
Sell Stop: $35.00
TARGET: $42.50-$46.3750
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Time Frame: 3 to 5 days
6m to 12m TARGET: $100.00

Former high-flyer KIDE (NASDAQ:KIDE) may be looking for a bounce and upward momentum shift here. KIDE was at 66 after Turkey Day, Nov 29th, 1999. Where has it gone since? Yesterday's close was at 30 7/16. It has retraced almost all of it's gains since it's major move starting Oct 15th, 1999. Credit short selling and short term traders jumping off the band wagon. KIDE hasn't had any significant news since then and with so many other high flyers to play many have forgotten about this once lofty stock.

Short interest (the number of shares that were outstanding as sold short) was at an all-time high back in October. When KIDE began it's rocket run in November these shorts had to cover and this only added on to the flight upward. Now since Nov 29th, 200 million shares have traded hands with KIDE losing 36 points. Who has bought all these shares? The MM's (Market Makers) and small speculators. Short interest is still high in KIDE (which can be a bullish sign), and the MM's are dying to unload all their shares of KIDE. With any buying interest this stock sees 40 again in a hurry. Remember these preceding points and the fact that there are only 11 million shares outstanding of KIDE, i.e. greater demand shrinks the supply much quicker, driving the price upward.

Buy Area: $29.6250-$30.75
Stop Loss: $27.93750
Target: $35.00-$40.00
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
As a daytrade: Look for 35.00 today on the "bounce" VOLUME is key 3 million shares can move it up $5.00 easily Use your stop loss. Risk is very low here with reward being great.

Stock Fans! This stock has really been pasted since November 29, 1999 when it was trading at $74.00. It went all the way to a low of 42.00 and had plenty of buyers there as it bounced back up. The stock looks solid at current prices and being in the same area as the incredible Commerce 1(NASDAQ:CMRC) it looks as if it wants to take a shot at the 50's and then move maybe even back to the 70's shortly!

Buy Area: $44.50-45.93750
Sell Stop: $41.75
TARGET: $50.00-$59.50 plus
Time Frame: 10 days

NTRO 37.25 very nice chart pattern 39 is break point to bust up
NTPA 61.25 consolidating (gathering) to break the 63 zone
TRRA 54.50 nice pattern will break higher
STRM 40.125 more in store

WCAP- it owns 170,000 shares of CMTC $550.00 stock. WCAP under $40.00 is
a steal.
MSGI- This one looks ready to move again.
FIBR- The stock looks great to get at about $35.00
JWEB- The stock may lose 50.00 today it looks solid to get in at $47.75
play till $52.00 in the range.
TALK -It held $18.50 this is very strong support sell it if it looses
$18.50 today.
PWCC- It was up in after hours WHAT A WINNER as Play of Day called at 9 it
went to $17.8750 in less then 2 days!~
AOL - now looks to test $80.00
WEBT- Holds $80.00 well
INTM - Stock may want 100's soon.
EGAN- Oversold

Have a Very Merry Christmas! See you all again on December 27, 1999!

More to come...

Stock Jock!
and Team of Traders

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