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11-09-99 08:10 EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: Bluefly (NASDAQ:BFLY)

Bluefly (NASDAQ:BFLY) offers discounts of up to 75%, products from over 200 designers and a 90 day money back guarantee, (NASDAQ:BFLY) aims to be the world's first full service outlet store for designer fashions. Its innovative MyCatalog feature is designed to eliminate the "hit-or-miss" aspect of off-price shopping by allowing shoppers to see only those products that are available for sale and match their interests. The online merchant has established strategic alliances with many of the most visited Web Sites and portals including AOL, Excite, Go Network, Lycos, MSN, Netcenter, Tripod, and Yahoo!. For more information, visit

Stock Fans! I like this stock a lot like I did (NASDAQ:COOL) It may not move up today but judging by its November last year it is going get a boast and it should be a big one real soon.

It just reported earnings last week that were better then expected, and showed excellent growth. Paul Allen the owner of Vulcan Ventures took a huge stake in (NASDAQ:BFLY) this past summer. He doesn't invest in just anything. I also like this stock for the mere fact that (NASDAQ:BFLY) .com has perhaps some of the best Christmas stuff to offer. With its unique way of offering high end designer names eliminating the middle person, it is sure to be a hit this Christmas season.

This stock has not seen a whole lot of volume of late. I want to stress that was the case about 12 months ago as well. What made this stock explode to all time highs of over 20 plus last November was "Optimism of a larger then expected e-Comm Christmas sales"

Stock Fans! I feature this one as a Swing Trade today. It has low RISK and plenty of REWARD. I sometimes choose a stock on its appeal to a given audience. Lets just say this. Visit (NASDAQ:BFLY) at If you can leave the site without being tempted to reach for your plastic, then you are stronger then most! This site and stock if history has anything to do with it is at the bottom of a long road up right here.

Buy Area: $9.75-$10.00
Sell Stop: $9.50
TARGET: $14.50-15.93750 Plus!
Time Frame: hold till the day before Turkey Day!
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Special Note: This is not a Daytrade. Don't expect a big move this week.

# 1 BONUS PLAY: New Bridge Networks (NYSE:NN)
Stock Fans, time for some bottom fishing! The pole is bent and this fish is getting ready to jump out of the water!
(NYSE:NN) is breaking out from a long decline. This stock in the past two days has bounced up from major support, its 52 week low. Volume bars are increasing and I see this making a big move to the upside! Also unless you scan foreign newspapers you might have missed one of today's business headlines. (NYSE:NN) reports earnings on 11/18/99
TORONTO, Nov 09, 1999 (The Canadian Press via COMTEX) -- France's

Alcatel is stalking Newbridge Networks with a potential takeover that reflects the merger mania gripping the world's leading telecommunications equipment providers, sources told the Globe and Mail.

This stock ran a lot about a week a head of Turkey Day last year as well. So with that in mind. We have history on our side with this one as well.

Buy Area: $16.25-$16.75
Stop Loss:$15.75
TARGET: $18.75 - $20.13750
Time Frame: 1 to 10

Stock Fans, time for to do some holiday shopping! Sago (One our new moderators in the LIVE TRADING ROOM) picked (NASDAQ:ETYS) in the 40's and 60's before it ran in the 80's. Now is the time to buy this holiday favorite as we feel real strong that this will run into the holiday season!

Buy Area: At the open
Stop Loss:$52.75
TARGET: $74.00 - $88.00
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Time Frame: 5 to 12 days

As a result of (NASDAQ:HLTH) and its lock out period. Many of the online Heath Stocks ran yesterday. (NASDAQ:PTEK) owns a lot of (NASDAQ:HLTH) Premiere Technologies (NASDA:PTEK) even though it had big volume yesterday and gained over $2.00 it remains beaten down and can still move higher

Also watch the recent IPO (NASDAQ:MSCP) today as it may get a move in sympathy as well as a pick we featured last week and is looking good (NASDAQ:KOOP)

TMCS-crossed 10 day line. It also closed on the positive side fractionally. Its chart looks good from here.
IWIN- watch it was up alot yesterday on lower volume.
SPNW- This stock could and should see 20's ahead of Christmas.

More to come!

The Stock Jock

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