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11-05-99 08:31 EST.

Today's Play of The Day is: Cyberian Outpost (NASDAQ:COOL)

Cyberian Outpost (NASDAQ:COOL) is starting to get notice again. I like this stock for many reasons. The first is perhaps the biggest! HISTORY! Last November and December this stock went all the way to $44.00 from a similar trading range that it is at right now $8.43750- $9.00. This stock has been gathering up shares as it traded about half a million yesterday ahead of it 30 day moving average. It ended the day right at $9.00, its high of the day! It is a perfect play here as just like last year I look for this stock to move up substantially on "Optimism of a BIG Christmas e-Commerce sales!"

This stock presents little RISK here as it is just doesn't look to loose much, and plenty of REWARD. Its trading chart shows that if it can bust through $9.1250 a place where it should open above today then $11.00 and higher prices are dead ahead. I want to point out also that this years e-Commerce (online) Christmas sales are expected to increase 3 fold. If that is the case then investors will be dusting off their trading charts for (NASDAQ:COOL) soon as they will remember soon enough that this stock can really move ahead of our Turkey Dinners!

Buy Area: Right off the open today
Sell Stop: $8.3750
TARGET: $11.50-$13.00 plus! ( if this one gets going it could go right through $20.00 easy in a few weeks time)
Time Frame: 2 to 5 days ( for 2-3 points)
Swing Trade: 10 to 20 days ( 15 points or more is possible!)

Aether Systems, Inc.(NASDAQAETH): provides wireless data services and systems enabling people to use wireless handheld devices for real-time data communications and transactions, with an initial focus on the financial services industry, including online trading. For the 6 months ended 6/30/99, total revenue rose 40% to $787,000. Net loss totaled $4.3M, up from $2.1M. Results reflect the launch of Reuters MarketClip, offset by unit option and warrant expense.

This stock a recent IPO went as high as $82.00 as recently as this Tuesday, November 3, 1999, (just 3 trading days ago). Since that brief period it has sold off
less volume back down to right around $60.00. This area of technology is hot and with these numbers coming out (NASDAQ:AETH) looks ready to bounce here and go back up. It will be coming out of its quiet period soon, with that upgrades should be coming. It should find its way back up to $80.00 plus and probably higher real soon. To back this idea up its chart formation looks to be creating a bullish formation, known as "Cup and Handle." With all of the preceding in mind this stock looks ready to me to move back up off this level.

Buy Area: $60.1250-$63.50
Sell Stop: $59.93750
TARGET: $80.00 plus
Time Frame: 3 to 7 trading days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

Dr. (NASDAQ:KOOP)! Stock Fans, this stock has hit bottom and is due to rebound. The daily chart tells the story. Stochastic, a timing indicator have turned up. (NASDAQ:KOOP) has crossed over its 10 and 13 day moving average. I expect this to move higher over the next week. Remember (NYSE:AOL) has a big stake in this stock, and with winter upcoming real soon bring with it lower temperatures and COLD SEASON! Look for (NASDAQ:KOOP) to get a lot of traffic, resulting in more page views and more revenues upcoming!

Buy Area: $12.31250-$12.50
Sell Stop: $10.93750
TARGET: $14.3750 -$16.1250
Time Frame: 3 to 7 days

This stock broke out yesterday. It looks to me like it should follow through. I like $21.00 plus on this one over the next week or so. In the past (NASDAQ:WITC) has moved with it. I will keep an eye on (NASDAQ:WITC) as well.

Stock Fans! Although (NASDAQ:MSGI) doesn't have a November history like (NASDAQ:COOL) but it does have a history that shows in March of 1999 that once it clears 20.00 it can EXPLODE! (went up in less then 10 days time $20.00-$60.00! It is due to report earnings on November 16, 1999 less then 8 trading days away. Sure CNBC spurred this one on for us by mentioning that none other then the CEO was buying this thing up in huge volume ( 1 million shares) in the $11.00 -$12.00 area.
I took a lot of heat on this one as I called it to pullback to, then move up to over $19.00. Well, low and behold it broke out yesterday and went as high as $19.75 before fell off ON LESS VOLUME (very bullish)! To close at $17.6250. I like it to drop no lower then $16.43750 and then move up again and take out $20.00 real soon!

Buy Area: $17.3750- $18.1250
Sell Stop: $16.43750
TARGET: $22.00 plus
Time Frame: 3 to 7 days

EFTD- news with YHOO
LEAP- nice break out
AMTD- follow thruogh (a winner for us)
PCLN- oversold
USWB- looking for $40.00!

Have a great day!

More to come.....

Stock Jock!

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