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11-3-99 08:55 EST

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: (NASDAQ:JCDA)
This recent IPO, put together a great trading range yesterday of $25.50- $37.18750. It pulled back to just over 27.00 a share yesterday as the NASDAQ gave way to late profit taking. It is "gapping up" this morning in pre-market to over $31.00 now after it closed on huge volume of over 10 million shares at $29.00 even.
I am going with this one today as a range play. It looks very much like it is going open up, and then drop back to about $29.1250-$29.50 and then go up and challenge that 37.18750 area it got to yesterday. Here are your Key Indicators on this one today.

Buy Area: $29.1250- $30.00 even
Sell Stop: $26.93750
TARGET: $34.93750- $37.50
Time Frame: Today
Type of trade: Daytrade

#1 BONUS PLAY: Concentric Networks (NASDAQ:CNCX)
Stock Fans! Many investors who are successful go with what they know. This stock is one I know and all of you that have been here for a while now do as well. (NASDAQ:CNCX) didn't participate in the NASDAQ rally that took it to over 3,000. However it did hold a key area of support $24.50 Its exact low yesterday was $24.75. Therefore it did indeed hold support

This new very unique section called for right now: SIZZLIN NET STOCKS is so useful for seeing the trading ranges in many of these stocks. If you don't see one you would like to see there let us know and we will add it!

Today I have to have as a PLAY (NASDAQ:CNCX) it held up so well. It presents little RISK here downside is less the $0.75 immediate upside is over 27.00 a share.
(NASDAQ:CNCX) has been a real winner for us. Just like in any sport you go back to the plays that work. Lets catch the market makers of guard again with one of my best plays. (NASDAQ:CNCX.) I will run it until they figure out a way to stop it. I hope to shake all your hands in the end zone real soon!

Buy Area: $24.8750-$25.00
Sell Stop: $24.18750
TARGET: $26.93750-27.50
Time Frame: 1 to 4 days
Type of Trade: swing trade
As a Daytrade: look for $26.50 today

#2 BONUS PLAY: America Online (NYSE:AOL)
Well, Stock Fans! America Online (NYSE:AOL) has been on fire of late it went as high yesterday as $136.50 before a late in the session profit taking took place. America Online (NYSE:AOL) has created a nice trading chart of late. It has had a nice run and finally last week it broke through a "gap up " area created in July by Barons magazine that caused it to go up in July off a rare good article by them from $116.00-$126.00.
However (NYSE:AOL) everytime in the past it has made a run to go higher it has pulled back and tested gap up areas. The last "gap up" area took place on Oct 25, 1999 (last week ) The news that caused this was (NYSE:AOL) board of directors approving a split. It has yet to cover that gap up area that took it from $125.00-$129.00.
I am going go with history again today! I am looking for (NYSE:AOL) to open perhaps flat today. It then may go up a little bit maybe $134.1250-$134.50. It then should pull back on less volume and test that "gap up" uncovered area. So here are the Key Indicators and Options to make the most of what should have (NYSE:AOL) consulting its history book over the next few days or so. After that happens then I am looking for (NYSE:AOL) to be $141.00 ahead of our Turkey Dinners.

Buy Area: $126.1250-$126.50
Sell Stop: $124.6250
TARGET: $135-$141.00
Time Frame: 7 to 20 days
Type of trade: swing trade
As a daytrade: not able to daytrade this one for more then 1 or 2 today.

To play (NYSE:AOL) and not go against history today. Here are the Call Options that I like best.
The (NYSE:AOL) Nov 1999 $140.00 Option Calls (Symbol:AOO-KH) Last price $2.75
Remember not to buy these options till (NYSE:AOL) stock pulls back to $126.50 or so.

The financials are bouncing, as business will pick up into the 4th quarter. (NASDAQ:AMTD) also has announced wireless web trading. Stock Fans you can play your "Play of the Day" at the beach, while skiing or on a cruise! I am looking to hold this for a swing trade of 1 to 10 days.

Buy Area: $16.75- $17.1250
Sell Stop: $15.93750
TARGET: $18.50 to $19.50

STOCKS TO WATCH: Keep an eye on some e-Commerce Christmas plays the exploded to new all time highs last November.



Have a great day!

More to come...

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