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11-18-99 06:52 EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Those e-Commerce Christmas Stocks are HEATING UP! The Majority of the TOP 25 e-Commerce Christmas Stocks are seeing INCREASED VOLUME! and a move in stock prices to the upside. It sure looks like e-Commerce Christmas will be in full swing next week as the entire list looks to have WIN written all over it!

You will not find the e-Commerce TOP 25 list anywhere else Stock Fans! You may all just be wondering what took everybody else so long to GET IN THE GAME! when we are holding those stocks next week and into the end of the month that just may have major demand to supply problems sending our e-Commerce Stocks off to the races. HISTORY is on our side & RISK is low REWARD is high. If you haven't seen our TOP 25 e-Commerce Christmas Stocks Yet! What are you waiting for! See them by going to this web address


Today's Play of The Day is: SHOP @HOME (NASDAQ:SATH)

If you like technical indicators. You will not find another stock that has BUY me written on it like this one does. Yesterday it made a monumental move to go almost as high as $12.00 falling short by less then $0.20 cents. The stock has increased volume and looks to gap up over that $12.00 area today. The stock is looking very much like it is accumulating volume in a rather tight range based on volume. It traded over 1.3 million shares yesterday moving up $0.94 to close at $11.50.

(NASDAQ:SATH) looks to realty run if it can break resistance of 12.00 (intraday). To break 12.00 on the open isn't enough it need to break 12.00 later in the day on more volume. If this happens, and all indicators say it will the stock then finds $13.50 to $14.00 pretty fast. It then would have a chart that looks much like this stock was in early May of 1999. It can see $17.50 to $19.00 from there.

This stocks sets up excellent if you look at 2 factors.

1.) It has a history of being over 30 earlier this year.

2.) This time of year (NASDAQ:SATH) is gearing up for online sales as well as studio TV sales that should allow it to have its best quarter ever.

Oh and one more thing Henry Blodgett (Very well know Internet analyst at (NYSE:MER) back in June of this year compared (NASDAQ:SATH) to the likes of e-Commerce Gaint (NASDAQ:AMZN). At (NASDAQ:SATH) current price of $11.50 Even be mentioned by an anaylst with the clout of a Henry Blodget with the likes of an (NASDAQ:AMZN), tells me this is indeed the spot to take advantage of yet another e-Commerce Christmas play that has a tremendous amount of REWARD but little RISK at current levels.

I will be looking to pick up shares of (NASDAQ:SATH) today at $11.50. However if this stock finds $12.25 on more then 500,000 shares trading anytime during today. I will look to get in the stock at $12.25 as that type of move indicates it could be breaking out for a major move.

Buy Area: $11.50-$12.3750
Sell Stop: $10.25
TARGET: $17.50- $19.93750
Time Frame: 5 to 10 day (Nov 30, 1999)
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
As a Daytrade: Look for 2 points today ($14.1250 -$15.00) next resistance once it clears $12.25

This stock is another e-Commerce Xmas play. It already has gotten some good backing off of another stock web site i am high on ShopNow (NASDAQ:SPNW). It is listed on that site as a best buy spot for those well recieved luxery items we would all love to find under our Christmas Trees. (NASDAQ:ASFD) is a leading Internet retailer of luxury and premium products. it just recently anounced the addtion of more then 14 new brands for this holiday season. The company's e-commerce site,
located at, offers a vast selection of diamonds and more than 10,000 styles of new and vintage watches, designer jewelry, fragrances, leather accessories, sunglasses and writing instruments from
270 leading brands.

What might set (NASDAQ:ASFD) apart is its uniqueness to the cusumer. It is sure to be a hit this Christmas. (NASDAQ:ASFD) should be in the next 2 weeks reporting better then expected holiday sales. This in turn should send the stock to perhaps as high as $20.00.

The stock made a nice move yesterday on more then its 30 average number of shares trading of 332,000 to go up more almost $1.00 one the session with over 500,000 shares trading. It chart indicates it is in a break out
pattern and techincal indicators all point to this one going higher from here.

If last years well documented history has anything to do with it then investors will be looking for any internet realated e-Commerce stocks that are looking for an increase in sales and traffic for the upcoming Xmas season. This stock looks to be a secondary play off of that action. We should beat the Christmas rush on this one by getting in it today. Again just the way we like it low risk with big reward potential.

Buy Area: $12.75-$13.1250
Sell Stop: $10.93750
TARGET: $16.50-$17.1250 (it may see 20 plus by months end)
Time Frame: 7-13 days (Nov 30 ,1999)
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
As a Daytrade: Look for 1.50 points today

#2 BONUS PLAY: Marketing Services Group (NASDAQ:MSGI)
Stock Fans! This stock has just been amazing over the last 8 months. It went from an "unknown" at $7.00 or so a share on March 2 1999 to as high as 60.00 less then 30 trading days later in mid April.

It was then crushed to go as low as $10.00 this past October 15. On its way down to that 10.00 level the company much like (NASDAQ:CNCX) did it bought up everything in site as it stock was down trying to increase
earnings for the future. Well it looks like it has worked as (NASDAQ:MSGI) CEO over the past 2 weeks strated buying up shares and options on (NASDAQ:MSGI). The stock since then has more then doubled. It now has found its way with the help of CNBC and its many devoted followers to go back up and over $20.00 a share.

Yesterday's news of a contract with GE Capaital was fule added to an already well lit fire. Yesterday's volume of over 5 million shares and a range of $17.44 to $21.88 showed us all this one can move up in a hurry. I like the stock to pull back today on LESS VOLUME after it opens today with a "gap up" to $22.00. It then should fall back to hold $20.00. I like it then to make it way up and go into an area that should take it to over $26.00. The new trading range for (NASDAQ:MSGI) would be $25.1250 to $32.00 if this happens. (NASDAQ:MSGI) could very well be in a break out formation here so if the stock sees huge volume right off the get go and clears $22.50 It could run and I will look to buy it on momentum. The stock has a history of making its way through the $20.00's in a hurry and finding $32.00. Volume like it saw today of over 5 million shares could indeed get this one to 26.00 perhaps 32.00 this week! VOLUME is KEY!

Buy Area: $20.1250 (if the stock sees big volume and clears 22.50 on open then look to buy it at $22.50) Sell Stop buying at 22.50 is $20.93750
Sell Stop: $19.1250
TARGET: $26.00 - $32.00 (could be today)
Time Frame: 1 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Daytrade
As a Daytrade: Look for 6 points off of $20.00 Buy Area today

MSGI December $30.00 1999 Call Options.

STOCKS TO WATCH: e-Commerce Xmas plays of course BEST BUYS HERE ARE:


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