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11-15-99 07:45 EST.

HISTORY MAY REPEAT ITSELF! TOP 25 e-Commerce Christmas Stocks!
Nov 16, 1998 - Nov 30, 1998 BIG GAINS! Nov 15, 1999- Nov 30, 1999 ???!

Attention All Stock Fans! This Christmas List is like getting 25 "Play's of The Day! "I am big on HISTORY in this market, and if this year is anything like last look for these 25 stocks to be perfect stocking stuffers $$ All 25 of these stocks look good again to make moves! Possibly BIG ones!

The TOP 25 e-Commerce Christmas Stocks 1999 are posted with their gains from Nov 16- Nov 30, 1998 at the following web address

Be sure to check them out! If HISTORY has anything to do with it they should enjoy similar moves to last years over the next 2 weeks

Today's Play of The Day is: Southwest Securities (NYSE:SWS)

This past Friday CNBC presented information that showed that the online brokers, who had been slow over the past few months leading up to October 1999 on less trades being done had in the month of October seen significant increases in online trading. The report went on to say that online brokers might enjoy a November much like they had in April of this past year.

Stock Fans! (NYSE:SWS) of its ownership in (NASDAQ:NITE) and more then doubled this past April as it went from $26.50 all the way over $60.00 by the end of April 1999.

Shares of (NYSE:SWS) have already started to see a nice move off the bottom of its trading range as it has enjoyed a move of $18.25 a recently as October 26, 1999, to just this past week go as high as $34.00. (NYSE:SWS) in the past has shown great momentum taking it to over $43.00 a share when it makes it way to $34.00 a share. The stock is right at the level currently as it went up this past Friday more then 4.00 on it way to a close of just over $33.00 on more then 225% its average 30 day volume of over 500,000 shares trading.

I like this stock to open higher today, then fall back to about $32.50 share. This small retrace should be followed by an increase in volume that may just take this stock to over $40.00 a share in the next 2 to 5 trading sessions.

Buy Area: $32.50- $33.93750
Sell Stop: $29.93750
TARGET: $ 41.50- $43.00
Time Frame: 1 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
As a Daytrade: look for 2-3 points today!

BONUS PLAY: Siebert Financial (NASDAQ:SIEB)
This stock goes along the same lines as (NYSE:SWS) does. It has a very low float (amount of outstanding shares) that can cause this stock to be low on supply and high on demand on upward buying momentum. This stock in 97% owned by Company namesake, and founder Chairman Merrily Siebert. You have all probably seen here on TV a time or 2 famous for her" "Were glad were not #1" As the online brokers continue what I see as a month long run to the upside this stock should continue to add to the more then $2.00 gain it enjoyed this past Friday when it moved on increased volume up from $16.8750 to close right about $19.00 a share.

I am looking for shares of (NASDAQ:SIEB) to get back to there 200 day moving average of right about $24.50 a share. If (NASDAQ:SIEB) sees trading volume of over 1 million shares it could get over $27.00 in a hurry! I will look to play this one for a solid $4.00 to $5.00 move over this coming week.

Buy Area: $18.43750-$18.93750
Sell Stop: $17.6250
TARGET: $24.50-$27.00
Time Frame: 1 to 5 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

RECENT IPO (On the MOVE!) Pac -West Telecom (NASDAQ:PACW)
Pac-West (NASDAQ:PACW) is a rapidly growing provider of integrated communications services in the western United States. Our customers include Internet service providers, medium and small businesses and enhanced communications service providers, many of which are communications-intensive users. We believe the breadth of our product offerings and the structure of our network enable us to generate high network utilization, substantial revenues, strong profit margins and positive cash flow.

This recent IPO went public on November 3rd 1999. It has made it way to over $20.00 now on an increase of volume over the last week. The chart looks very good here. I also like the volume this stock has seen of late. The volume shows that has popularity. It is in a hot sector. I like this stock to make a move over the next 5 trading days that should send it north of $30.00 a share. It quiet period will be ending soon and this stock since it is regionally based on the ever growing west coast is a content take over target!

Buy Area: $20.1250- $20.93750
Sell Stop: $18.50
TARGET: $30.00
Time Frame: 1 to 7 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

This stock in mid October of 1999 reported record earning numbers. Since that time it has run form a support area and narrow trading range of $10.00 to go all the way over 19.00 a share this past Friday as it almost now has doubled in less then 1 months time.

I really am impressed with what this stock has to offer in its unique website that It is sure to probably go higher. However If this stock is to go higher it is due for a pull back to test it recent gains. Its current trading chart shows that it has solid support at $16.50. I will look to short it right off the open today as it should " gap up" .I will then sell this stock SHORT and look for a pull back of about 3.00 to support of $16.50.
This PLAY could be a *DOUBLE play as at 16.50 I will look to go long again as this stock should then see higher prices ahead.

Sell Short: $19.1250-$19.50
Cover Loss:$20.93750
TARGET: $ 16.50
Time Frame: 1 day
Type of Trade: Daytrade

*Go LONG at $16.50 looking for 21.00 plus and higher over next week or so

TOP 25 e-Comm Christmas stocks 1998 (On my screen rest of this month!)

Have a great day!

More to come....

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