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11-12-99 08:22 EST.


Today looks like a great day to raise cash as we go into about a 2 week period that looking at last years history could be extremely profitable on the e-Commerce Christmas 1999 stocks.
Look for a list this week end of the top 25 Christmas 1999 plays that went up fast and furious last year form Nov 15-Nov 30 1998. There are also a few new stocks that IPOed in 1999 that should take part in an upcoming Christmas 1999 e-Commerce on line that should blow away last years huge numbers.

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Good Morning Stock Fans!
Today's Play of The Day is: One of Yesterday's IPO ASD Systems NASDAQ:ASDS)

ASD Systems (NASDAQ:ASDS) provides software and manages the infrastructure behind e- commerce. ASD's software and comprehensive service solution enables Internet retailers and direct marketing businesses to outsource their order management and fulfillment operations. The ASD software integrates clients' Web sites with multiple call centers, fulfillment centers and drop-ship vendors. Clients can also outsource their operations to ASD's integrated network of call centers and strategically located fulfillment centers. The ASD solution is priced on a per-transaction basis, reducing clients' initial costs and speeding their time to market.

Stock Fans! It would seem to me that the service software, and solutions that this company offers are just in time for e-Commerce Christmas 1999. The service they provide is perfect for online e-Commerce retailers to speed up the overall shopping experience on the web.

This stock opened under 10.00 yesterday and managed to go as high as $10.00 before closing at $8.8750 on extremely heavy volume of 11.77 Mill shares trading. The offering was only for 5 mill shares. I like this stock to trade over 8 million today and go up right off the open and perhaps not look back.
Be careful with this play. We have no history on this stock as of yet. It does however priced so low have much more REWARD to the upside then the possibility of RISK and going much lower, if at all from where it closed yesterday.
It is indicated to open over 9.1250 in a NASDAQ Market that is trending up.

Buy Area: Off open today
Sell Stop: $8.3750
TARGET: $11.50 -$13.93750
Time Frame: 1-3 trading days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade (If it doesn't make a big move today!)

BONUS PLAY: 1-800-Flowers. (NASDAQ: FLWS)
Stock Fans, 1-800 Flowers (NASDAQ:FLWS) has formed a base and is now ready to roll! (NASDAQ:FLWS) has not been a big mover as of late, but the volume says things are going to change! Timing indicators point to buy as the stock is being accumulated. (NASDAQ:FLWS) has recent news with the MSN network! My feeling is that this will have a direct benefit of the approaching holidays!

WESTBURY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 10, 1999--1-800-FLOWERS.COM (NASDAQ: FLWS - news) today announced that it will continue as the premier floral partner on MSN. As part of the same agreement, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM announced that it has also agreed to become an anchor in the MSN Home and Garden department, continuing the Company's expansion into product categories other than flowers.

Brand leader is well positioned to dominate online gifting
SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 9, 1999--WR Hambrecht + Co, the online investment bank, today announced that it is initiating research coverage of (Nasdaq: FLWS - news). The research report can be accessed at WRH+Co Research does not use a traditional rating system, but rather provides information that enables investors to make informed investment decisions.

Buy Area: $13.25 to $13.85
Sell Stop :$12.75
TARGET: $15.125 - $15.875
Time Frame: 1 to 10 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
Could run higher over longer term!

Premiere Technologies (NASDAQ:PTEK) Off of Healtheon (NASDAQ:HLTH) Cohan Upgrade to "Out Perform"
Stock Fans, back in May of this year (NASDAQ:HLTH) was all over the news as it and (NASDAQ:MSFT) and it looked to get a hold of an upcoming IPO called WebMD. Needless to say WebMD never did go public as the liked of (NASDAQ:HLTH) got a hold of it before it could even go public. Since Premiere Technologies (NASDAQ:PTEK) owns a majority of interest in WebMD via (NASDAQ:HLTH) with today major upgrade of (NASDAQ:HLTH) by the famous Abbey Joseph Cohan means that (NASDAQ:PTEK) still extremely oversold should make a run starting today as (NASDAQ:HLTH) looks to move higher.

(NASDAQ:PTEK) went up from the low teens to over 20.00 back in mid May of this year on all the WebMD hoop la! Look for it to make another run starting today!

2 brokers issued upgrades with $50.00 dollar TARGETS on this stock of late. It has been down the last few days on less volume. It looks like today it may start that run that gets it headed towards $50.00. It enjoyed a nice run in November of 1998. It should do similar things into the end of November this year.


Have a great day!

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