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11-11-99 08:22 EST

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: Delia's (NASDAQ:DLIA)

Stock Fans! We are going go with (NASDAQ:DLIA) today as out top pick on the basis of one of our favorite indicators HISTORY! This stock has been over $35.00 as recently as April of this year. It is a perfect play to get a move on back up as it has been crushed since then on some earnings numbers that were less then positive. It is a major portal for kids. What a great age to concentrate on into Christmas 1999. It also has a majority stake in (NASDAQ:TURF) an IPO from this past year that is starting to make a move up as well.
(NASDAQ:DLIA) volume yesterday was over 850,000 more then 7 fold its daily volume average of 130,000. It moved up $0.3750 yesterday on all that volume. It looks to me like accumulation. Something is indeed up on this very low priced High REWARD (looking at past highs, and LOW RISK. It is so low now it really looks to go one way, and that is higher from here.

Buy Area: of the open today (low risk-high reward potential
Sell Stop: $6.6250
TARGET: $10.50- $17.93750 + (perhaps this month!
Time Frame: hold till Nov 30, 1999
Type of Trade: Swing Trade
KEY VOLUME: Volume will be key on this one as it can really move if it breaks $8.00!

#1 BONUS PLAY: Genesis Microchip (NASDAQ: GNSS)
Stock Fans, another bottom play that is ready to roll! This is the company that makes designs, develops and markets integrated circuits that manipulate and process digital video and graphic images (i.e.. flat screen displays and DVD). This company has sold off due to the Taiwan earthquakes, where their chips are made. They have said that the earthquakes will not effect supplies! (NASDAQ:GNSS) has formed a nice base. Yesterdays volume shows that this stock has found its base. Other statistics, this stock is near it's 52 week low and it is breaking out of it's current base. Based on probabilities of past performance, this stock has room to run! With the holiday season approaching and flat screen TV's, monitors and laptops on many peoples shopping list, this stock is going to roll!

GNSS Quarterly report was released 11/9. Volume is increasing and the price is going up!

Buy Area: $16.50 to $17.00
Stop Loss:$15.75
TARGET: $19.00 - $20.65
Time Frame: 3 to 15 days

#2 BONUS PLAY Vixel Corporation (NASDAQ: VIXL)
Stock Fans, another bottom play. This stock is a recent IPO that is bouncing off its base and looks to move higher! Vixel Corporation (NASDAQ:VIXL) is a provider of comprehensive solutions used in storage area networks, including software, switches, hubs and other components utilizing the Fibre Channel protocol. Stock Fans this stock was hammered when it released it's last financial report. (NASDAQ:VIXL) has switched its companies focus to the more profitable and fast growing building components of the Internet! That portion of it's financial is the reason this stock will fly. I feel that this stock is in ready to run and has the potential of its high flying competitors!

Its competitors include Brocade Communications Systems Inc.(Nasdaq:BRCD - news), Gadzoox Networks Inc.(Nasdaq:ZOOX - news) and Hewlett-Packard Co (NYSE:HWP - news).

Vixel Recognized for Outstanding Performance

Buy Area: $33.00 to $33.75
Sell Stop :$31.00
TARGET: $35.63 - $39.8125
Time Frame: 3 to 10 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade

Winfield Capital (NASDAQ:WCAP)
This stock may have broke out of a very narrow trading range under 20.00 the last few trading sessions on the fact it owns about 25% of (NASDAQ:COOL). It may continue its uptrend on the fact that investors are starting to become aware of the fact that (NASDAQ:WCAP) also has the likes of the high flying (NASDAQ:CMRC) as well as (NASDAQ:ESTM) & (NASDAQ:BBSW) in it Investment Portfolio.
Earnings for (NASDAQ:WCAP) are slated for sometime in the middle of this month.
I like this stock to find $27.00 and then go higher from there.

This stock was crushed on bad numbers about 10 trading sessions ago all the way from a close of $21.00 or so ahead of the numbers to open at $15.25. This stock went all the way under 10 after that. However it just missed reaching that gap area of $15.25 to $21.00 yesterday. It looks very strong here. If it can break $15.1250 to 15.25 it should find $21.00 rather quickly. VOLUME is the key look for over 1 million shares today if it is to make that kind of move.


Have a great day!
More to come....
Stock Jock!

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