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11-01-99 08:45 EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:XMSR)

Stock fans! I have been watching this stock and it might just be time to make a play on this one. (NASDAQ:XMSR) comes out of Quiet Period today! (NASDAQ:XMSR) has not been talked about as much as many of the recent high flyers.

Recent news on (NASDAQ:XMSR:)

10/26/99 Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, A Major Japanese Supplier Of Factory-Installed Car Radios, Signs Manufacturing Agreement With XM Radio.

10/12/99 XM Satellite Radio said Tuesday it's licensed Motorola to design, develop and make XM-compatible receivers for cars and trucks. Motorola currently provides electronics technology to General Motors, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, BMW and Nissan, among others.

XM will create and package up to 100 channels of digital-quality music, news, sports, talk and children's programming, which will be transmitted by satellite to radios in portable and car radios across the USA

XM shares began trading Tuesday. See related story. The company is majority-owned by American Mobile Satellite (SKYC: news, msgs), which saw its stock rise 3/4, or 6 percent, to 13 7/8, in recent trading.

Other investors in XM include Clear Channel Communications (CCU: news, msgs); DirecTV, a unit of Hughes Electronics (GMH: news, msgs); General Motors (GM: news, msgs); Liberty Media (LMG.A: news, msgs); and a private investment group composed of Columbia Capital, Telecom Ventures and Madison Dearborn Partners, which together recently invested $250 million in the company

With today's market looking ice it will open lower. The best thing to do on this stock today is to wait off the open. It should pull back even more then where it opens today. However once it finds a nice are of support it should make a nice run as it looks for upgrades to come in from brokers covering the stock.

Buy Area: $18.3750- $19.25
Sell Stop: $17.43750
TARGET: $25.1250 - $29.6250
TIME FRAME: 1 to 10 days
TYPE OF TRADE : Swing Trade
As a Daytrade looking for 2 pts today!

BONUS PLAY #1 Windsor Communications (NASDAQ:WCII)
(NASDAQ:WCII) Has had good volume of late. I like the chart formation the stock has currently created. It had a nice bounce at $37.1250 after it had sold down the past 30 days on LESS VOLUME (bullish) from a trading range high of $47.00 it was trading at less then 2 weeks ago. Its recent trading behavior tells me it has found support at $37.1250, and with Friday's close at $38.81250 it looks to have LESS risk with MORE reward with good volume of over 1 million on average to trade out of. I like this stock to pull back to just under $38.00 on LESS VOLUME today and then make a move back to the upside as it gears up to make a run at the mid 40's again.

Buy Area: $37.6250-$37.93750
Sell Stop: $36.75
TARGET: $43.93750-$47.50
TIME FRAME: 1 to 10 days
TYPE OF TRADE: Swing Trade ( 1 to 10 days)

SJ - REPLAY CALL: Ancor Communications (NASDAQ:ANCR)
This is one of my favorite stocks. I have featured to often to call it as a Play of The Day or even a BONUS PLAY! However it is a great call again in that it has an awful lot of similarities to the recent high flying IPO Cross Roads Systems (NASDAQ:CRDS). We all know it ran up big over 3 days last week going from 23.6250 to over 40 plus! However then it was sold off and went all the way back down to $29.1250 or so a drop in less then 4 trading days of over $9.00. It looks as if it has again found a nice uptrend in its range after bouncing off of the $29.1250 area finding it way back up to over $30.00 a share. I like this one as a buy today right off the open. It has little risk here I believe but a tremendous amount of upside. Remember there has been no news that has caused it to loose over $9.00 of late. It certainly needs no news to find its way back up there.

Buy Area: Off Open Today
Sell Stop: $28.8750
TARGET: $34.93750-$39.93750
TYPE OF TRADE Swing Trade (1 to 7 trading days)
As a DAYTRADE looking for 3 today!

NASDAQ:CKFR) This stock has been running up over the last 60 days. It is now
trading over $100.00 a share. I am looking for the volume on this stock to continue to rise as it rolls towards 2 for 1 split!

(NASDAQ:DCLK) has broken through major resistance at about the $130.00 area. It should after a small pull back. Continue its run into a 2 for 1 split!

ON MY SCREEN TODAY - (look for an email if I get in any of them)
HSAC- It has had huge volume on Friday as it went up more then 3.00 and held its gain as profit takers came into NASDAQ into Friday's Close
WEBT- short to $55.00
NXCD- on CNBC (already own it at $29.00)

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Have a great day!

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