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10-28-99 08:45 EST

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: Concurrent Computer (NASDAQ:CCUR)


Concurrent Computer (NASDAQ:CCUR) (, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a leading provider of high-performance computer systems, software, and servers. Concurrent Computer (NASDAQ:CCUR) XSTREME Division is a leading supplier in the emerging digital video server marketplace. This market includes the broadband/cable, corporate training, education, hospitality, and in-flight entertainment industry

Shares of (NASDAQ:CCUR) have been trading up on huge volume of late. In fact less then 4 days ago this stock traded only 265,000 shares. The last 2 days of trading have seen it explode and trade more then 4 million shares. Why? No recent news or earnings to propel it to these heights. From a technical standpoint (NASDAQ:CCUR) has crossed its 10 day moving average on increasing volume. Relating its current move to a key technical term, relative strength index or (RSI) is strong with a rating of 66.7. The more the (RSI) is over 50 the better. Timing is the key. Yesterdays price range was $9.12750 to $10.75. It closed at $10.1250 I am looking to catch this one under $10.00 and ride the wave of volume that should continue to push it even higher. The Biggest KEY to this one is going to be VOLUME. To stay on current daily volume pace this stock should trade about 200,000 shares in the first 14 mins today!

Buy Area: $9.6250-$10.18750
Sell Stop: $9.25
TARGET: $11.50-$12.1250

This stock has just been so solid. It is of course what many see as an annoying company. Yes, you guessed it that TV-Shopping Channel. If you happen to be up late at night and you catch some of the programming you have to beleive that they are going to have a big Christmas both form the TV stuff, and their online presence. NBC (NYSE:GE) has taken a good sized stake in this company. That fact will make it a great e-Commerce Christmas 1999 play to continue to move up.

Looking at how shares of (NASDAQ:VVTV) have traded of late I see that they have moved up nicely form about $24.50 10 days ago to over $31.00 yesterday. I am not looking for this stock to rest yet as it broke out yesterday and on huge volume closed right at it high of the day. It may pull back just slightly, but not a whole let. This stock has everything going its way as it looks to go higher from here.

BREAKING NEWS on (NASDAQ:VVTV) Just Hit! (NASDAQ:VVTV) in a marketing pact with (NASDAQ:WINK).

That news lifted shares of (NASDAQ:VVTV) to almost $32.00 in pre-market. I still will look for a small pull back on this one today.

Buy Area: $30.8750-$30.93750
Sell Stop: $29.25
TARGET: $39.00 Plus (1 to 4 days-stock is breaking out)!

This stock looked good into the close yesterday as volume increased and it broke up into the $30.00 price range. Earlier this week (NASDAQ:NXCD) reported better then expected LOSSES. However in the Internet world better then expected losses are seen as good. By making its way to over 30.00 a share yesterday and then holding the gains to close near its high of the day, it may tell be telling us that higher prices are yet to come.

Shares of (NASDAQ:NXCD) have been over $50.00 before. It could soon be a full fledged Internet Bank as well as the credit card service it already conducts on the net. It certainly looks to have a positive Christmas 1999 ahead. I have heard that many e comm sites will have a link that will link consumers to (NASDAQ:NXCD) to get instant approval to buy online. (NASDAQ:NXCD) has many partners through out the Internet and is always a take over target.

I am looking for this stock to continue to surge higher over the coming trading days and find it way back into the high 30's before it rest and then goes for the up 40's into the 50's. If e-Commerce Christmas 1999 lives up to even it smallest expectations (NASDAQ:NXCD) should benefit as much as anyone.

Buy Area: $30.1250-$30.43750
Sell Stop: $28.75
TARGET: $35.43750-$37.00 (1 to 5 trading days)

Have a great day!

More to come....

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