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10-27-99 07:45 EST

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: CyberShop (NASDAQ:CYSP)

Yesterday late in the day shares of (NASDAQ:CYSP) started to move off a narrow trading range that it had been stuck in for over 30 plus trading days. It would see total volume of almost 300,000 shares, more then double its 30 day average volume of 136,000 as it went up over 12% to close at its high of the day $7.00 even after beginning the day at $6.00.

The reason for the outburst near the close is well defined today. (NASDAQ:CYSP) an online Cybermall reported blowout 3rd quarter numbers as it saw sales increase over 450% from the prior year with strong product sales and gross margins of 34%. It also reported that its daily page views had grown substantially.

This stock is a true e-Commerce Christmas play. It literally exploded the week of Thanksgiving 1998 as it would in only 6 trading days go all the way from $3.50 to as high as $30.00 as it ran up big-time on optimism of lager then expected e-Commerce sales.

This stock now that it has released its numbers should enjoy a solid 2 to 3 days run as it remains way oversold. I am looking for many of the Internet related e-Commerce Christmas plays of 1998 to come alive again real soon as this years on line Christmas is expected to surpass last years by more then 3 fold.

In looking at the trading chart that (NASDAQ:CYSP) has created of late. It has indeed it did indeed break out of a narrow trading range and found its way to $7.00 a place it has not traded at in a while. It is trading in pre-market up another $0.25 today. I see this stock as just having to much REWARD Vs RISK today. It is as I have said already in this piece very much beaten down. Therefore I will look to get this one right off the open today and average down into weakness if we get any right down to $6.93750. It should have no problem holding $7.00 today on the numbers it released last night but you never know. I also will be looking to see a lot of short covering as this stock again finds double digits.

Buy Area: Off the open today
Average down Area: right to $6.93750
Sell Stop: Sell out all shares at $6.43750
TARGET: $10.93750-$11.93750 + Watch the volume (1 to 3 days)

Stock Fans! I pulled up this stock by accident near the close yesterday as I mistaken the running stock (NASDAQ:FLAS) with it. It was perhaps a lucky thing that I did as this stock on no news had increased volume as it went up more the 14% off of a low are of a little over $5.00. With a name like Fashion Mall (NASDAQ:FASH) it surely is going to get another run like it had when the likes of (NASDAQ:TMCS) added it as one of its 100 web sites to take on the online auction giant eBAY (NASDAQ:EBAY) this Christmas.

I like this stock today as a bonus play because it might just be starting another run that could and should take it back up and over $9.50 to $10.00 a share. This stock can move rather fast as it is an IPO from 1999 that has a small float. It has been as high as $13.00 back in May 1999 when it went public. This stock like (NASDAQ:CYSP) at current levels offers to much REWARD Vs RISK. I will look to pick up shares of (NASDAQ:FASH) today at the following price.

Buy Area: $5.93750-$6.1250
Sell Stop: $5.3750
TARGET: $8.1250-$9.50 (could be today!)
Volume will be key!

This stock has numbers coming after the bell today. It had some great news to report yesterday. It also on that news and perhaps ahead of numbers today had unbelievable volume of over 2.4 million shares as it went up more then $4.00 at one point yesterday. Its normal 30 day average volume is only about 300,000 shares!

The stock now considered to be a play similar to (NASDAQ:NSOL) is still undervalued here and is gapping up already today as it is indicated to open at $14.00 plus today. It again should see big volume today as It is scheduled to report numbers after the bell. It in the past has had great resistance at $15.50. It went as high as $15.43750 before falling back on less volume into the last 90 minutes ahead of the close. I really like this stock today as I will be looking to get in it on weakness after its small "gap up" open expected today. Once it falls back to just under $14.00 it should on big volume make its way into and over that $15.50 price area and possibly run! VOLUME IS KEY. 3.8 mill shares trading today would be perfect for a big run!

Buy Area: $13.6250-$13.8750
Sell Stop: $12.93750
TARGET: $17.1250-$19.50 (It could be today!)

UPDATE: Cheap Tickets (NASDAQ:CTIX) Beats First Call Estimates!
Stock Fans! (NASDAQ:CTIX) is already indicated and trading at $26.00 a share today up more then $2.00 from where it closed yesterday. It should enjoy more gains today! I will keep you posted as the numbers it reported last night after the close were impressive to say the least.

Star Media (NASDAQ:STRM)
Good numbers to report for shares of (NASDAQ:STRM) as well today. It should like (NASDAQ:CTIX) enjoy a "gap up" and then a run to the $33.00 to $34.00. It still is way oversold at current levels.

Webtrends (NASDAQ:WEBT) One of SJ's FAVS 6 for 6 on calling it for gains in 99 lets go for 7 now!
The Stock Market can be a funny place! (NASDAQ:WEBT) one day ahead of yesterday barley moved with less then 100,000 shares trading. However what a differnce a day can make! On volume of over 650,000 shares yesterday (NASDAQ:WEBT) broke out and exploded to go up at one point as high as $55.75! it hit the high end of my target I set for it less then 10 days ago when I called it at $41.50 perfectly!

If we look at history on this stock. I am looking for it to pull back on LESS VOLUME to $48.00 or so now a place where it has had good support. It then should power off that area and explode up into the $60.00''s. This stock can go as high as $80.00 plus like I have been saying. The supply demand issue on this one still remains a problem. It will show in its share price as more and more investors want a piece of this stock as it ironically enuogh blew away numbers and earned more cents a share then eBAY (NASDAQ:EBAY) did last quarter!

Buy Area: $48.3750-$48.50
Sell Stop: $47.6250
TARGET: $65.00-$82.00 3 month hold!

STOCK JOCK TOP 10! (right now!)
6. AOL
10. CLRN
11. SFA

Watch for my TOP 10 mid -November 1999 e-Commerce Xmass plays! Coming real soon! They all ran up big into the end of November 1998 into Dec 1998 on what else! Optimism for BIG ONLINE (e-Commerce sales) for Christmas 1998!

Have a great day!

More to come......

Stock Jock!

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