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10-26-99 08:15 EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Today's Play of The Day is: Macromedia (NASDAQ:MACR)

This is one of my top 5 stocks PERIOD! Now, and for the year 2000. It could very well possibly see its share price in the year 2000 go up like Real Networks (NASDAQ:RNWK) has over the past 12 months, as it has gone from $20.00 in November of 1998 to a a non split adjusted $350.00 plus!

Macromedia (NASDAQ:MACR) quite simply has the exclusive rights to the technology that I honestly believe will be the big craze for Web Master's of all types in 2000, from the small web site to the corporate type. Every web site is going to want to have or shall we have to FLASH "Shockwave!"

What is FLASH? It is best decribed as being like the cartoons that Disney artists have done for years drawing each movement that we see visually, each sequence of movement one by one. A very tedious task. However when done it produces a full motion effect that we see in Disney's cartoons.

Macromedia's (NASDAQ:MACR) isn't a cartoon, instead it is full motion video not drawn by an artist but in the cyber world it is done by a computer creating full motion video that looks much like perhaps better then a laser disc.

What I want to point out here is that Real Networks (NASDAQ:RNWK) is what I would call the Internet's version of the radio. It does have streaming video with it right now but the picture is sad to say the least. What I have seen of late is many different sites adding (NASDAQ:MACR) FLASH "Shockwave!" to their site along with (NASDAQ:RNWK) G2 player.

Here is an example of what I believe many web sites will be having in the not to distant future. Both the Real Player and FLASH Shockwave.

click here to see it in action:

In short I see nothing but more upside to shares of Macromedia (NASDAQ:MACR) from here on out as their technology will soon be as well known as Real Networks (NASDAQ:RNWK) Flagship product Real Player.

I wouldn't be surprised if the worlds largest online community America Online (NYSE:AOL) added FLASH to their add-on package like they did they did about one year ago with Real Networks (NASDAQ:RNWK) Real Player.

Looking at the (NASDAQ:MACR) stock of late it had tremendous support at $55.00 as it kept on doing what it has done best of late "going up!" as it went up over $5.00 yesterday on a little more the 500,000 shares trading yesterday then its 30 day average volume of about 1 million shares.

I will be looking to pick up shares of (NASDAQ:MACR) today at just about $55.00 a share. Again you have seen my stock picks of late. If I were an analyst I would give (NASDAQ:MACR) my highest rating. This stock is without a doubt headed much higher from here. I will look to buy shares today or over the nest few days as this stock retraces it recent gains as like every healthy stock does. It should fall back in share price on less volume today and perhaps the next couple of days as it should retest its current area of strong support at $55.00 a share. I will look to pick up shares right there. I will have a LIMIT BUY ORDER (good till cancel) for shares of (NASDAQ:MACR) today at $55.00 even a share.

Buy Area: $55.00 even
Sell Stop: $51.00
3 month TARGET: $99.00 to $100.00
6 month TARGET: $100.00 to $130.00 plus (split)

I will look to get into Call Options of (NASDAQ:MACR) November 20, 1999, $60.00 Call Options as shares of (NASDAQ:MACR) retrace their recent gains and fall back to $55.00. (Symbol:MRQ-KL)

STOCK TO WATCH: (and get in at $16.6250 ) ACT TV (NASDAQ:IATV)
This is another stock I watch daily. Yesterday it had good volume as it nearly made $16.00 a share, falling just short as it went as high as $15.93750. I profile this stock as one to watch, and as I stated above one to get in today if it makes it as high as $16.6250. If it can break $16.50 an area it has seen as extremely tough resistance then shares of this stock look to break out and go as high as perhaps $21.00- $22.00 a share. This stock has much more going for it right now then the company profiled on CNBC yesterday during "Power Lunch" Wink Communications (NASDAQ:WINK) as (NASDAQ:IATV) has a bigger reach with its technology. If share price has anything to do with reach of ones product then (NASDAQ:IATV) is extremely undervalued for now as it trades in a price range over the last 30 days of $14.50 to $15.93750 more then half that of (NASDAQ:WINK).

Buy Area: $16.6250
Sell Stop: $15.1250
TARGET: $21.00-$22.00 (It could be a matter of days!)

This recent IPO is in the same business as the HOT big gainer recent IPO (NASDAQ:CRDS) and the RED HOT stock that I picked last week (NASDAQ:ANCR) that has gone from $23.50 to $34.00 plus in just days! It looks as if it is breaking out right now and may very well find its way back up and over 50.00 soon! Buy this one on weakness at about $35.25. It may be starting a run that take it to as high as $50.00.

Remember Stock Fans! The 2 hottest words in the investing world right now are not "DOT COM!" The are Internet Switches and FIBR CHANNELS! (NASDAQ:VIXL) has both!

UPDATE: CHEAP TICKETS Earnings Scheduled for today!
Cheap Tickets (NASDAQ:CTIX) is scheduled to report earnings for 3rd quater today. I point out one last time NO NEWS bad or good has come across the wires that has caused shares of (NADAQ:CTIX) to go all the way down to under 20.00 a share intra-day since it exploded up and over 65.00 on earnings last quarter in June of 1999 that had First Call analyst caught way off guard as the upside surprise was over 70%. if that happens again today then we may have some pretty solid answers to why investors keep buy up Nov 30 and Nov 35 Call Stock Options on this stock when it has been trading over $15.00 out of that strike price.

I am going watch (NASDAQ:CTIX) stock and options all day today! I am going to be looking to see how much if any it gains in share price, as well as the volume. Look for an email near the close that will tell you what I plan to do with (NASDAQ:CTIX). Will I hold for earnings? Or will I sell near the close? Time will tell stay tuned and check your mail today!

More to come.....

Stock Jock!

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