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January 3, 2000
08:45 AM EST.

Good Morning Stock Fans!

Welcome to the NEW Millennium!


JANUARY OUTLOOK: With Y2,000 no finally behind us. We should see a great many investors wanting in on this markets all time highs. We at Look for the NASDAQ to continue to rise and perhaps make 4,500. The 4Q numbers that many of the NASDAQ's top performers in 1999 will be reporting upcoming over the next month should be very good.

The NASDAQ looks solid until we get to the third week of January. (Friday, January, 14 2,000) We may then start to pull back as the FED in February will meet and looks to raise interest rates. We may trade sideways on the NASDAQ in February. So smooth sailing today and over the next few weeks as the NASDAQ futures and S&P Futures are up BIG today so far!

The New Millennium's First "Play of The Day!" is: US WEB CORP. (NASDAQ:USWB)

Stock Fans! back in early December 1999. This stock rose more then 15.00 on news. it has since tested pulled back and found the area that it started from ahead of that news. This type of pattern in a stocks trading range usually shows that the stock has tested its news. It has gone up on the initial anticipation of the news. It has also gone down on less volume once the news has time to settle. The news with USWB was seen as very positive as the stock fly higher on the idea of a merger. Our shares of USWB worth exactly nothing more then they were back in early December 1999, ahead of the run up to an all time high? Of course not. The stock has seen its sellers exit stage left, and now looks very inviting to go back up as it should hold 44.00 its area of support ahead of the merger. The stock has low risk at current levels. It looks great to move higher and get back into the 60's by mid month ahead of its numbers that should be stellar. Perhaps much sooner.


Buy Area: $45.1250-$45.93750 (Consider target gain, when looking at buy area)
Sell Stop: $43.6250
TARGET: $58.00-$60.3750
Time Frame: 14 days
Type of Trade: Swing Trade


The options to play here are the USWB January 2000 $55.00 Option Calls and also the USWB January 2000 $50.00 Option Calls.

BONUS OPTIONS PLAY: 3COM (NASDAQ:COMS) March 2000 $30.00 Option Puts.


Stock Fans! The best way to understand why COMS looks to fall back over the next 2 months is to take a look at why 1999 high flyer QCOM looks to go higher in 2000. COMS has risen over the last month on the fact that it plans to spin off its only profitable business the Palm Pilot. COMS before it talked about the doing this as a new IPO in 2000 was a stock on the NASDAQ that had disappointed to say the least unable to break 35.00 at most points in 1999. Then when it did break $35.00 couldn't hold it. Then the idea to spin off its extremely popular Palm Pilot hit COMS. When Palm Pilot does go public in an IPO sometime in 2000. Just what will COMS then have? Well, they won't have their Palm Pilot to save them any longer. Sure they will have a percentage of Palm Pilot. However won't investors just buy Palm Pilot then? Sure they will, why fool around with trying to get gains out of a stock that has lessened its percentage return on its most popular space of its business. The Palm Pilot.

On the other hand look at QCOM. It did the intelligent thing it sold its cell business. That was QCOM's weakest area of business space in its high flying company. By selling its less attractive cell business and then concentrating just on its CMDA chip technology and its huge anticipated royalties off that technology. Over 80% of the cell business they will get paid royalties on in 2000. QCOM has positioned itself to be even better. In retrospect COMS plans to spin of its most beneficial area of business. All one must do to see the difference is ask yourself. What if QCOM would have kept its cell business and sold its unbelievably lucrative CMDA technology business? One things for certain it wouldn't be trading anywhere near where it is maybe half that! So why in the world would anyone bet on the struggling COMS. Soon to be Palm Pilot-less!


We will look to buy 10 March 2000 $30.00 COMS Option Puts today. We will look for our 30.00 Target to be reached sometime in February 2000.


CIDCO Incorporated designs, develops and markets subscriber telephone equipment which support Caller ID, Caller ID on Call Waiting and other Intelligent Network Services being offered by both domestic and international Regional Bell Operating Companies and independent telephone operating companies. The Company concentrates its product development and marketing efforts on products that support Network Feature Services. CIDCO's products can be categorized into three primary product families: Accessory Products, Network Feature phones and Internet appliances. Stock Fans, this is one of my stocks to double in 2000! This Company has a book value of $6.00 and cash on hand of $3.52 (most recent quarter). Institutions own 49% of the float and have a net buying increase of shares over the last quarter of 31.4%. This Company's timing indicators say that it is time to buy. I like this stock to double from this point this year! Here is an undervalued stock that has formed a solid base at the $4.00-$5.00 range. The talking heads say the Naz is good for a 15%-25% gain this year. Here is one that is a solid 100% gainer!


Buy Area: $5.25
Sell Stop:$4.50
TARGET: $10.50
Time Frame: 6m-1yr
Type of Trade: Investment


This stock looks like it may move up soon. The volume has been piling up on it. It may run perhaps into the 20's. We will keep a close eye on it today.


IFRS- It may run
AOL- AOL XMAS SALES DOUBLE AOL looks great to see $90.00 soon
VDAT- reported a a narrower loss then expected on its numbers Friday.
LPTHA- What a find keeps on rolling
JWEB- found the buy area we set in ALERT EMAIL. looks solid today.
RIMM - Options Calls were on fire on Friday. its numbers should be ahead of First Call estimates.
PUMA- QCOM wanna-be
IDC- Look for it to break $100.00 soon!
CUBE- Love this one in 2,000 with its HD TV technology
TIVO - It wants to go higher
MFNX- It may find 50.00 soon!
MSO -Martha has been hammered to under 25.00. She manages an upgrade today on ecomm in 2000.
HEAR- looks oversold
MSGI- This stock traded in a extremly tight range on Friday with higher volume. news maybe very close.
ELON- Stock has been on fire!
NSPK -all it needs is volume to find high 20's
NSATF- Looks solid again
EFTD- Stock had big volume NO NEWS on Friday. Watch it really been hammered!
DIGX- tested it news that it is a B2B play. may go back up soon
NXCD- looks oversold big volume on Friday my move higher.
IATV- closed near its day high. Looks solid
ELOC -bounced of 28.00 hard on Friday. It looks solid at $34.00

Have a great day!

More to come....

Stock Jock!
and Team of Traders.

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